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#Sendai Japan Travel ♪ Recommended Cheap Sendai Accommodation - A Fun Experience at VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori!

#Sendai Japan Travel ♪
Recommended Cheap Sendai Accommodation - A Fun Experience at VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai!

I'm sure we all remember the tragedy that hit Japan six years ago.
At that time Sendai was one of the places seriously affected 
by the earthquake and tsunami.
Now, six years later, they are telling their story. 
They are passing on their stories and making sure they are heard, 
isn't forgotten, and that others take a lesson from it. 
So to help keep the memory and everyone's stories alive, 
the Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center was created. 

Since we were in Sendai, 
we made a point to go to the memorial center.

People waiting to be rescued on the roof of an elementary school

This an actual shot taken in Sendai from the 3/11 East Japan earthquake.
Even 6 years after, this image is still heartbreaking.

Sendai was hit pretty hard by the tsunami. 
Phone lines cut, piping gone, and people forced out of their homes
to seek shelter at the rooftops of tall buildings like schools. 

Looking at the pictures, it reminded some of us of the
aftermath photos from Hurricane Katrina.

The Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center 
wasn't the only interesting thing we saw in Sendai!
We also want to tell you about a peculiar yet inventive hotel!

Head Northeast by the Hayabusa Bullet Train

Each Japanese bullet train, or shinkansen, has a name. 
The green bullet train is called, Hayabusa, 
meaning "falcon" in Japanese.

Hayabusa runs from Tokyo to Hokkaido
going 200mph (320km/h)!!!!
You don't realize it's going that fast until
you try standing up in the train haha 

From Tokyo Station, you can get to Sendai around an hour and a half.
Not too shabby if you as us!

Probably the best ways getting around in Sendai are by:
Purchase the "Sendai Marugoto Pass",where you get unlimited travel rides for 2 day
 Taking Sendai's sightseeing bus, "Loople Sendai"

You can get the Sendai Marugoto 2 Day Pass here

This is the Loople Sendai~
The Loople Sendai takes you all around the main sightseeing spots
throughout the center of Sendai.
The Loople Sendai tickets are also sold near the station.

This time though, us at JAPANKURU rented a car from NISSAN.
 If you don't have an international drivers license, 
you can learn about it here → US Embassy & Consulates in Japan

★Nissan Car Rental Sendai Station East Exit 
Business hours: 7am~10pm
Phone number: 022-257-4123


The Most Inventive Hotel You've Ever Seen,

VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori is Miyagi Prefecture, 
and is about a 40min drive from Sendai.

There's a very big parking lot
and from far away the building looks like they're storage garages.

Up close, they don't look that much different. 
It's still really intriguing.

VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori is the first
to design a hotel to be this way.
Which makes sense because we don't see 
these sorts of hotels all over. 

The design isn't the only cool thing about it though.
It only gets better when you learn about the  functionality 
and how things are managed. 

What's It's Story?

After the earthquake and tsunami destroyed 
peoples homes and other buildings, 
Value the Hotel Sendai was used as shelter for the victims.

They assemble the hotel by using a massive crain!
We couldn't believe what we were seeing!

VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori was honored the Good Design Award in 2013.
The Good Design Award is given to infrastructures that have good designs with the aims to enrich our lives, industries, and society as a whole.

You can see the award in the office next to their cute character!

You will also see a big picture with a sign that says ganbarou touhoku
("good luck, keep fighting Tohoku region") on top.
In the middle of the picture has the kanji character that means "bond",
and has peoples names and messages written all around it.

★VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori 
Sengarita-555-1 Kamiyouden, Natori, Miyagi Prefecture 981-1222
Value the Hotel Sendai Natori (English)
Check-in time: 3pm
Check-out: next day 10am

Google Maps
Make reservations here!


Staying in Sendai
VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori 

We were greeted with open arms and smiles!
Traditional Japanese omotenashi, hospitality!

Rooms at VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori

{Single Room}
Most of the rooms are single rooms.
The rooms are a bit bigger than 127ft2 (11.8m2)
and the beds around the size of a twin (43inx78in/110cmx200cm) .
Surprisingly bigger than we expected! 

There's even room under the beds
for you to store you luggage!
A really nice feature for a room that's compact!

{Double Room}
The rooms in the double rooms are the same size as the single.
However the beds as you would imagine are a bit bigger.62inx71in (160cmx180cm)

The rooms include shampoo, conditioner, and body wash,
along with a fridge and kettle. 

{Ladies Room}
The rooms and beds are the same size as the single rooms.
However what makes it different is the ladies rooms
✨have special utilities to pamper any girls needs✨

Like a magnifying mirror and a glasses stand, 

skin care products and a nail dryer if you decide to paint your nail 

Even humidifiers   

and a neck massager.  

All of these things are available for free!!!

