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# Tokyo Travel ♪ Recommended Hotel near Narita Airport, Hotel Nikko Narita in Chiba. Easy access to Tokyo

# Tokyo Travel ♪ Recommended Hotel near Narita Airport, Hotel Nikko Narita

Recently, Japan has become one of the popular traveling places.
One of the reasons is the increasing of low-cost air tickets. 
However, most of the low-cost air tickets either have a very early or late take-off/ landing time,
which puts people in a bind with transportation getting access to the hotel, 
leaving some deciding to stay at the airport. 

we would like to introduce you to the hotel,
which is extremely close to Narita Hotel.  
Affordable room charge
and easy access from Narita Airport. 
(Early morning and late night free shuttle bus)

Even if you are coming to Tokyo by yourselves or with friends or family,
Hotel Nikko Narita is your choice!


*Introduction of Hotel Nikko Narita
*5 Charming Points of Hotel Nikko Narita +  Bonus Info for you
*Sightseeing Spots from Hotel Nikko Narita 


*Introduction of Hotel Nikko Narita

Established in 1978, 
Hotel Nikko Narita would like to provide travelers a better accommodation during the trip to Japan; 
several large-scaled renovations has been carried out. 
Although the outside of the building looks simple, 
the interior of the hotel would leave you disappointed.
You definitely wouldn't feel the long history of 29 years.

Since it is easy access to Narita Airport
and has a reasonable room charge, 
Hotel Nikko Narita is very famous to foreign visitors. 

The hotel is surrounded by the beautiful greenery.

Clean and neat Hotel Nikko Narita 
(Seasonal decorations can be seen all year round)

★Hotel Nikko Narita 
500 Tokko, Narita, Chiba
Check-in 15:00 / check-out 11:00 

*5 Charming Points of Hotel Nikko Narita +  Bonus Info for you

① Free shuttle bus from Narita Airport

Narita Airport Terminal 2 Bus Stop No.33 on 1F /
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Bus Stop No. 16 on 1F

About a 10-min drive between the hotel and airport. 
For the latest schedule since June 2017

<Narita Airport~ Hotel>
*Route: Narita Airport Terminal 2  → Narita Airport Terminal 1 → Hotel
*Bus stop: Narita Airport Terminal 2 Bus Stop N0.33 on 1F /
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Bus Stop No. 16 on 1F

*Available time:
Narita Airport Terminal 2 Bus Stop N0.33 on 1F  
7:30~ 24:25
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Bus Stop No. 16 on 1F

< Hotel ~ Narita Airport>
*Roite: Hotel → Narita Airport Terminal 2  → Narita Airport Terminal 1 
*Bus stop: In front of Hotel Nikko Narita

*Available time:
※ 4:40 one only stop from Terminal 3 and 2
※ 5:50 one stop from Terminal 3> 2> 1> Hotel
※17:00 one only stop from Terminal 2 and 1, then hotel 

② A variety of room types

Hotel Nikko Narita has a wide variety of room type, 
whether you are with family or friends, on a graduation trip, honeymoon,
there definitely are rooms suitable for you~

All rooms are comfortable and clean, 
and it is unexpectedly spacious compared to the ones in Tokyo.

Comfort Room 

Executive Room

Japanese-style family room
Good for a small family with small kids


◇Let's look at the Executive Room!
A fusion of Japanese and Western spacious and modern rooms

 Executive Rooms are newly renovated.
Wide spaced reasonably charged rooms of 6000-7000yen a night (depending on the season)

 An Airweave Mattress is used in all executive rooms, 
so that travelers can have a better quality of sleep during the trip. 

Can you see the ink painting on top of the bed?
It is an art work with the concept of forest of the Narita. 
You will find a different one in each room. 
All are hand-made and slightly different. 

Clean and wide bathroom

◇Let's look at the Comfort Room!
The theme of the Comfort Rooms are totally different from others. 
They are under the Nordic European concept. 

Wow! Look at the large mattress!!
It is the semi-double size in Japan!
 Literally, it is between the size of a single and double.

In this series, 
not only twin rooms, 
there are also triple (three-bed rooms) and four-bed rooms.

◇ triple (three-bed rooms) 
Photo credit to the official homepage of Hotel Nikko Narita.

◇four-bed rooms
Photo credit to the official homepage of Hotel Nikko Narita.

◇Let's look at the Japanese-style family room.
It is the new room type after renovation. 
A design of the fusion of traditional Japanese and modern style. 
It is available for 4 persons.
That is why it is highly recommended to small families and a small group of friends. 

In addition, this room type is the most economically reasonable in price!
It is about 5,000 yen a person. 

Lovely Slippers

 Projection Art of plum flower, representative flower of Hotel Nikko Narita

Internet cables and electric outlets are available at the bed side

Compact bathroom

Airweave mattress

Here you can see the train getting back to the tunnel; 
also the take-off and landing of airplanes at Narita Airport!
If you are trains/ planes- lovers, 
Hotel Nikko Narita is your choice!

