Tuesday, December 20, 2016

::: Special ::: A super funny video that you cannot miss!! Another great and funny video after PPAP in Japan!!

A super funny video that you cannot miss
A new Japanese video that teach you how to use toilets in Japan

Sometimes you really have to give big applause to Japanese for their creativity!! A couple months ago, a funny (weird?) music video PPAP spread all over the world. Lately, another funny video made by one of the telecommunications provider DoCoMo is spreading on the internet too. What is it about? Well, how to use toilets in Japan!!

In order t promote their wifi premium wifi network service and app, they created this video and added something cool in the Narita Airport's toilet!

If you have come to Japan before, you may have the same experience that using the traditional Japanese toilet.  I bet most of you prefer the western style one, but sometimes you just don't have a choice.....

In order to teach foreign visitors how to use the traditional style toilet, the video suggests you two ways to clean yourself!

Elephant Style: Wipe your butt from the front!

Horse-Tail Style: Wipe your butt from the back.

Even I am writing this to you, I kept laughing out loud.......

Other than the traditional Japanese style toilet. There is another toilet that many visitors found interesting. That's the washlet invented by the Japanese!

I guest you are smart enough to know that the water coming out from the small pipe is not for you to wash your hands.

So what should you do when the water comes out? Well, the video teaches you a few ways. One of them is:

Move side to side like the Sumo starts the game. It helps you to clean your butt perfectly!

Lastly, it is the message that DoCoMo wants to bring to the foreign visitors!

Now at Narita Airport, you can find small smartphone wipes next to the toilet paper. Feel free to use it to clean your phone. After using it, you can just throw it into the toilet and flush it away. Why is DoCoMo doing this?

It is because you can find their promotion on the smartphone wipes! It is a very smart and funny way to do a promotion indeed!

Ok, it is time to look at this funny video, there you go!

Hope that you can also enjoy a good laugh today!!

(All pictures and video credited to DoCoMo)

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