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*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* Tokyo Temple ⛩ Visit Tokyo's Second Oldest Temple in Chofu, Jindaiji Temple

Visit Tokyo's Second Oldest Temple!!

Jindaiji Temple (深大寺)

⛩ Tokyo Temple ⛩ 

Visit Tokyo's Second Oldest Temple

⁂Jindaiji Temple⁂

When people talk about Tokyo,
it's normally places like Shibuya, Ginza, and Roppongi.
Then when people talk about temples or shrines,
you hear temples like Asakusa Sensoji, Yasukuni Shrine, and Meiji Shrine.
What about Chofu? What about Jindaiji?
Not many people know about Jindaiji Temple,
which is a shame because it's a beautiful and calm area of Tokyo. 

Jindaiji Temple is the second oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo
(the first being Sensoji Temple in Asakusa).

It is surrounded with lots of trees and parks,
making it a popular spot for when the seasons change. 

The atmosphere around Jindaiji is very lovely,
quiet, and welcoming.
It's great for those that want to go to a historically old temple
but get away from the huge crowd that you'd see at Sensoji in Asakusa.


There's so much more to do than see one of Japan's oldest temples!!
So I want to tell you 3 of our other favorite things to do
around Jindaiji Temple

●~Things around Jindaiji Temple~●

Painting Pottery 

Before going up the stairs towards Jindaiji Temple,
go right at you'll see a baking pottery shop.

There you can choose tableware and paint it however you'd like!

The shop provides everything, so once you're done,
give it to one of the staff and they'll heat it for you.

Since we were there for Gegege no Kitaro,
I made a yokai theme rice bowl!

Famous are for Soba!

Jindaiji is SUPER famous for it's soba (buckwheat noodle).
It's said that the Jindaiji area couldn't grow rice well but they had all this land
and clean water, so the towns people became in trouble not knowing what
they could to do survive.
They eventually found out that buckwheat grows really well in the area,
and for over 300 years has been Jindaiji's main food source. 

In the early winter, Jindaiji also has a soba festival
allowing you to go around the different soba shops in the area
and try their soba!!!

Jindaiji has more than just soba noodles.
They have snacks that's made with soba (buckwheat) powder!!
Like their soba manjyu.
Which is just like sandwiches with soft soba bread. 
There are different fillings like red sweet bean, vegetables,
fruit, and more.
We promise you, it's so good!
We've never tasted anything like it before!!

🌼Jindaiji Botanical Garden🌻

The Jindaiji Botanical Garden is on top of a hill behind Jindaiji Temple.

Jindaiji Botanical Garden opened in 1961 and is famous for it's roses. 
Every year there is a Jindaiji Botanical Rose Festival
and many people come to attend, take pictures, and have picnics.

🌲🌳There are over 1,000 beautiful tress and plants in the area🌳🌲

Jindaiji Botanical Garden
Business hours: 9:30am~5pm
Closed on National Holidays 
Entrance fee: 500yen
age 65+: 250yen
Middle school: 200yen
Elementary school and below: free


For being a place with such history and things to do and see,
not many people know about Jindaiji in Chofu.
So now that you do,
why not go there and check it out for yourself!

★Jindaiji Temple (深大寺)
 5 Chome-15-1 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0017
** Jindaiji Temple Official Site **
From Mitaka Station South Exit,
get on the #65 bus towards Jindaiji (深大寺)
22 minute ride, ¥220

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