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#The Symbol of Kagoshima ♪ Viewing Sakurajima Volcano from the Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort! Kagoshima Travel~

#The Symbol of Kagoshima - Viewing Sakurajima from the Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Resort

Kagoshima's Best Western Rembrandt Hotel

A while ago we visited the stunning Kagoshima, which is located on the southern tip of the Kyushu Islands. Kagoshima sits on the northwest of Kagoshima Bay opposite of the active volcano Sakurajima

Meaning 🌸"Cherry Blossom Island"🌸 in Japanese, it was an island for years (the first record of an eruption was in 708). However, the massive lava flow from an eruption in 1914 was so extreme it connected to the Osumi Peninsula in the east when the lava hardened! 

With it being summer vacation in a lot of countries, we're sure a lot of people are thinking about where they should go! Well, for those who are thinking about Kagoshima, this article is for you!

This picture is in front of what is known as the symbol of Kagoshima, Sakurajima🌋 If you look at the bottom left hand side, you'll see the Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima. Imagine the view the people staying there must have! 
Let's take a look!
An unforgettable sight of the exquisite Sakurajima!

Even from looking through a window, you can see the beauty of Kagoshima

Close to the coast of the excellent location, so that tenants on the balcony will be able to enjoy the scenery🌋



Those colors.....
Even when it gets dark, Sakurajima is active



After seeing the breathtaking view, 
We would like to share the hotels facilities with you! 


Basic Info of the Hotel

Check-in from 2pm・Check-out by 11am
Spoken languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

・from Kagoshima Airport:
There are Kagoshima-Airport Limousine Buses that will take you super close to BW Kagoshima. It's about a 5 min walk to the airport bus stop (from the East Exit!), board the bus bound for Kamoikeko Port (Kagoshima Chuo Station 'Kagoshima Central Station' is fine too). I advise getting a seat if you can because its a bit over of a hour ride!  If you get off at Nokyo Kaikan-mae bus stop (10th stop), Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort is about a minute walk away! Getting off at Kamoikeko Port is another option, which is a 3 min walk!
Here's an Airport Bus timetable ⤵⤵

 *photo credit to Kagoshima Airport-Kagoshima City website

・from Chuo Station:
20 minutes from Kagoshima Central Station 

Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort
22-1, Kamoike Shinmachi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 890-0064
Tel: 099-257-2411
Fax: 099-257-6083

Services at Best Western Kagoshima

1.  Weddings and more!

Luxurious banquet halls for the most stunning wedding ever!
Halls for presentations, meetings, and other events are also available.

2. Natural spa👙

The spa and outdoor pool uses natural hot spring water that comes directly from the (hot spring) source of 129℉ (54℃)!!♨ 
Your skin has never felt so smooth!
We recommend you taking a dip in the natural spa at night 
so you can relax under the stars☆ミ

Open Hours:
Natural hot spring spa (with swimsuit): 7am - 10pm
Pool (summer only): 10am - 7pm
Entrance fee: middle school+ 1000yen
                        elementary school 500yen
               small children free
If you forget your suit, no worries! Suit rental is available for 500yen

3.  Set the mood with a traditional kimono👘✨
There are SOOOO many colors and patterns to choose from! You're sure to find one that will look amazing on you✨💖✨

The staff are professionals and are always ready to help get you situated...thank goodness!


ABSOLUTE perfection! 
Look at how all those different colors blend beautifully!!! The model is wearing a what is called "furisode" kimono (long-sleeved kimono), which is the traditional wear for the "becoming of age ceremony", when they girl turns 20 years old. It is also 
traditionally what (only) single women wear. Once a women gets married, she no longer can wear long-sleeved kimonos. Even if you're married, furisode kimonos are beyond stunning, so why not just "be single" for a bit and try one on! 

Store Hours: 10am~6pm (final reception hours at 5pm)
Closed on Tuesdays


The Rooms that makes Best Western Kagoshima Special

★!!All twin and double rooms are equipped with balconies overlooking Sakurajima and Kinko Bay!!
Amenities are the basics plus slippers, night wear, a hair dryer, etc.
They've got you taken care of :) 

The night stands have been updated to where you have easy phone access while charging! 🔌📱💻

Our Room Recommendations! 

1. Standard Double
Don't let the name "double" fool you, it's a single bed room! It's big enough for you to relax and take a little "me time" alone
....or to share ;)

**Out of all the rooms available, the bed is the smallest ranging at 1100mm**

2. Standard Twin

The Standard Twin room has the same size bed, except two of them! Making this room bigger and more spacious (25m²).

3. Deluxe Twin
The Deluxe Twin room is a bit of a size up, giving you two beds at the size of 1200mm. It is ALSO the biggest room available aside from the suite (30m²)~


Buffet-style Restaurant at Best Western Kagoshima

1.  More food than one could imagine at Four Leaf Garden🍀

You can enjoy Best Western's buffet-style restaurant that offers specialty dishes that includes local ingredients from the Kagoshima area!

A traditional food in Kagoshima, satsuma-age is a nutritious fish patty that has been transformed into something special compared to satsuma-age in other regions.
Many other ingredients have been added, such as lotus root, green soybean, carrot, sweet potato, and cheese.
We recommend trying the lotus root, the texture balance works perfectly together!

But what makes Four Leaf Garden special is its 'creme de la creme'....

  Chicken Rice ("Keihan" in Japanese)!!!!🍗🍚 
It is a typical local cuisine of Amami Oshima 
and is a classic menu for school meals in Kagoshima🍱🍴
Eating Keihan IS! A! MUST!! 

Restaurant Four Leaf Garden Breakfast Information
6: 30 ~ 10: 00 (last reception time 9:30)
Price (excluding tax) 1, 580yen/ elementary school student 790yen

2. Beer Garden

More Japanese shochu than you can imagine! 🍶🏮
Shochu is the most famous liquor in Kagoshima and has its own rich flavor.
There are many different kinds depending on its ingredients though.
For example, there is sweet potato, rice, wheat, soba, and black sugar shochu.
If there are so many different kinds of shochu, of course that means there are many different WAYS to drink it; with hot water, cold water, or on the rocks. 
The most "basic way" though is to add hot water. Local women also mix shochu with a cold glass of green tea, this is called "ryokuchawari".

Just like at breakfast you can eat all kinds of Kagoshima-native dishes, except at their beer garden, you can add a few beers to go with the view of Sakurajima🍻🍖 

Beer Garden Basic Information
6: 00pm ~ 9: 30pm (last order 9:00pm)
Reservations before the day: 3,900yen
Same-day reservations: 4,100yen
For reservations please call: 099-257-2760
Entrance fee: middle school+ 1000yen
                         elementary school  500yen
               small children free

2.  Japanese Iron-plate Cooking

In typical Japanese fashion, the food arrangement is lovely❧

 Best Western Kagoshima also has a Japanese restaurant, Shiragane.
In traditional Japanese banquet style, you can enjoy all kinds of food placed infront of you like seafood for Kinko bay, local veggies, and of course, the healthy and delicious Shabu-Shabu using Kagoshima beef!!

Japanese Cuisine & Teppanyaki SHIRAGANE
5: 00pm ~ 9: 30pm (last order 9:00pm)
!Asks for 3+ people make a reservation in advance! 
Fee: 4,000yen/person


Everything above is our hotel recommendation, the Best Western Rembtandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort!!
Beautiful scenery, awesome native food, relaxing spas, and so! so! much more!
You'll have to come and see for yourself ;) 

Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort
22-1, Kamoike Shinmachi,
Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
890-0064 JAPAN

Tel: 099-257-2411
Fax: 099-257-6083 


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