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# Travel ♪ Your Trip to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture! Complete Tendo Travel Guide ~ Day 2 ~

# Travel ♪ Your Trip to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture! Complete Tendo Travel Guide ~ Day 2 ~

Wondering where to do in Japan?
We would like to recommend you the next destination

Why in Yamagata?
Nice sightseeing spots, fantastic open-air hot spring, beautiful nature,
delicious cuisine and Japanese onsen ryokan!

Where in Yamagata?

Let's check out our trip to Tendo 

Travel Guide Day 2
Let's get started!!!

@ Tendo Hotel

A brand new good day starts from a healthy breakfast!
Breakfast at Tendo Hotel starts from 7:00 am - 9:00 am 
A wide variation from western to Japanese.
Enjoy yourself in the morning!

3 things that impressed us!
① Grilled steak in the morning
② Yakult 
③ Local way to eat natto
(Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis)

Have a grilled steak, have a good day! 
Beside breakfast, you might have it after enjoying hot spring too!
Not milk but Yakult!
In Yamagata, locals eay natto with omitsukemono (vegetable pickles)

★ Tendo Hotel   (天童飯店(天童温泉 美味求真の宿)

Add: 2-1-3 Kamata-honcho, Tendo-shi, Yamagata
Tel: 023-654-5511
Map Code: 62376668*63
CHECK IN/ CHECK OUT: 15:00/ 10:00 
For reservation: Website/ Phone
Homepage (Japanese):
Reservation Page (English)
Google Map

Okay! Let's check out our route for the trip!

A  Experience Nihonshu (Japanese Sake)  at Nakano Liquor Store (仲野酒店)

B  Lunch at IROHA SUSHI  (いろは寿司 )

C Safflower dyeing workshop, foot bath, souvenir 

D Nakano Fruits Garden RULAVE (仲野観光果樹園)

E Sakaeya Hotel (栄屋ホテル)


Meet the World level Liquor 
Dewazakura Sake (出羽桜) @ Nakano Liquor Store (仲野酒店)

First,  we visited a Sake Brewery, 
which has started brewing sake since Edo Period. 
Using the excellent quality of rice at the Tohoku region, 
the most famous sake is called Dewazakura (出羽桜)

You know what
Dewazukue Sake Brewery won the champion at the International Wine Challenge for 2 consecutive years.  

Besides, famous liquor from Tohoku region,
there are a wide range of precious wine and Japanese sake from other parts of Japan. 
Come and have a try!

We have tried the above 5 types of liquor,
what are the difference?

(From left)

▶ Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyoshu (出羽桜花吟醸酒)
Japanese sake with fruity taste.

▶ Dewasansan tanjoukinen  (出羽燦々誕生記念 )
It takes 11 years to get done, and all the ingredients used are from Yamagata Prefecture.
Soft and gentle taste.

▶ Dewazakura Daiginjyoshu (出羽桜花吟醸酒)
An intense flavor.

▶ Dewazakura Junmaishu Ikkou(一耕)
Slightly sweet and easy texture.

▶ Dewazakura Karaguchi (出羽桜 誠醸辛口)
Famous in local, 
Fresh taste
Hot/cold is available. 

Wanna have a tasting?
Price: 3,240yen (tax included)

★Nakano Liquor Store (仲野酒店)
Add: 1-4-12 Hitoichimachi, Tendo-shi, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-653-2837
MAP CODE: 62 344 446 * 40
Open hours: 9:00 ~ 19:00 (closed on Mondays)

Must-eat Sushi @ Iroha Sushi (いろは寿司 )

A Sushi shop nearby the hotel we stayed!
It is very popular among locals!
Not only the food
but also the interior like the ones we watched on the Japanese TV drama. 
Wow!!! Feel like we are in Japan!

(Left)Tokujo Sushi (特上にぎり) 950yen
 (Right) Chirashi Sushi (チラシ寿司) 3000yen  (To celebrate its 20th anniversary,  lunch for 2200 yen  )

Since Tendo is located in the region near sea coast, 
fresh seafood is guaranteed. 

This is a sushi shop of 26 years' history!
That is why it is loved by most of the local people!
As also foreign people as well!

