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#Japan Cosmetics ♪ HOW TO ♪ KATE 2017 Trendy Makeup! Let’s learn the chic and trendy modern makeup from the Japanese brand KATE!!


#Japan Cosmetics ♪ HOW TO ♪ KATE  2017 Trendy Makeup!  Let’s learn the chic and trendy modern makeup from the Japanese brand KATE!!

“2017 Trendy Makeup”
Chic, and enchanting
KATE Makeup Tutorial


A famous Japanese cosmetics brand KATE has an overwhelming popularity in Japan
 as well as in the world market.
For the coming year, JAPANKURU will collaborate with KATE, 
so follow us chasing the latest trend together!
This time, using the  latest new item of KATE, we has challenged the trendy makeup of 2017.


With the chic glamorousness of this time's makeup,
we would like to show the steps in detail together with the review of the latest items used.


Status of a Global Brand

Landmark of Shibuya
KATE appeared at “Shibuya 109” 

Refined Cosmetic brand "KATE”
Being lively in the energetic street of Shibuya, Tokyo, 
KATE is clearly showing its status as a global brand. 
You see!!! HERE in the landmark of Shibuya ”Shibuya 109" !
Like this, 
it seems KATE has spread its promotion on those large billboards
 throughout every main city in Japan.
Yes!!! With those dynamic advertisements,
no doubt it is a brand supported by a large number of ladies!


2017 Makeup Trend
“Glamorousness on Chic”

This time, 9 items has been used on the makeup

There are 3 keywords to notice for the trendy makeup of KATE this time!
Cool and chic but it does not forget the charm of glamorous femininity.
This time, let’s check the points for each part before we show you the whole process of the makeup .

Be a more chic and modern lady by KATE

<Base make-up>
Liquid-like, but giving a smooth texture for covering.
Present a clear skin.
<Eye make-up>
Add a smoky color gradation for eye-shadow.
Present a pair of deeply metallic eyes.
On top, it is a chicly sharp eyeliner.
<Lip makeup>
Express a glamorous lip by adding a glossy texture to the natural pink color.

Among them, the most noteworthy part is the "Eye Makeup"!
Using a newly released eye shadow and eyeliner,
Let’s pay more attention on the dark metal eyes.

Okay! Are you ready for the main makeup process this time?


Let’s get started!

”Key Point is to express a clear and natural skin.”

Because it is a make-up that put emphasis on the eye makeup,
we would like to explain the basic base makeup simply.
First of all, we prepare the skin well with the MINERAL FILM UV BASE,
and finish it with the foundation of great covering power  "POWDERLESS LIQUID.”


“Key Point is smokey gradation & glow.”


Saying, it is the key item of the makeup this time,
KATE's new shadow product
A 5-color-composition of eye-shadow.
Glossy and pearl-like appearance helps strongly presenting a pair of deep three-dimensional eyes.

Using  BR-3 color

We will separately describe the five colors on the palette as "A, B, C, D, E”


1. Gradation in the order of A➔B➔C

Put color A  on the area of the upper eyelids and tear bag

First, dip color A with a thicker tip and apply it widely to the entire eyelids

Apply base color widely and lightly is the point!

Apply color A to the wide area of the eyelids.

Then, apply color B narrower than A on top of double line.

After that, use the thick tip, apply color B narrower on top of area where color A is applied.
Apply to a slightly wider area than the double line and overlay the natural brown color.


Apply color C  on the double line and the middle point under the eyes

Next, dip color C with the thinner tip and apply on the double line.
But at this time, colors are overlapped at the end of the eyelids and double line.
Put the shades in about 1/3 the edge of the top and bottom of the eyes around the boundary line.

2.  Add the slightly pearl appearance with color E.

Overlay color E from the 2/3 of the upper eyelids. 

With the index finger, slightly take color E color and
apply on 1/3 of the corner of the eyes
Increase the glow of the upper eyes.

3. Add point of glow with color D

Apply color D on the center part of eyelids and also the lower eyes!

