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::: JK Fun ::: Souffle Pancakes That You Should Not Miss In Japan! Follow me to the first shop today! {A Happy Pancake}

Soft and Delicious Souffle Pancakes
That You Should Not Miss In Japan!
Part I

Started a couple years ago, the souffle pancakes became a popular sweet for the Japanese ladies and young people. Today, it just gets more and more popular, and even many visitors come to Japan to try these famous souffle pancakes too.

I want to share with you two "Ninki 人気" (popular) shops that I have tried! Today, let me take you to the first shop! Follow me!

Pancakes that make you happy!

This pancake shop is still the hottest souffle pancake shop in Japan. It even won the most popular searched name under the "Sweet" category in Yahoo! Japan 2016. You can tell how popular it is!

That's right, guess how long did it took me for a table ?? It is 4 hours!!!

Picture credited to A Happy Pancake
Price: 1,100 yen
Yes, you may say that I am crazy, but after putting the first bite of the souffle pancake into my mouth, well, I guess the 4 hours waiting time is "yea, it's fine!"

The secret of this souffle pancake is that they use the Manuka Honey from New Zealand and the fresh milk from Hokkaido to create these pancakes!

Picture credited to A Happy Pancake
Omotesando Shop
Actually I have visited the shop in Omotesando, my friends and I wrote down our names on the list first, and then just came back from time to time to check if it is your turn. So it is not really getting in line for the 4 hours. We could still walk around in Harajuku and do some shopping.

Picture credited to A Happy Pancake
Pancake and Mushroom Cheese Omelette Set: 1,100 yen
Other than souffle pancake with syrup,  you can have other choices like with seasonal fruit, chocolate sauce, tiramisu style, or in combo with hot dish like omelette and salad!

Picture credited to A Happy Pancake
Organic red beans butter pancake: 1,280 yen
The Kyoto limited "Organic red beans butter pancake" is provided in the Kyoto shop ONLY. I want to try that too!

Check out their menu here:
(Please note that the prices may vary in different shops, all prices above are for the Omotesando Shop)

Tips for you!
If you are interested in trying The Happy Pancake but you don't want to spend a long time waiting, I suggest you to go there earlier!

01. Since most of their shops open at 9 am or 10 am, you can have the pancakes as your breakfast! 

02. You can write down your names first, then go back to check if it's close to your turn from time to time. No need to stand there to wait!

03. Reservation is available on weekdays. If you can speak Japanese, you can make a reservation in advance!

Now there are 8 shops across Japan including Omotesando, Shibuya, Kichijoji, Kamakura, Honcho, Umeda, Kyoto, and Sendai!

Shops opening hours and location:

The Happy Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)

This is the first shop that I want to show you! I will take you to another famous souffle pancake shop next time! See ya soon.

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See you there! :)


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