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#Japan Travel/Shopping ♪ Airport Duty Free Shop THE GINZA・ What It's Like to Travel around the Hawaii of Japan, OKINAWA


Many people want to go to a resort
to enjoy Okinawa's blue sky and ocean beach in the summer.
Not only is it known for it's unique culture in Japan,
it's also called the Hawaii of Japan!
Which makes sense why it would be a first choice
for many people to travel to. 

This article is a collection of recommended sightseeing spots in Okinawa,
MUST BUY Okinawan goods, and the Japanese skin product THE GINZA.
Because you can't go to the beach without proper skincare and protection!

#Japan Travel/Shopping ♪ Airport Duty Free Shop THE GINZA・ What It's Like to Travel around the Hawaii of Japan

 What kind of place is Okinawa?

Okinawa  in the southernmost tip of Japan,
with the average annual temperature of 22℃ (71℉),
and is in the subtropical climate volcanic island.

It takes about 2hrs by place from Tokyo to Okinawa,
and a little more than a hour from Taiwan.
Also as many know, there is an American base at Okinawa
making it a popular spot for foreigners. 

Okinawa is also a huge tourist attraction spot for the Japanese!
Traveling to Okinawa allows many to see and experience things
that they might not at their home towns.
It's many Japanese people's first choice
 when thinking about going on a summer vacation!

Now allow us to introduce you to the best parts of Okinawa!


"The MUST KNOW Spots of Okinawa"
🐑 BEST 5 Sightseeing Spots in Okinawa
🐠 BEST 3 Okinawan Cuisine
🐑 Okinawa's BEST 3 Shopping List
🐠 Okinawa Airport Duty Free Shop Recommendation


🐑 BEST 5 Sightseeing Spots in Okinawa 🐑
 πŸ³Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium🐳

Come see the stunning whale sharks,
manta rays, and other tropical fish
swim around in a gigantic tank!

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
is a beautiful sea aquarium on the island of Okinawa,
that has a total of 77 water tanks on display!
The main tank actually won a spot in the Guinness Book of Records
for being the world's largest acrylic panel.
Recommended for first time visitors to Okinawa!

πŸ™Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
+ Hours: March-September 8:30am ~ 8pm
              October-February 8:30am ~ 6:30pm
+ Admission Fee: Adults 1,850 yen, High school 1,230yen,
                          Jr high/Elementary 610yen, Children under 6 Free

 πŸ˜Cape Manzamo🐘

It looks like the profile of an Elephant!
A uniquely shaped Ryukyu limestone cliff,
with lots of natural greenery and uplifted coral reefs around.
Cape Manzamo gives an outstanding view of the surrounding area.
Cape Manzamon is THE SPOT for viewing Okinawa's beautiful sunsetπŸŒ…

🏊Okinawa Marine Support Tide🏊

Okinawa Marine Support Tide is Okinawa's most popular diving resort,
and it goes in the mysterious blue cave. 

There have all kinds of diving and snorkeling tours to choose from.
Some even allow you to interact with a whale shark!!!

☆Okinawa Marine Support Tide
x Transportation: 60mins by car from Naha Airport
x Time: 8am ~ 10pm
x Tel: 098-958-2646
*booking method: ask that you reserve at the 3 days in advanced
by either email or phone (※English is ok!)
Reservation Number: +81-80-2730-7076 

 Kouri Island

You get to the island by crossing the longest bridge in Okinawa.
While crossing the bridge,
you can see the brilliant blue hues of the water surrounding the island
which is truly a spectacular view on a sunny day.
Once you get to Kouri Island, expect to see some BEAUTIFUL nature!

 πŸŒ³Fukugi Trees🌳

Located on the beach next, is the famous photography spot
where walkways are laced with tall Fukugi trees.
The trees are super tall and strong,
which is great for going up against the typhoons.

🐠 BEST 3 Okinawan Cuisine 🐠
 From left to right: Taco rice→ seagrapes (umi budou)→rushed buckwheat noodles

① Taco rice is a combination of the
American favorite Mexican dish, barbecue meat,
and rice food. The US Military often eat it!