Concept Room
In the concept room, you will see lots of posters with autographs and cds!
Like from a famous band in Japan that's from Sendai, MONKEY MAJIK!

What About the Food?

Breakfast is included and is from 6am~9am.
Dinner is also an option, however it costs separately and you need to notify the staff when you check in.

๐ŸŒœDinner time is from 6pm~9pm

What's great about their breakfast is that there is food for
a Western style of breakfast, or a more typical Japanese one. 

Other Perks to Staying at the Hotel 

1. Necessities for cheap if not free!

You can get razors, brushes, and toothbrushes and toothpaste for free,
and if you want anything else like an eye mask to kick up the notch in relaxing,
you can get those things at the front desk for very cheap!

2. Check your health
There's a relaxation area on 1F
where you can just sit back and enjoy a massage.

Not to mention a health management area 
that's available 24hr in the lounge of the hotel.

3. Other necessities~ 

It's 200yen to use the washer, 100yen for the dryer (for 30mins).
Dry cleaning is also offered at the front desk.
The vending machines are on the 1F & 2F,
and have drinks, cup ramen, snacks, and alcohol

Of course though, free coffee and tea is available in the lobby.


Now that we introduced the hotel,
we want to tell you some of the cool sights around the Sendai area

Traveling Around Sendai
Top 3 Recommendations✨ 

Miyagi Zao Fox Village
The Miyagi Zao Fox Village in Miyagi Prefecture
has more than 100 adorable foxes that look like they're smiling at you!!
By far the cutest place ON EARTH!!!
We went during the summer,

but we're sure the winter is SO beautiful

You can get to the Miyagi Zao Fox Village
from either Shiroishi Station or Shiroishizao Station.
We think Shiroishizao Station is best because it only takes 20mins by taxi
and of course is less hassle. 

We want to also recommend you wear good shoes!
Hiking shoes are best if you have them.
Even in the summer there is a good amount of snow,
not to mention poo. 

★Miyagi Zao Fox Village
Access:From Shiroishi Station~ Take the Castle Kun Bus that goes to Kawarago Dam every Tuesday and Friday.
The first bus leaves Shiroishi Station at 7:58, and arrives at the Kawarago Dam at 8:55.
The second bus is from 1:35pm.
Ask the bus driver to stop in front of Zao Kitsune Mura (fox town).

From Shiroishizao Station~ take a taxi (about 20mins)
Hours: 9am~4pm
Entrance fee: 1000yen (you can feed the foxes, food is 100yen/bag)


Okama - Crater Lake
Miyagi Prefecture's best spot!!
This lake was named Okama after a Japanese traditional cooking pot (kama) because of its shape.
The emerald green color is loved by all,
but what's also special is that it changes colors according to the sunlight
Okama crater lake is A MUST GO TO SPOT IN MIYAGI!

Where: Inside Zao National Park, Zao-machi, Miyagi
Access: Best way is by bus
๐ŸšŒ*Bus timetable*๐ŸšŒ 

Hours: 8am~5pm


Matsushima is mostly famous for its bay, Matsushima Bay.
It is known as one of the Three Views of Japan (ๆ—ฅๆœฌไธ‰ๆ™ฏ Nihon Sankei), which is said to be Japan's three most celebrated scenic sights.
(the other two are 
Amanohashidate in Kyoto and Itsukushima in Miyajima)

Matsushima has many famous hot springs,
great local food, and some of the most famous Zen temples in the Tohoku Region. 


Recommended Local Miyagi Food!
We can't tell you all these recommended spots and sights in and around Sendai
and not mention some of Sendai's most famous food!

Two of the things Sendai is MOST known for is cow tongue (็‰›ใ‚ฟใƒณ gyutan)
and Sasa-Kamaboko.
Cow tongue, well, is self explanatory,
but sasa-kamaboko is minced flounder
that is in the shape of bamboo leaves,
and baked.
Recommended to all those fish lovers out there๐Ÿ ๐Ÿด


A Representative City of Northeastern Japan

Sendai contains a lot of history as well. 
During the Edo period, Sendai was under control by the daimyo Date Masamune and his clan under the Battle of Sekigahara.
So it isn't uncommon to see Date Masamune and
many shogunate are also symbols of Sendai.

We know when people plan on visiting Japan,
their main "go to spots" are always
Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Okinawa.
So we wanted to shed some light on Japans more eastern areas too!

We love Sendai and think you will too (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
Now that you know some of the great things
that are in the Tohoku area,
all you've gotta do is go there! 

And when you do visit,
why not get an experience you can't in any other city or area in Japan,
and stay at VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori!?

★VALUE THE HOTEL Sendai Natori 
Sengarita-555-1 Kamiyouden, Natori, Miyagi Prefecture 981-1222

Check-in time: 3pm
Check-out: next day 10am

To learn about another beautiful spot in Tohoku,
click below!

Tohoku adventure

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