Monday, January 2, 2017

::: Special ::: 2017 Japanese Hot Pot Festival in Nagoya! An event that you can taste hot pot dish from different prefectures!!

2017 Japanese Hot Pot Festival in Nagoya!
Taste local hot pot dish from different prefectures at one stop!!

The same local hot pot festival event has been held in Tokyo for three times. There were more than 170,000 people came to the event in Tokyo this year!

In 2017, it is the first time they hold this hot pot festival in Nagoya.

Picture credited to ご当地鍋フェスティバル@日比谷公園実行委員会
From 13 Jan 2017 (Fri) to 15 Jan 2017 (Sun), at Hisaya Odori Park in Nagoya, more than 50 hot pot shops from across Japan will join this festival! For example, you can find hot pot dishes from the northern part of Japan and from the southern part of Japan!!

Picture credited to ご当地鍋フェスティバル@日比谷公園実行委員会
(Left) Curry soup hot pot from Hokkaido
(Right) Tonkotsu (pork bone) soup dumplings hot pot from Fukuoka

Picture credited to ご当地鍋フェスティバル@日比谷公園実行委員会
Other than hot pots, you can also find local food and Japanese wine at the festival!

Picture credited to ご当地鍋フェスティバル@日比谷公園実行委員会
The best hot pot dish of the event will be selected by people who come to the festival.

At the Tokyo's event, the best hot pot selected is the "sea cucumber liver hot pot" from Miyagi. 

If you like street food and want to experience something special in Japan, this cool hot pot festival is a good choice for you! You can enjoy some hot pot dish and local food in winter and drink some Japanese wine at the same time!!

Event Information
Nagoya Local Hot Pot Festival
Period: 2017.01.13 (Fri) - 2017.01.15
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (on 13th and 14th), 10:00 - 17:00 (on 15th)
Venue: Hisaya Odori Park in Nagoya
Admission: Free
2-minute walk from Yabacho Station of Subway Meijo Line
9-minute walk from Sakae Station of Subway Higashiyama Line
Homepage (Jap):

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