★IROHA Shuji  (いろは寿司 )
Add: 3-2-30 Higashihoncho, Tendo, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-654-1683
MAP CODE: 62 375 629 * 73
Open Hour:
Weekday - 11: 00 ~ 14: 00/16: 00 ~ 24: 00
Holiday - 11: 00 ~ 14: 00/16: 00 ~ 22: 00
(Irregular holiday)
Homepage (Japanese)

Workshop representing Yamagata
Safflower dyeing @ Tendo City Forestry Information Center 

Safflower dyeing

Safflower, representing Yamagata

What is safflower?
It is a plant of arthamus tinctorius, which has been used as a raw material for dyeing for a long time.

Although it looks orange, after drying and various processes, yellow pigment will be dissolved
and the red natural dye will be extracted !!

Safflower Fair @ Tendo
From end of June to July.
It will be crowded with people. 

Worth to see, dye and eat

Besides, dyeing workshop
it is originally a tourist information center!
Feel free to get info about Tendo. 

★ Tendo City Forestry Information Center 

Add: 2 - 3 - 41 Kuwanomachi, Tendo, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-651-2002
MAP CODE: 62 376 175 * 47
Open Hour: 9: 00-18: 00 (public holiday, 1/1)

※For Safflower dyeing workshop, please call 023-653-1680 / Tendo City Tourism Information Center)

A various kind of workshops are available, too. 

Tendo Souvenir @ Eki no michi Tendo Onsen (JAてんどうサン・ピュア)

Shop! Shop! And Shop!

Delicious pear and Tohoku products, limited items like ochazuke~

Must-buy in Tendo!
1. Cherry
2. Pear
3. TSUYAHIME rice - つや姫  (Yamagata Prefecture famous brand rice)

(Left) TSUYAHIME Rice 5kg (2,250yen) / (Right) Tsuyahime Rice Ice cream (300yen)

popular brand of Yamagata
You can't really bring a 5kg bag of rice back home, 
so you might try the ice cream!

Michi no eki~  Tendo Onsen (JAてんどうサン・ピュア)
Open hour:  weekdays 9: 00 ~ 16: 30  
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
(Vary in seasons)

※For your reference
Popular Ice cream TOP 3
1.  TSUYAHIME (Yamagata brand rice)
2. Pear Milk
3. DADACHA bean (Yamagata specialty)

※How to enjoy ice cream more delicious?
Next to Michi no Eki Tendo Hot Spring 
There is a free foot bath space. 

Soaking in a foot bath,
while having a cool ice cream!
Good to enhance blood circulation.
Let's try!

★ Michi no Eki Tendo Hot Springs 
Foot bath 

Add: 2-3- 41Kuwanomachi, Tendo-shi, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-651-2002 

Foot bath: 6:00-21:00 
(Open Year round / Unavailable from 10:00~12:00 on Monday, Thursday for cleaning)
Homepage (Japanese)

Let's go for apples picking
@ Nakano Fruits Garden RULAVE (仲野観光果樹園)

After shopping, 
let's go visiting the big farm!
Last summer, we have done the Cherries picking!
This time, let's try apples picking!

Cool!!! It is built within the green house. 
No worry of rains and changeable weather!

★Nakano Fruits Garden RULAVE (仲野観光果樹園)
Add: 1784-5 Kawarago, Tendo, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-656-2775
MAP CODE: 62562049 * 82
Open hour: 8:30 to 17:00
Reception time: 9: 00 ~ 16: 30
(Only Japanese for phone; please send e-mail if in other languages)
Making Reservation: Web, telephone, e-mail
※Please include the following in e-mail:
date, name, contact info, accommodation , numbers of participant, any details about your visit.
Homepage (Japanese)

You can choose from two courses of apple picking
・Picking only two apples home 
・All you can pick in a limited basket 

* Picking experience
Cherry  <Early June to mid-July>
Adult: 1500yen 
Teenager (above age of 12): 1200yen
Child (above age of 3) : 800yen
Child (below age of 2): FREE

Peach <Early August to early September>
Adult: 800yen 
Teenager (above age of 12): 700yen
Child (above age of 3) : 600yen
Child (below age of 2): FREE

Grape <Mid-August to early October>
Adult: 600yen 
Teenager (above age of 12): 500yen
Child (above age of 3) : 400yen
Child (below age of 2): FREE

Apple <Early October to late November>
Adult: 600yen 
Teenager (above age of 12): 500yen
Child (above age of 3) : 400yen
Child (below age of 2): FREE

(※ All are tax included)

Taro Pot Party!
Taro Pot Party is popular in Tohoku region in autumn!
It is a good hand-on experience in a farm!
(Only available in Sept-Oct)

What is Taro Pot Party?
Popular in Tohoku Region, 
people gathering together enjoy taro pot in neighborhood. 

