Thursday, July 27, 2017

#Tokyo Travel by LIMOTAXI ♪ Travel Back to the Edo Era with HINOMARU LIMOTAXI

#Get the Edo Experience with HINOMARU LIMOTAXI🚕

Coming to Tokyo is like traveling into the future. It really is a place like none other!
Have you ever wondered or wished you could see how life in Tokyo was like during the Edo Era and/or when Tokyo was Edo. 

Well, HINOMARU LIMOUSINE TAXI (or 'Limotaxi' for short)
is offering you that chance!!
●●Let's take a look!●●

HINOMARU LIMOTAXI service is mainly known for 
picking you up from the airport to wherever it is you're staying. 
If you're coming to Japan, you might as well start right away with their omotenashi (hospitality) culture!
HINOMARU services are unlike anything we've ever seen before.

🌟For more information on Hinomaru's Airport ServiceGet on HINOMARU from Narita/Haneda Airport

 They also have special tour options and operate as a regular taxi.
Look at how spacious the LIMOTAXI is!
A side note, all taxi drivers in Japan wear white gloves.
It really gives off the chauffeur feeling👑✨

 Some might hesitate to ride a taxi in Japan, since not many Japanese speak English.
However those worries aren't necessary with HINOMARU!
They have a multi-language touch tablet 
to help communicate where it is you'd like to go.

 Multi-language App - SMILE CALL: available in EnglishChineseKorean
 Interpretation Service Utilization Time: 9: 00 ~ 10: 00pm
 Taxi Service Details (English):
 Make a Reservation (English):
 Airport LIMOTAXI Charges (English):
 HINOMARU Optional Tour (English):


First Stop: Cafe GINZA KABUKIZA - Tully's Coffee
We won't let the rain stop us!
Arriving at the Ginza Kabukiza.

 You can find Tully's Coffee ALLLL over Japan.
So why come to Kabukiza's Tully's Coffee?
The answer is simple~~~

On the left is a picture of a traditional Kabuki actor in his makeup.
Then the right is the bird often seen as decoration in Kabuki. 

The Tully's at Ginza Kabukiza is one of a kind! 

They have special Kabuki themed things that
IS NOT available/for sale anywhere else. 

They're one of a kind, 
so you can bet on being super special if you get one!
Your friends will be jealous, we're sure. 

★Tully's at Ginza Kabukiza (タリーズコーヒー 歌舞伎座店)

🏢Ginza 4-12-15, Chuo-ku, Tokyo AKABUKIZA B2F
Mon - Fri: 7:30am~10pm
  Sat・Sun・Holidays: 8am~10pm


●●Next Stop: Food at an Edo Era Japanese Izakaya
To take you to the next level of the Edo Era atmosphere,
we recommend eating at Tofuro Yumemachi Kouji! 

It's in Ginza 1 cho-mei (1st district), so it's in close range to the Kabukiza!
Not only is the atmosphere great, the food is too!
Just look at this sushi!

A great thing about Izakaya Tofuro, besides it's location, 
is that their fresh and top quality fish is at a reasonable price!🐠
They pride themselves of getting their fish from Hokkaido daily as well say matching their menu to the season (in traditional Japanese style!)
So it's always a new experience.
Rarely will you find such a Edo authentic style restaurant 
that isn't overly expensive.
Eating at Izakaya Tofuro really gives you the best of both worlds!!

土風炉 夢町小路)
🏢: B2F Ginza First Building, 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Monday to Friday, day before national holiday 
Lunch: 11:30~2:00pm / Dinner: 5:00pm~11:30pm (Food last order is 10:45pm, drinks last order at 11:00pm)
Holiday/national holiday
Lunch, dinner: 11:30~23:30 (Food last order is 22:45, drinks at 11:00pm)

 Now on our way to our last destination for this trip🚕


●●●Last Stop: The EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM!!!
The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a space to reflect on the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo and envision the city and life of the future. 
It's great because every little part of the museum, 
from the GIANT Kabuki theatre to the bridge you walk across, 
has some story of its own to tell.

The Edo-Tokyo Museum really does a great job at 
providing you the imagery of the Edo Era.  

 The museum provides a good amount of interactive artifacts, 
to help you get into the mood.
Feel free to hop on an old fashioned bike rickshaw, and take a picture!

It's always funny seeing people try to carry these buckets (filled with fish!).
Doesn't it look so heavy!?
Come test your strength (^_-)-☆

Edo-Tokyo Museum also has a great display of artifacts
from different time periods.
One of our favorites were the electronics!
It's always so cool to see and compare one countries
daily life materials to our own.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Japanese museum
without Japanese game consoles!!!🎮📺

💴For Permanent Exhibition:
    General Admission: 600 yen
    65 years+: 300 yen
    University: 480 yen (advise bringing school id just in case they check!)
    Middle and High School: 300 yen
    Preschool, Elementary, and Middle (from Tokyo): FREE
🏢: 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo
⏰: 9:30 ~ 5:30pm (Saturday 9:30 ~ 7:30pm)
Last admission time: 30 minutes before closing
*Reservations must be made before a group visit (📱: 03-3626-9974)
Closed day: every Monday (in the case of Monday for the national holiday is changed to every other day off), the beginning of the year

Edo-Tokyo Museum will be closed from October 1, 2017~March 31, 2018.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

There are lots of ways to enjoy Tokyo.
But why not treat yourself and experience touring in a new way
It takes traveling and touring to a new level.

🚕Hinomaru Limousine Corporation Travel Center🚕
HINOMARU LIMOTAXI Service Details (English):
Make a Reservation with HINOMARU (English):
Airport LIMOTAXI Charges (English):
HINOMARU Optional Tour (English):

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