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#Trip to Okinawa/Shopping in Okinawa ♪ Shop at Okinawa's Largest Shopping Mall ~ Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom! Okinawa Travel!

🏖 AEON Mall on a large scale - Okinawa Rycom 🏖

#Trip to Okinawa/Shopping in Okinawa ♪ Shop at Okinawa's Largest Shopping Mall "Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom"

Shopping in Okinawa!

The Hawaii of Asia! Hawaii in Japan! Emerald green light Okinawa of the sea is a place to be excited at any time !!! (Photo: Kouri Ohashi Bridge)

Ahhh summer, the perfect time to travel!
Get a long holiday, go some place where the weather is nice,
and take a load off!
Where do most people end up going?
Japanese and foreigners alike love going to Okinawa!
Okinawa is still relatively an exotic place,
so you don't have to go far or pay too much
to get that tropical experience.
So before saying bye-bye to summer,
˖°we took a trip to Okinawa°˖

Every year, especially when summer is in full swing,
Okinawa's water sports and activities become THE THING to do!
There's more to Okinawa than just awesome beaches and waters though.
Okinawa offers a variety of experiences, food, and shopping!

Okinawa, based on its geographical features,
gets surprisingly hot and humid!
But for that reason, the buildings are protected and built
for such temperatures dues to frequent thyphoons.


Where to shop though?

You can enjoy shopping at Okinawa's AEON Mall Rycom too! 

Where's the best place to shop?
Okinawa has a lot of outside strip malls that are really fun to explore,
 but where do you shop in Okinawa if you want to get away from that heat?!

Okinawa has the image of being a resort,
so you can't go back empty-handed!

This article will tell you about THE BEST shopping facility in Okinawa
that will take care of all your shopping needs.


✦~ AEON Mall, Okinawa Rycom ~

AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom outside view

The shopping facility of Okinawa we want to introduce today is the
AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom!

AEON is a large shopping center company in Japan. 
If you have been traveling in Japan, you should have heard it once.

Inside AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom 

AEON Okinawa Rycom says that about 13 million people visited last year,
20% of which are domestic and foreign tourists from outside of Okinawa.

There are just over 200 shops at AEON Okinawa Rycom,
including clothing, souvenirs, travel agencies, and restaurant hospitals,
 in a 5-story building.
It is the hottest shopping facility in Okinawa today,
holding various events for 365 days a year.

★AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom (イオンモール沖縄ライカム)
- Address: Block 4, Kitanakagusuku Awase Land Planning and Consolidation Business Area, 
Kitanakagusuku, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan- Google Maps Link
- Busidess hours: 10-8pm
(Shops hours varries).
- Okinawa Rycom Official HP (English)


AEON's Okinawa Rycom's "3 Appealing Points"

1. Large Water Tank 

As soon as we entered the building, 
the large tank in the middle of the lobby immediately attracted our attention!

It's an awesome place to take the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fish
 in a giant tank while setting the mood!

In the aquarium,
there are over 1,000 fish around the Okinawa islands,
and where did all these rare fish come from?

Later, when we asked the person in charge,
he said that he brought it from Churaumi Aquarium!

Above is a picture we took at the Churaumi Aquarium!
The Churaumi Aquarium,
famously known as the place where you can see the super large whale sharks!
 It is also a tourist spot that represents Okinawa,
so thanks to their cooperation,
an aquarium was set up in the Rycom shopping mall.

2. Sky Diner 
You can enjoy Okinawa's emerald green sea from the rooftop observatory of the shopping mall!

On the 5th floor of the building is called the 'Sky Diner',
and as you might imagine based on 'diner', has a lot of restaurants.
What's appealing to the Sky Diner is that you get a beautiful view of Okinawa
 because it's an open roof structure!

Location wise, it's close to the sea,
so if the weather is good,
you can see Okinawa's blue sea and clear sky at once!
It's a perfect spot to get great pictures📸

An outdoor stage facility (left) and kids zone (right)
There's a small outdoor stage facility and a kids zone.

3. Spacious Seating Areas

Something really rare to a lot of Japanese shopping areas
is an areas you can rest that has comfortable chairs!
Look how spacious it is!
We were very impressed.


Noteworthy BEST 6 Stores

This time we visited a few stores
that we would like to share with everyone~

1. T-SHIRT-YA.COM (3rd floor)

The Okinawa version of the Hawaiian shirt!

Okinawa is known as the "Hawaii of Japan",
so it only makes sense there'd be Okinawan tropical shirts!! haha

While in the store,
we found a lot of unique design shirts.
Here you can really get into the Okinawan mood and mindset.

Theres even the bitter vegetable native to Okinawa, goya.
There are also humorous T-SHIRTS for children and adults!

*T-SHIRT-YA.COM (3rd floor)
Hours: 10am ~ 10pm

(3rd floor)

On the same floor,
there are shops that skincare lovers can't pass up!
ALBION Dresser is a specialty store of cosmetics and miscellaneous goods,
which was selected by the famous cosmetics brand ALBION in Japan.

