Tuesday, December 20, 2016

::: JK Fun ::: Souffle Pancakes That You Should Not Miss In Japan! Next stop is {gram cafe&pancakes}

Picture credited to gram cafe&pancake

Soft and Delicious Souffle Pancakes
That You Should Not Miss In Japan!
Part II

Last time, we went to the most popular souffle pancake shop in Japan. How do you like it? Have you tried it yet?

Feel free to read our previous blog if you still haven't read it.

I promised you to show you another great souffle pancake shop last time. So now it's time to move, let's go!

Souffle pancakes, traditional pancakes, Parfaits and Sandwiches

If you visited Harajuku lately, you may have seen a long line outside a pancake shop where people are waiting to get a number. So what is that about?

Actually it is "gram cafe&pancakes"!

People are lining up because they are trying to get a number for the "Premium Pancake" which is only sold at a limited amount at three specific time a day.

My strategy as I mentioned in my previous sharing is that "Go Early!!". I had this soft souffle pancake for my breakfast, just like people have the traditional pancake at home.

Premium Pancake
Price: 950 yen (Tax included)
Only provided at 11:00, 15:00 , and 18:00
Only 20 sets are provided at each time slot

Other than this must-eat item, we also ordered the "Salmon and avocado pancake set" which is delicious too.

Interesting way to eat the pancake indeed. Traditional pancake, salad and soup are served.

Price: 1,350 yen (Tax included)

For gram, they also have many shops across the country, and you can find limited pancake set at some shops too. Just like the one in Kyoto, you can order this special set:

Picture credited to gram cafe&pancake
Three mini Japanese style pancakes are served in this set. Isn't it great to share with your friends?

Price: 1,100 (tax included)
*Kyoto shops only

Other than pancakes and sandwiches, you can also find other desserts like parfait and tiramisu on their take out menu. They have a variety of food for you to choose indeed.

Picture credited to gram cafe&pancake
Take out menu
Premium Parfait (left): 850 yen (Tax included)
Premium Tiramisu (right): 500 yen (Tax included)

Check out the full menu: http://www.cafe-gram.com/food/

gram cafe&pancakes has 35 shops all over Japan in different prefectures. 7 more shops are planned to open in December 2016 and in 2017.

In Tokyo, they have shops in Jiyugaoka, Harajuku and Kichijoji. A new shop in Shibuya will be opened on December 17, 2016.

gram cafe&pancakes

After reading my sharing, which shop do you want to try? How about going to both of them and let me know what do you think about them?

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See you there! :)


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