② They look and feel like grapes,
 but they're actually a type of seaweed!
You've got to try some!

③ Okinawa soba is special and particular to Okinawa!

🐑 Okinawa's BEST 3 Shopping List 🐑
 From left to right:
lion sculptures→ purple sweet potato→ Okinawan (Ryukyu) glass

🐠 Okinawa Airport Duty Free Shop Recommendation πŸ 

If you go to Okinawa,
you've gotta stop by the airport duty free shops
before you leave!

Go towards 43A, 43B gates
And you'll see you recommended beauty cosmetics,

THE GINZA is a part of the world wide loved beauty brand,

★Shiseido Naha Airport Shop
◎Location: International Terminal 2F
◎TEL: 098-851-5320
◎Business Hours: 8:30am ~ 8:50pm

-Concentrating on Different Skincare Concerns-

THE GINZA is a fabulous beauty line
that focuses on every possible skin concern that one might have.
Cleansing, dry or dull skin, etc. 

Basic Care Items (5 items)
(Photo source: THE GINZA official site)

➤ Deep Cleansing Oil
Removes makeup including the presence of harmful substances. 
➤ Creamy Cleansing Foam
removes harmful substances in the air that become clogged in the skin texture.
➤ Energizing Lotion
 high performance lotion that instantly and deeply moisturizes the skin.
➤ Hybrid Day Protector SPF30
Protects the skin by shielding it from harmful factors such as UV rays and dryness.

➤ Moisturizing Emulsion
 Keeps the skin fine and moisturized.

Special Care Items (6 items)
(Photo source: THE GINZA official site)

➤ Clarifying Lotion
 Exfoliates old surface cells causing dullness.
➤ Lift Conditioner
Maintains the skinΚΌs firmness and resilience
➤ Eye Revitalizer
Formulated with a Retinol Derivative for the delicate skin around the eyes.
➤ Empowerizer
A cream with great skincare benefits
that maximizes the skinΚΌs condition and functions.
➤ Hybrid Gel Oil
A gel oil serum that creates healthy looking skin
➤ Moisturizing Mask
Mask helps make skin resistant to problems

Treatment Care Item
(Photo source: THE GINZA official site)

Essence Powering
SPF25 - PF+++ 
For morning and evening use to make skin feel regenerated.

Makeup Cotton
(Photo source: THE GINZA official site)
➤Superior Cotton (Pink)
A cotton pad made of only premium natural materials.
➤Refining Cotton (White)
A cotton pad for Clarifying Lotion.
Contains a blend of silk to gently exfoliate old surface cells.

-Must Buy Goods-

①Moisturizing Mask 

All it takes is 10mins to be applied
and you can feel the different of moisture in your skin!

In the Shiseido Naha Airport shop,
you are able to test a small cut out on your hand.
You won't believe the transformation!!

What we love about this moisturizing face pack
is that you can really feel the difference
and you can get a sense your skin is soaking up the moisture
while the pack is applied!
Plus it's always fun to pretend you're leatherface haha
Moisturizing Mask  27mL×6 masks  18,000 Yen (Excluding tax)

② Hybrid Gel Oil

This gel oil is used to create and maintain healthy looking skin!

Another thing we love about the Hybrid Gel Oil,
is that it can be used as massage oil!!
Talk about a win-win!

Hybrid Gel Oil
  25,000 Yen (Excluding tax)

πŸ•ΆTaking care of your skin in Okinawa🌞

Don't let the sun and UV rays not only ruin your skin,
but your great vacation!

Sunscreen is an essential!
But it is also essential to pamper your skin too!
You can do that with THE GINZA
after a long day while you can relax in your room!

Okinawa Essential Travel Shopping List

As much fun and relaxing vacations are,
traveling still takes a tole on your skin. 

So we recommend you topping your vacation off with THE GINZA,
leaving all exhaustion and troubles in the dust. 
So once you return back to the office,
everyone will be in aw of how great you look!

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