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# Things to Buy in Japan♪ HOW TO Prepare for Summer! No more UV! Sun block/ sunscreen/ sun cream from THE OMI BROTHERHOOD!

# Things to Buy in Japan♪ Prepare for Summer!  No more UV!  Sun block from THE OMI BROTHERHOOD!

Hello, everyone!!!
Japan is welcoming the hot season right now!!!
Wanna have fun in the summer without a sunburn and/or a serious suntan?

No doubt you are looking for sun cream/sunblock!
Not only ladies, 
it is a necessity in the summer, actually for guys, kids, and adults too. 
Whether you prefer being outdoors or indoors,
you definitely want appropriate skin protection.

Why do we need sunblock/sun cream?
Very simple
It is to prevent skin aging.

You know what?
There are mainly 3 factors to cause skin aging. 
Dryness, malnutrition, and the major factor is ultraviolet light!

Sure you wanna look younger than your actual age!
Let's see HOW TO prepare!

UV is invisible light that can go through glass and even clothes fibers to cause a threat to our skin. 
Excessive exposure under UV light will produce more melanin in the skin
to cause skin aging. 
That will weakened the body resistance and end up 
serious skin diseases. 

Are you ready?

Let see how we choose the sunscreen!
👀blocking UV power

Okay, blocking UV power efficiently, 
two terms you gotta know:
 SPF and PA

💡What is SPF?
SPF is an abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor.
The number following SPF represents the multiple times available for the sun exposure. 

What if you do not apply sunscreen and get red immediately after expose under the sun for 3-minutes, 
SPF50 is highly recommended.
That means 3 x 50 = 150 minutes is the effective time of the sunscreen. 
That is, you'd better apply sunscreen again after 150-min. 

Look carefully, there is a "+" after 50; 
also, it is written "SUN BEARS STRONG SUPER PLUS N."
That means its effective time is more than 50 interval.  
You can rarely see SPF60 or SPF70; 
most of them are SPF50+. 

💡What is PA?
PA followed by plus signs (for example, PA+++) is a designation used in Japan to rate the UVA protection of a sunscreen, whereas the SPF number is about the sun's UVB rays; very few countries that have a UVA rating reference.

PA+ means to extend the time for skin tanning about 2-4 times, 
PA++ 4-8 times, PA +++ more than 8 times.

👀 Functions in various local environment 
Choose an appropriate item that can last in different environment.

For example,  for indoor activities, SPF15 is fine. 

In summer, SPF30  is recommended. 
If you play sports or do outdoor activities, SPF50 is highly recommended. 

In general, a higher degree has higher blocking power but oily. 
Choose the right one for the right activity. 
If you are doing water-activities, 
waterproof function is needed.

👀Degree of absorption 

Not only the function as sunscreen, but also feel the texture. 


Let's see the items we would like to share!
30g 756yen
UV Resistant 
Slight grapefruit scent

30g 756yen
Cooling Power

Both are the sunscreen products from THE OMI BROTHERHOOD!
Waterproof and anti- sweat
for both body and face.
Good for outdoor recreation activities! 

Small bottle, lovely packaging, easy to carry!
Highly recommended to everyone!
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)

Anti-sweat waterproof strong sunscreen
100g  open price

With seven kinds of plant extracts,
sunscreen milk can nourish the skin, 
without let you feel uncomfortable.
Enough moisture to make you feel more comfort. 
Waterproof and anti- sweat.
Easy to wash away with soap.

If you are not comfortable with scented products,  
this one is highly recommended. 
No coloring and scents. 
Highly recommended for outdoor activities. 
Official page  (JAPANESE)(ENGLISH)


Having sunscreen from THE OMI BROTHERHOOD,
kids, adults, ladies, and gentlemen, 
outdoor or indoor,
you are all protected!!!

Choose the sun care products depend on your skin condition and situation. 
Protect your skin from the damage of UV rays. 


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