Monday, August 14, 2017

*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* One of the Biggest Festivals (Matsuri) in Tokyo★ EXCITING Japanese Portable Shrine Festival - Hachioji Festival

A Japanese Summer Festival/Matsuri 
That You CAN'T Miss Out On!

Before the end of the summer,
we went to one last Japanese festival or matsuri!

We decided we wanted to close 2017 summer with the
Hachioji Festival (八王子祭り)

 I'll tell you all about Hachioji Festival
and what we found cool about it!


 First things first, 

How to get to Hachioji 

 From either Tokyo or Shinjuku Station
it's a straightforward t shot to Hachioji on the Chuo Line! 
If you get on from Shinjuku, 
take the train towards Tachikawa. 
If you get on the Limited Express train, it's about 38mins from Shinjuku.
While the regular rapid train on the Chuo Line is 48mins.

Once you arrive at Hachioji Station, 
go out the North Exit 
and follow the sound of the Japanese flutes and taiko drums!

Less than a five minute walk from the station, 
we saw what could be compared to as a float.
On each one there were a performer and a small traditional band.


One of the performers had a mask of a woman.

The other, what looked like a weirdly happy man. 

The festival includes your regular food, drink, and game stands
but what is the main attraction of the Hachioji Festival
is it's large number of portable shrines (or like floats)
that are carried alone the main street of the north side of Hachioji!!

The omikoshi (portable shrines or floats) eventually pass each other 
and it's pretty funny because once they do, 
the people playing the Japanese flutes and taiko drums 
tried to throw those on the other shrine off!

Aside from the portable shrines,
there are separate stands performances.

Like geisha

They apparently came from Kyoto
JUST to be a part of Hachioji Festival!

And also a lion dance! 

Look!! There's even a lil baby lion!!!
It was the first time we've ever seen a pair🦁😻🦁

It would even try to help bite the kid's heads!

 So the Japanese lion dance was of course taken from China.
Like in China, the lion dance is often seen during New Years celebrations
to drive away evil spirits. 
But it's also performed a lot at festivals. 

Often during the dance, 
the lion will bite people (mostly babies) on the head
which is supposed to bring good luck.

Do the kids like it tho.....?, not very much.

Depending on the day (Fri, Sat, or Sun)
you will see different performances. 

The main attractions though, 
are still the portable shrines!
They were our favorite!!!

If you look closely enough,
this guy has nose hair
 What is it with Japanese people and nose hair?

🐔Is that a giant chicken?🐔


Hachioji Festival was the PERFECT festival
to end the summer. 

There are still a few more left this year though, 
including Japan's firework displays!

Even though Hachioji Festival is already over this year,
it'll be back again next year!
And the year after that!!
So if you're ever in the Tokyo area
during the first weekend of August, 


There's loads of people, 
loads of cool things to experience and see that's traditional to Japan,
and of course, 
loads of great food!

★Hachioji Festival (八王子祭り; Hachioji Matsuri)
📅 First weekend of August (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
🖥 Hachioji Matsuri Offical Website (JAPANESE)

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