In the same way,
 dip pearl texture color D with index finger and
Apply it on two areas
Center of the upper eyelids and  lower eyes, where overlaying the colors gently.

Area to apply colors A,B,C,D,E

Generally, when you look from the front, the last step should be putting the glowing effect on the upper eyelids and also the tear bag under the eyes.

By adding a glowing effect to the gradation, a chic atmosphere is apparently shown.

Using color A, B, C to make a deeply smoky gradient
And pearl color E to create a dark and metallic texture.
Last, using the gorgeous pearl color D to finish the eye makeup with a bright glow.

This is the completion of the dark metal eye makeup.

What if you want to get deeper?
Apply color e widely to the entire eyes to express a pair of deeper and metallic eyes.

*Eye shadow item

EYE MAKEUP -Eye liner
-“Key point is a thin and light bouncing eyeliner”


Speaking of KATE, it is eyeliner! A rich lineup, and it is an indispensable item in KATE.
From now on, we are going to show your one of the special items.

With eyeliner, a new product of KATE, draw a thin and natural eye line by filling up the gap of the eyelashes.

At this time, if you draw the line lightly bounce up the corner of the eyes, you will be looked chic than usual.
Here, one more!
As we mentioned earlier this "Eyeliner" is a special item,
what do you think?
Are you interested?

Let’s briefly explain you its features.


Characteristics of SUPER SHARP LINER EX 
“DESIGN – Brush – Color – Function”

The pencil has a nonagon cross-section.
Not only a unique and beautiful appearance,
but also a sense of stability to hold it firmly by hands and draw a delicate line easily.
The brush of this eyeliner is actually made and collaborated with a famous Japanese stationery manufacturer Pentel.  (Collaboration between cosmetic company and stationery maker ... quite interesting!)
Thereby, it is a eyeliner having the advantage to draw smoothly and comfortably with the delicacy of the brush.

- Color (Black Color)
Even it is general black, the degree of coloring can be varied when you actually draw it!
The color of this eyeliner was literally written as "a real dark black" color.
It is perfectly a black color to emphasize the line of eyes clearly.

- Performance
It firmly blocks sweat, water, and oil and won’t be worn out easily. Sustainability is good.
But you can clean it with hot water easily!
We pretty like it very much.

*Eyeliner Item


EYE MAKEUP - Mascara
 “Key Point is beautifully curled and firmed eyelashes”

Eye makeup is almost done!
Base and mascara come together
Making curled beautiful eyelashes.
Making a natural eyelash.
Eye makeup is done!

LIPS MAKEUP - Rouge & Gloss
 “Key Point is transparent glitter lips"

Come to the final stage of makeup.
Lips make-up.
Using two items to express a glowing lip gloss.
First, draw and even overlay the colors along the lip line with the stick type rouge "ROUGE HG.“
Then, on top of it, apply the "COLOR ENAMEL GLOSS“ to finish the makeup.

"2017 Trendy Makeup“
Chic, and enchanting

 KATE makeup is completed!

# Metallic # Chic # Glamorous

The above three elements are included in this makeup matching the latest trend badly.

On the other hand, it is a makeup to be used all-the-time regardless of the time and period.

Before & After

Beautiful makeup to increase your motivation!

Comparing the effect of before and after, 
this time the make up does not really focus on specific points such as
presenting  “big eyes” and “small face,“ 
It is a makeup that makes a “total change” of the overall atmosphere and depth.

”No. 1 share of the Self-makeup market”
 Dynamic scaled cosmetic brand

@Shibuya 109

Encountering “KATE” unconsciously at the energetic district “Shibuya”
(Wow! What a big promotion billboard in Shibuya…!)
This time, we tried challenging the 2017 trendy makeup proposed by KATE.
Every design, function, and configuration is very satisfying.
We can tell after why it is a brand loved by many people after we really tried it.

#2017 #trendy #makeup #KATE

“KATE” Perfect brand for fashionable modern girls in the city”
Do makeup happily from now on!
Next time,  we will have a special infiltration report
 to KATE’s new product press presentation. 
Looking forward to it! ^^


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