③ Convenient facilities within the hotel

24/7  LAWSON convenient store

Cafe next to the lounge (7:00~22:00)

San Francisco's coffee brand
Blue Bottle Coffee 

24-hours available:
PC and Internet corner/ 
Touch-screen panel to search for tourist information of Chiba (Multi-languages)

Money exchange machine

Info and time about flights

Coin laundry in multi-languages

④  Delicious Breakfast 
-Casual Resort Dining Serena-

Western, Chinese, and Japanese style satisfy your needs!
Fresh vegetables, fruits.
Delicious Ingredients.

Rice is produced in Chiba, 
it is called takomai.
This brand is very unique and only 2% of the whole rice production in Chiba. 
It is said that only farmers who produce it can have it.
But you can taste it at Hotel Nikko Narita.
Taking advantage of the climate, takomai is raised 
as multi-grain rice, 
 rich in organic matter, proper sugar content, and good taste.
Let's give it a try with a variety of ingredients.

All kinds of eggs, pancakes, and french toast are made in front of you when you order.

Japanese way to enjoy rice?
Ochazuke (rice in tea and a variety of simple ingredients)

The restaurant is big enough, 
you can choose to eat inside or seats near the window, so that you can enjoy the beautiful view.
Having breakfast with Mother Nature, 
what a relaxing way to enjoy the morning. 
You can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms in the spring 
and fall foliage in autumn. 

Wow!! A supplement corner!
Isn't it unique?
Have your meal and required supplements like vitamins and minerals

★Casual Resort Dining Serena
Breakfast 6:00-15:00
Dinner 17:30-23:00 (last order: 22:45)

⑤ Bar popular of its view of the charming, beautiful sunset

Bar in excellent quality
Hotel Nikko Narita is not an exception. 

No worries!!!
You can definitely afford it!!
Just 1600 yen special set of 2 cocktails and snacks!

Such a stunning and romantic moment is waiting for you!

Open Hour: 18:00- 24:00 
Main building 11F


Bonus info for you*
Especially to the ones who always visit Japan!!

Hotel Nikko has its own membership system.
No need to pay the annual fee. 
Just fill out some info including name, address, contact info,
then you will be members, and a card will be given to you.

Advantage to making a membership:
1. 10-20% off all restaurants and cafes 
2. Collect points to pay for accommodations next time 
※Specific gift in all Hotels Nikko and Okura throughout Japan.


*Sightseeing spots from Hotel Nikko Narita 
A number of routes via shuttle buses are available from Hotel Nikko Narita.

Bound for Boso no mura Open Air Museum and Aeon Mall Narita 

◇Boso no Mura Open Air Museum 
Free Shuttle 
from hotel: ① 9:30 ② 12:00
from Boso no Mura: ① 12:40 ②16:00

※ You might want to drop by Aeon Mall Narita on the way back to the hotel

If you like watching Japanese dramas, 
you might recognize the drama "JIN" was shot here!
Come and experience walking on the street of Japan 150 years ago.

Besides the atmosphere, 
there are also workshops and Kimono/yukata rental!
Why don't we have a time slip travel?

Kimono rental 10:00-15:00 (return before 16:00)
Not only the standard Kimono for adult but also kids, business persons, and ninjas. 
Price: 1000yen- 6000yen

Streets in Edo Period 

Home in Edo Period

Time for nature 

Interesting and affordable hands-on experiences!
(Decorative candle making/ chopsticks making / local toys painting experience)
Price: 100yen - 500yen

Workshops are available depending on the season.
Check the homepage in advance.

★Boso no Mura Open Air Museum ( 房総のむら)
Add: 1028 Ryūkakuji, Sakae-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba 270-1506
Open Hour: 9:00- 16:30
Closed on Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, closed on Tuesday) , 12/25-1/1
Fee: Adult 300yen/ Students 150yen/ Children under 12 or elderly above 65 for Free 

◇Aeon Mall Narita

You might want to drop by after visiting Boso no Mura!
Wanna do some shopping or looking for souvenirs, 
here is a good choice!
Of course tax free service is available here!

★Aeon Mall Narita 
Add: 24 Uingutsuchiya, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0029
Open Hour: 10:00~ 22:00

◇ShiSui Premium Outlet (酒々井アウトレット)
Paid Shuttle
Adult 350yen/ Children 180yen (50% off if you are guests of the hotel)
From hotel: ① 9:20/ ② 12:00/ ③ 16:05
※12:00 one will drop by Narita Airport
From Outlet: ① 11:40 ②19:30

Must shopping spot in Chiba!
Although shuttle bus bound for the outlet is charged.
If you are staying in Hotel Nikko Narita in late September, 
you will have 50% off.

★ShiSui Premium Outlet (酒々井アウトレット)
Add: 2-4-1 Iizumi, Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba
Open Hour: 10:00-20:00

◇Narita-san Shinsoji (成田山新勝寺 )

A must-go sightseeing spot in Chiba!
Built in 960, 
about 3 millions people visit on the first 3 days of the year as Hatsumode(初詣)

Besides, the shopping street is also worth visiting!
Eel (Unagi) is very popular here!
Give it a try!

Unari-kun (Unagi + Narita)
The official character of Narita City.
It is a combination of an airplane and eel  lol

★Narita-san Shinsoji (成田山新勝寺 )
Add: 1 Narita, Narita, Chiba


Planning your trip to Tokyo?
Looking for accommodations?

★Hotel Nikko Narita 
500 Tokko, Narita, Chiba
Check-in 15:00 / check-out 11:00 

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