We are very familiar with the ALBION cosmetics,
so we were stoked to find out that the AEON MALL Okinawa set up a shop! 

ALBION DRESSER (3rd floor)
Hours: 10am ~ 10pm
Official Website (Japanese)

(4th floor)

Picture credit to Pokemon site

!!!BIG NEWS!!!
AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom just opened a Pokemon Store in July!!!
It's a dream come true for many people in Okinawa.
Be sure to stop by here to catch some more friends!

Pokemon Store (4th floor)
Hours: 10am ~ 10pm

4. Ametsuchi Terrace (Earth Hammock Cafe)
(2nd floor)

If you want to relaxation to the next level,
experience the charm of hammocks!
If you have some time in the afternoon,
it's recommended that everyone visits here.
It's because in the afternoon
you'll be protected from the sun in the hammock area,
so you can still enjoy Okinawa's beautiful sunny day and not get toasted!

The popular menu here is "Malasada Donuts" using Okinawan sugar.
There also is an Okinawan pineapple drink that's called Tropical Soda.
It was awesome having something sweet and refreshing to relax
before going back shopping~

Inside from the terrace.

If the hammock isn't your thing, 
we recommend the interior space decorated in charming style!
Store space is very colorful and lovely, careful observation, everywhere are ingenuity furnishings!

*Ametsuchi Terrace (Earth Hammock Cafe) (2nd floor)
Hours: 10am ~ 10pm
☎ 098-930-7805 (Reservations accepted)

5. (美ら音.net) Churaon.net Souvenir
(2nd floor)

When traveling abroad,
it's inevitable that you have to buy something to bring back with you.
But at the markets and strip malls here in Okinawa are way over crowded
making shopping stressful and complicated.

Which is why Churaon.net Souvenir is the best place to get Okinawa souvenirs!
  Not only is it less stressful that the regular markets,
 you get away from the heat!

Okinawa goods like traditional Okinawa sake, food, statues, dolls, and more!

Okinawa pineapple juice is a popular souvenir of Okinawa,
and so is it's a purple sweet potato tart.
To! Die! For!

Since the shop is within AEON,
the store's prices are consistent and well priced!
If you go to the outside markets,
you've gotta go searching for the best price!
Not here!

Recommended Okinawa Souvenirs: 
 Cute lions

Get Okinawa's special and delicious liquor, Awamori! 

  Ryukyu glass

*Churaon.net Souvenir (2nd floor)
Hours: 10am ~ 10pm

6. Mugitoro Umimonogatari 
(麦とろ海物語) (5th floor)

So what kind of a restaurant is Mugitoro Umimonogatari?
What's on the menu?

There are 22 kinds of nutritious ingredients.
To go with these "22 kinds of" specialty point,
there's a variety of side dishes,
as well as miso soup and the most famous grated yams (toro)!

Pour the yams on top of the rice, and eat. 
The yams and rice both contains wheat, 
which is great for those who are health conscious. 

Look how healthy and yummy this looks!

This restaurant is very interesting,  
it's easy to bet that Okinawan people are super healthy!

*Mugitoro Umimonogatari (麦とろ海物語) (2nd floor)
Hours: lunch 11am ~ 3:30pm/ dinner 5pm ~ 11pm
☎ 098-923-5756 (Reservations accepted)
Foreign language menus available!


Okinawa AEON Mall Tip

If you go to Rycom, there is one thing you have to remember!!!
Your first stop should be the Tourist Information Center!
Here you can get tourist information about Okinawa,
but you can also get something MUCH more special.

ONLY foreign tourists get special benefits!
What do we mean by special?

Well, if you show your passport at the information counter,
 you get a discount coupon book that can be used at each store
within the mall. 

Just in front of the tourist information counter
is a currency exchange counter.

Most stores accept credit cards, 
but if you need additional currency, you can get it here!


Naha Airport Pickup Shuttle Bus

If you have spent more than 5,000 yen at Rycom
you get a free bus ride to Naha Airport!
All you have to do is show the people 
at the Tourist Information Counter your receipt! 

AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom ⇔ Naha Airport 
buses operate on weekdays and weekends six times a day.
It takes about 50-60 minutes to Naha Airport and
 the fare is WAY cheaper than taking any other means of transportation.

Before returning home, 
we went here for a last shopping trip then took the bus to the airport.
It was such really great and we recommend others doing the same!

Time table:
- Naha Airport⇒ AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom
9:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 18:30 20:00

- AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom⇒Naha Airport
11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 18:30 20:00 21:30

★Click here for more information★


★AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom (イオンモール沖縄ライカム)
- Address: Block 4, Kitanakagusuku Awase Land Planning and Consolidation Business Area, 
Kitanakagusuku, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Google Maps Link
- Busidess hours: 10-8pm
(Shops hours varies).
- Okinawa Rycom Official HP (English)

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