No preparation is required!
How delicious!

(left) Taro pot 
(Right) hand-made rice ball and vegetable pickles 

Apple picking 30-min + All you can eat taro pot 

Course: Seasonal fruit picking + all you can eat taro pot + handmade rice balls + juice or coffee
From September 1 to the end of October
8: 30 ~ 17: 00
Reception time: 11: 00 ~ 14: 00

<Group more than 5 people>
Adult 2,300 yen / Child 2,100 yen / Child 1,500 yen

<Group more than 15 people>
Adult 2,100 yen / Child 1,900 yen / Child 1,300 yen

※ All are tax included.
※Make reservation 3 days in advance. 
※Fruit varies in season. 

@ Fruits Cafe Rulave

At the entrance of Nakano Fruits Garden RULAVE (仲野観光果樹園)

Its name means "dream" in French!
What a dream land to many people for tons of delicious sweet and dessert!

* drinks
- Pear smoothie: 550 yen + tax
- Pumpkin smoothies: 550 yen + tax
※Fruit varies in season.

(left) Apple French Toast
(Right) Seasonal Fruit Pancake

Sweet shop owned by an Orchard
the freshness of fruit is guaranteed !!

* Food  (From left)

- Apple French Toast: 700 yen + tax
- Seasonal Fruit Pancake : 980 yen + tax

※Reservation is needed for pancake.
※Fruit varies in season.

Bring some fruit home 
like pear and apples of yamagata. 

★ Fruit Cafe Rulave
Add: 1784-5 Kawarago, Tendo, Yamagata 
TEL: 023-656-2775 / 090-2953-2775
MAP CODE: 62562049 * 82
Open hour: 9:30 to 16:00
(Closed on Tuesday in winter)
Making Reservation: Web, telephone, e-mail  (※Reservation is needed for pancake a day before)
Homepage (Japanese)

Nice view onsen ~Sakaeya Hotel

This is the hotel we stayed the second night! 
Like the antique atmosphere!

★Sakaeya Hotel 栄屋ホテル
2-3-16 Kamata, Tendo, Yamagata
7-min Car ride from Tendo Station

MAP CODE:62 376 448*12
Open Hour: 9:00〜19:00(Closed on Monday)
CHECK IN:15:00 / CHECK OUT : 10:00
Make Reservation: Web, phone
Homepage (Japanese)
Make reservation (English)

Sakaeya Hotel
Point 1- Guest room

A Japanese style room.
You can enjoy the view outside.
It is about 12,000 yen a night. 

Point 2 - Hot Spring
Open-air hot spring on the top floor of the hotel
It is on the 6th floor!
Relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the whole view of Tendo city.
You don't wanna miss it!

Public bath on the 1st floor
Most of the guests would come here to wash their body and their go to the open-air hot spring the next. 

Bedrock bathing on the 1st floor
You might wanna keep calm and stay relax here after coming out from hot springs. 
It is a warm floor, good to body.

Open Hour: 15:00- 23:00 
※Remember to rent the specific bathrobe at the hotel reception counter (2,000 yen)

Point 3 - Food

Japanese Kaiseki Meal
It is a kind of enjoyment!

Point 4 - Services 
(Left) Free coffee service
(Right) Drinkable hot spring water

Many kinds of drink and coffee, anytime, feel free to serve ourselves at the lounge!
Hot spring water is outside the hotel. 

Oh!!!!  That was our trip to Tendo city, Yamagata!
Looking for next trip in next season!
There should be another side of charm and excitement waiting for us!!

Wanna check back the rest of our trip to Tendo 


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