Tuesday, January 24, 2017

# Beauty ♪ Tips for pink makeup 2017 by CANMAKE

# Beauty ♪ Tips for pink makeup 2017 by CANMAKE

How romantic! 
A color represents Spring
Use it in different situation to express the charm of its color!

Latest trend
2017 Spring/Summer make up style in Japan!
Pink makeup!!!

Come on!!
Glow Fleur Cheek 
One of the favorite items of CANMAKE
is releasing a new color!

That is good! 
Pink is the trendy color of 2017!
Let's see the real charm of pink then!

4 Must-have items
- CANMAKE Pink makeup-
01. Perfect Stylist Eyes
02. Stay-on Balm Rouge
03. Glow Fleur Cheeks
04. Candy Wrap Lip

Eye shadow:  Perfect Stylist Eyes

Lipstick: Stay-on Balm Rouge

Cheek color (blush) : Lipstick: Glow Fleur Cheeks

Lip gloss: Candy Wrap Lip

Okay! Just the above 4 items!
We are ready for the 2017 trendy makeup!!!

Let's check out the important point and  main concept of the pink makeup!

▪  Apply pink color eye shadow on the eyelids
▪︎ Apply blush under the eyes to draw an inverted triangle
▪ Use double items on lips

Marshmallow Finish Powder

Step 1 
Eyes make up 
"Eye shadow changes gradually from pink to brown"

Decorate the end of the eyes with a little bit pink color

Please use the colors from the A >> C >> D order
At last, don't forget to put on the topping jewel!!! 

♥Add some extra points on your eye-makeup!
Topping Jewel Eyes
Yes!!! The topping jewel in the middle of the case of the Perfect Stylist Eyes.
Help strengthening the impact of your eye-makeup.

★Perfect stylist eyes
780 yen + tax 
Color: 03
With a two-head pen of tapered applicator tip and lame brush 
For more details:  Canmake (English)

Step 2 
Blush makeup
"A radiantly translucent blush-pink of lavender color "

Adjust the brightness of the blush
Easy to adjust the volume applying on the cheek by the given brush!
Tip:  Draw an inverted triangle!

♥Add some extra points on your blush-makeup!
Use the lavender color to adjust shininess of the cheek color.  

This time we are using a number of the blush pink and lavender color to 
highlight the sharpness of the makeup.

★Glow Fleur Cheeks 
800 yen + tax
Color:  08
Contain FOCUS POWDER moisturizing ingredients and make the pores invisible 
For more details: Canmake (English)

Step 3
Lip Makeup
"Achieve the fullest of the lip color and make them look abundant"

Moisturizing your lips at the pink makeup!

Lip and gloss, having good water retention.
Strengthen the color of the lips 
and keep a pair of long-lasting moisturizing lip.

★ Stay-on Balm rouge
580 yen + tax
Color: 06 
SPF 11  PA+
Ingredients: honey, shea butter, squalene, pomegranate essence and propolis essence
Ancestral oil, olive oil, wild rosehip oil, grape seed oil and Hawaiian nut oil
For more details: Canmake (English)

We do not particularly use lip brush to put the lip gloss,
just apply it gently!

If your lip is originally in darker color, 
you might want to cover them with concealer first, 
to show the real lip color effectively!

Care about the texture! Apply a layer of lip gloss
to make you lips look juicy and abundant!

★Candy Wrap Lip
580 yen + tax 
Color: 03
Ingredients: honey, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, ancestral ballet oil, olive fruit oil, mango seed oil, royal jelly essence
For more details: Canmake (English)

Before & After

(Left) Cool beauty
(Right) Sweet pink lady

Just a simple make up, 
you can transform your style easily!!

Pink for your own good!!!
"Adjust the brightness as well as the overall atmosphere"

In this pink makeup,
we apply pink color on the areas of eyes, cheeks, and lips.
So don't you think it is too dull to use the same pink color?
That's why we have some shiny glitter, lavender pink to do some highlight!
Just for your reference!

Brilliant Lady~
or Natural Look~

Here! We would like to share with you the latest CANMAKE items in 2017

-New color for foundation-

Familiar series of  the Marshmallow Finish Powder PL
Not only the lavender pearl color but also the pink pearl color!

★TRANSPARENT FINISH POWDER PP (PP  Pink Pearl) 940yen + tax

-New Eyeliners-

01 Pink grey/ 02 Space blue/ 03 Bronze gold

These three colors are not only waterproof, but with pearl,
easy to create a different look!

550 yen each + tax 

- New eye pencil- 

Artist color eyeliner pen B01 bright black

Good to draw a very fine line, waterproof series
Black color

★Artist Color Eyeliner Pencil
550 yen each + tax

-Eye Shadow-

Super Aqua Slimming Eye Makeup No.09  LOVELY PINK

Use of only three colors to create a sense of volumed eye makeup
New colors for this series~

★Super Aqua Slimming Eye Makeup 
600yen + tax

-Blush new color-

Various kinds of colors area listed up.
Of course, you can find the pink one!

★Cream Cheek 
580yen + tax

A color you can't miss out in 2017

Don't miss the pink illumination in Japan recently!!
Most of them are still available until February!
Like Southern Terrace in Shinjuku!
More info about Pink Illumination?
Click here

★CANMAKE Official Site (English): http://www.canmake.com/en/index.html

★CANMAKE Official Site (Japanese): http://www.canmake.com/index.html

★Where to buy CANMAKE:Drug stores throughout Japan


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