Tuesday, January 3, 2017

::: Special ::: Among all the snacks in Japan, which ones are the university students' favorite snacks???

Japanese snacks that are cheap and loved by university students!

When we were young, we tried to save some money and buy things that we like to eat after school. I bet many of you have the same experience as me. Buying candies or cookies after school is like one of the best thing for going to school!

Same in Japan, even for university students, they also need to save some money for living. So when they choose snacks, they pick something that is yummy and cheap!

Today, we will show you some Japanese snacks that university students here love.

01. Umaibou (うまい棒)

Picture credited to matomail.biz
This snack just costs 10 yen each. The good thing about Umaibou is they come in many different flavors, so you never get tired of this snack.

02. DARS

Picture credited to morinaga.co.jp
Even though there are many different kinds of chocolate in the market, university students selected DARS because the quality is high with a low price (100 yen)!!

03. bourbon petit series

Picture credited to japhub
There are over 30 different types of snacks including chips, cookies, crackers, mini-donut, cake and biscuits etc. Price is around 70-100 yen each only. With the variety of choices, this series is one of the favorite snacks selected by the university students!

04. Takenokonori (たけのこの里)

Picture credited to meiji.co.jp
This chocolate coated biscuit is a all-time favorite item in Japan. From time to time, Meiji released special limited flavors, but the original version is still the most popular one. 194 yen each.

05. Black Thunder (ブラックサンダー)

Picture credited to itmedia.co.jp
Chocolate crispy rice snacks! It only costs 100 yen or below each. What a great snack to get if you are looking for something sweet and crispy!

06. Salad flavored rice cracker

Picture credited to kameda.jp
This pack of rice crackers only costs 108 yen! What a nice deal! Just get a bag and you can share with your friends!

Any snacks above is also your favorites too? Other than these, we also have other Japanese snacks recommend to you!

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