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#Beauty°★Get Japan's Luxurious Skincare Beauty Set★° Ultimate Face and Body Care from THE GINZA Limited Edition Hybrid Gel Oil Set

Self Skincare Tips with Japan's Finest Skincare Brand
●Amazing Lymph Facial Massage for Beauty and Health●


Get Japan's Luxurious Skincare Beauty Set!

Ultimate Face and Body Care from 

°THE GINZA Limited Edition Hybrid Gel Oil Set°

Seasons are changing which means your skin is too.
How do you manage it?

With the work of a sophisticated fashion store and
Shiseido science and technology, 
THE GINZA cosmetics was born.
THE GINZA is a renounced Japanese cosmetics brand
that focuses on skincare solution for all skin types!

In previous postings, 
JAPANKURU introduced the external factors 
THE GINZA can do for your skin.
This time howeve, 
we wanted to take a moment to learn about
 how to deal with the internal risk factors that threaten your skin
and how to treat them.


The word "detox" is more and more becoming best friends
with body and skin care. 

Detox tea, detox diet, detox foods, detox cleanses...

What about massages though?
We all love massages,
but are there detox or cleansing massages?

Well, there are!
And what's great is cleansing massages
don't require you to go without eating for long hours
or forcing yourself to drink bitter drinks.

You instantly feel better and refreshed!

There's one we like the most
since it does so much for the body inside and out
is the 
lymphatic facial massage.

What are the advantagesof doing a lymphatic facial massage?

◇ Improves your immune system
- h
elps removes toxins to keep cells healthy
■ Helps reduce swelling
◇ Regenerating skin, tissues, and nerves
- which promotes an ageless appearance
*GREAT for after surgery treatment!
■ Of course, ultimate relaxation
*even said to help with breastfeeding issues!


Lymphatic Health Self Diagnosis Check

When should you do the massage?
If any of these apply to you, you could benefit:

☑ Face swells frequently (water retention).
☑ Have a pillow mark(s) on my face.
☑ Dark circles stand out.
☑ Poor complexion.
☑ Skin troubles such as acne.
☑ Body is heavy and tired.
☑ Your hands and feet are cold and/or stiff.
☑ Mucus from allergies or cold.

Or if you just want to do something nice for yourself

Those who feel or have these symptoms 
may have accumulated a lot of waste in their body!
So getting a massage will help the body remove that waste
which will show amazing results on both skin and your health!!

Using body massage oils helps lubricate the skin
helping you to relax fully...
but which oil is best for facial massages?
No one wants to use just any oil on their face.

That's why we recommend a special oil that
has serum that creates healthy skin from 
It can also be used for massages as well!
So there is nothing but good skincare and body merits!

So we'd like to give you a run down 
on the best way to get the full effect of a lymphatic facial massage
while using 
THE GINZA skincare.


3 Step System for 
Healthy Body and Skin Massage

First it's important to prep your skin


there are all kinds of cleansing foam and cleansing soap,
all very different.

Using soap though isn't very good for skin though.

In general, 
it takes away any moisture from the skin.

THE GINZA Soap that's included in the special limited set 
(from THE GINZA)
 is said to get rid of dead cells, skin,
 and any other fine contaminants on the face.

It includes a moisturizing effect!

The soap produces great foam!
It looks like a cloud
Hard to believe it came from a bar of soap

 protects the skin's moisture layer and simultaneously cleanses the skin.

It is easy to say that make-up cleansing soap combines powerful cleansing power!

Item Introduction
THE GINZA Soap (can be used for face and body)
※This soap is not sold separately
It is only sold in "THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil Set"
which is a special limited set of 
THE GINZA (released from 9/21/2010)


Right after cleansing, moisturizing and an important step for skincare!

To prevent aging skin, 
daily skincare is the most important!

we make a point to use good specialized skincare cosmetics.

THE GINZA skincare items

All of THE GINZA's items are specialized in skincare!

They have a variety of skincare products based on 
skin type, including sensitive, oily, dry, and complex skin.
You can also shop by concerns,
which makes finding what you need easy.



Unbalanced eating habits and stress accumulated in everyday life 
creates waste and toxins in the body.
If these accumulate, 
your face and body will swell well and you will feel tired.

The best way to get rid of the waste generated in the body
 is to flush the toxins by stimulating the lymph nodes via massage.

And you can do that with THE GINZA's Hybrid Gel Oil!
The massage oil will double the effect when you massage!

A simple massage will change your not just how you look
but how you feel too!

THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil Effects!

1. Booster effect
(Strengthening the penetration of good nutrients in skin care products)
2. "Anti-aging massage effect"
(Allowing blood vessels and lymph vessels to cross)
3. "Relax Effect"
(Helping to stabilize the mind and body)

Item Introduction
THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil
Daily care, as well as massage oil gel oil essence.
Both face and body can be used.
100mL / 25,000 yen + tax


Lymphatic Facial Self-Massage
with THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil

Massage points ⓵

First it's good to lightly smooth the gel oil over entire face.
No need to fully rub it into your skin 

since you'll use the access for the massage.
Then start massaging from the cheeks.
Useing your finger tips,
massage outward in a large circular motion

as if lifting the cheeks.

Keep in mind that you don't need to press hard.
Gentle pressure is best.


Massage points ⓶

Massage around the little diamond shaped area of your nose and mouth.
Lift the corners of the mouth with primarily middle and ring fingers
going around to t
he sides of the nostrils.  


Massage points ⓷

Work gently around the eyes in a circular motion, stopping at the temples and gently pressing for 3 secs. 

Also move up in a large circular motion 
from the top of the apples of your cheeks
like you're lifting your forehead.


Massage points ⓸

Get more gel oil and massage along the jawline to improve lymph flow.
Lightly press the back of the ear,
work down the neckline, 

and massage the collarbone towards the center.
Then gently press the center of the collarbone.

Then repeat on the other side!

And that's it!


A Japanese Brand for the Ultimate Skincare

★ Released on September 21, 2017 ★
THE GINZA's skincare
"The Ginza Selection" limited quantity set
THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil Set (Special Treatment)

Limited edition items with excellent cleansing power and moisturizing power "Ginza Soap" and "Hybrid Gel Oil" are bundled in one set,
"Special Treatment Set",
and has been released in limited quantities!

Why not take up this chance
to make your skin more glossy, bright,

 and most importantly healthy?

★ From September 21 10: 00 ~ Limited edition release ★
The Ginza Hybrid Gel Oil Set
(Special treatment)
Price: 25,000 yen + tax
THE GINZA Hydride Gel Oil is the same size as the actual product.
Only one set per person can be purchased.
Since it's quantity-limited, it ends as soon as it disappears.

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