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πŸ’–CANMAKE Popular Lip ItemsπŸ’–

I got three very popular lip items 
from Japan's popular makeup line,

For those who don't know CANMAKE,
it's a Japanese makeup brand 

that is popular and sold throughout the world!

Their main appeal is working with girls/women's natural beauty
for a reasonable and fair price. 

There are a lot of different natural enhancement shades
which allows you to play around but not have your look be too harsh.

I'm all about natural beauty! 
So I wanted to share with you how they look
and my take on them from a Westerns point of view~

I used (from left to right)
Lip Tint Jam in Cherry Jam (#01)
Stay-on Balm Rouge in Flowery Princess (#10)
Stay-on Balm Rouge in Flowing Cherry Petal(#05)
CANMAKE Cream Cheek in Clear Red Heart (#CL01)

(from left to right)
Lip Tint Jam, Stay-on Balm #5, Stay-on Balm #10

Let's take a look at them
and what my person opinion of their pros and cons.


 Lip Tint Jam
A clear lip stain that stays on even after eating!

The Lip Tint Jam was surprisingly liquidy...
like, very surprisingly.
I know some of the tint goes past my lip line.
I did that to give you an idea of how watery it is.

Not sticky! 
Based on the the looks of the container and everything, 
I was expecting it to be really sticky like most lip gloss.  
The applicator glided nicely with the curve of my lips.

It makes my lips/mouth look like I'm a kid who just drank kool-aid
For those who don't know what I mean, google "kool-aid mouth",

and you'll see what I mean.
 It also made my lips feel weird,
like the tint contains something to make my lips more luscious...
but different from the tingling sensation I'm used to.

 ② Stay-on Balm Rouge 
in Flowery Princess (#10)
Contains super rich oils that leaves your lips feeling like silk!
Also protects your lovely lips from UV



Great moisture. 
Good for those who like the natural look
but want to some color! 

Easy to apply.

Shear color.
I personally wish the color was a bit more strong and obvious.
It's all about personal preference.   

 ③ Stay-on Balm Rouge 
in Flowing Cherry Petal (#5)
(same as above, just different color)


Super smooth!
I really like the color. 
It still makes my lips look natural
as if I'm not wearing anything.
I also love how it makes my lips feel super soft
and moisturized.

 ④ Cream Cheek/Lip & Cheek Gel
A melting formula that dries after application to protect from smearing

So first I want to say, 
it says "Cream Cheek", but on the back, 
it says "cheek & lip color".
So, I went ahead and gave it a shot. 
But then when I looked at CANMAKE's website,
it said only cheek...
so I don't know. 
There is a cheek and lip gel one, 
which looks like this.
Contains lots of crucial beauty moisturizing and natural agents

here's what a swipe of the CANMAKE Cheek Cream 
looks like on my skin

πŸ’‹Then on my lipsπŸ’‹
It's difficult to rate the Cream Cheek
because I'm not really sure if this is for your lips too or not....

The texture is really nice. 
It does melt well with your natural body temperature. 
You also can control how vivid you want the color
by the amount of cream you apply.

It's not really a con, 
I would just recommend those who use this type of cream
to apply with a lipstick brush!
MUCH easier for application control and preciseness.


What's my over all opinion?
Well, as a Westerner,
if I'm going to wear any sort of lip color,
I want it to be obvious that I'm wearing something. 
I don't want it to be a question
if I'm wearing anything. 

That being said, 
I feel out of the four the one I like best 
is the Stay-On Balm Rouge in Flowing Cherry Petal (#5).
On the days I just want a simple, pale lip,
the Stay-On Balm Rouge is perfect. 
Plus, it contains UV protection and moisture
for lips. 
So it works great as a natural lip balm/chapstick.

The great thing about all of these lip balms/glosses/tints,
is that they're all easy to wipe off if you make a mistake
or change your mind about the color!

CANMAKE is a nice and reasonable makeup line, 
and perfect for those who like to play around!
I'm really glad I got to try out these four items,

it gave me a chance to get an idea of what sort of beauty trends
are here in Japan!

Do you have a favorite type or brand of lip balm/tint/color?
We'd love to hear about it!

πŸŽ€CANMAKE Offical Site (English)πŸŽ€
 πŸŽ€CANMAKE Offical Site (Japanese)πŸŽ€ 

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