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Japanese Makeup - KATE 🎃Halloween 2017 Season Fad🎃 Get into the Puuurrfect Halloween Mood with KATE's Halloween Makeup Look

<Enjoy Halloween Makeup with KATE>

Japanese Makeup - KATE
 Halloween 2017 Season Fad
An Easy Challenge with KATE's Halloween Makeup
Realistically Cute

Japanese Cosmetics Brand

New Japanese Beauty Trend
- Halloween Makeup 2017 Realistically Cute - 

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that's enjoyed all over America 
on October 31st every year,
where people dress up and decorate everything 
as ghosts and demons. 

various events relating to Halloween have increased
along with people becoming more curious about it
and wanting to dress up!

We want to tell you all the latest Japanese beauty trends
with our one-year collaboration project
 with Japanese cosmetics brand KATE.

In this volume, celebrating it's 5th issue,
we will introduce the Halloween culture in Japan.
At the same time we prepared a makeup tutorial
to show you this years realistically cute look
while continuing the beautiful makeup finish
that KATE is well known for.



- Popular Halloween Costume Trend - 
●Popular Halloween Costume Ranking●

- Halloween Makeup - Realistically Cute -
 ●Cute Cat vs Captivating Witch●
‣ STEP 1: Foundation/Base
‣ STEP 2: Eyebrows
‣ STEP 3: Eyeshadow
‣ STEP 4: Eyeliner
‣ STEP 5: Blush & Contour
‣ STEP 6: Lips

- Halloween Culture in Japan -
Best Spots to Enjoy Halloween
① Shibuya & Harajuku 
② Roppongi


Japan's Latest Beauty Trend Tip
What's a Popular Costume Trend for Halloween? 

all over the world Halloween events have been coming up
so new and inventive costumes have been evolving too!
Zombies, vampires, and other realistic makeup
that could be special effects makeup seen in movies 
is a recent Halloween trend!

So what kind of costume is popular in Japan?
While looking at last years popular costume ranking,
let's take a look at the popular costumes in Japan!


Popular Halloween Costume Ranking
#1 - Mario and Luigi 
The cute Mario and Luigi costume is especially popular among women! (photo source 1 2)
 ➤ Popularity point: The winner of the #1 spot is none other than Japan's
Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi!
They are easily recognizable around the world
 and the transformation is so simple, 
all you need is similar looking costumes!

Popular Halloween Costume Ranking
#2 - Princesses 
Becoming a princess is many girls' eternal aspiration. (photo source) 
➤ Popularity point: Princesses, a symbol of admiration among many girls and women all over the world. 
It's highly familiar and popular,
and there are a lot of different kinds of characters!
So the princess costumes are prepared in a full set
making it simple yet fun to try!!

Popular Halloween Costume Ranking
#3 - Pokemon 
(photo source)

➤ Popularity point: The reason Pokemon costumes are so popular is because no matter who/what you go as, it's adorable♡
Also like Mario and Luigi,
it's so easy to dress up and get into character
for when you go out for Halloween.


What's Your Style?

Halloween welcomes your individuality more than anyone else!
There's many people who want to transform while maintaining a beautiful look.
However, they debate on the concept of the costume
and how they want to achieve that specific look. 

Halloween is a lot of fun 
but for some flashy or extravagant costumes 
can be a bit of a burden. 
So if you're one of those people,
we've prepared a lil something for you!
With some makeup from KATE, 
we'll show you a nice Halloween makeup look
than can be done easily!


Enjoy Halloween Makeup with KATE
Halloween Makeup - Realistically Cute
 The makeup look we're attempting this time~
When you mention "Halloween", 
these two styles are unbeatable!

STYLE 1 - Cute Cat Makeup
STYLE 2 - Captivating Witch  

This years Halloween makeup trend!
Let's go!

 STEP 1: Foundation/Base
Presenting clear skin with a light texture with foundation that spreads easily on the skin.    
For the base foundation, 
the cat and witch looks are the same so we'll explain it together as one!

First thing you do use the base and foundation to create skin tone
covering any imperfections.
We'll talk about highlighting and contouring the face,
but basically this 1st step is the same as an everyday makeup look.

Base & Foundation
Skin Tone, Covering Imperfections
Prep the skin with the base, and finish with foundation.
Prep the skin using KATE's Secret Skin CC Base Zero/EX-2 lighting color base.
The lighting helps reduce any redness of the skin
leaving an even skin tone to work with.
For the foundation,
we used Secret Skin Maker Zero (liquid).
It's a pretty high coverage foundation,
but doesn't leave a thick coating feeling!
It leaves a very light sense on the skin.

★Items Used

① Base - 
Color: EX-2
KATE Foundation Page (English)

② Foundation -
Color: 02


STEP 2: Eyebrows
Applying with a brow powder and brow gel with brush type, you get a natural color.
 For both cat and witch styles, doing your eyebrows are the same.
 Apply the eyebrow powder,

 and once you have a natural eyebrow line
build the brows with the brow gel and brush for extra definition. 

Powder Type → Brow Mascara 

For the perfect filler shade draw on a natural line, then use the brow mascara.
 Firstly, using the eyebrow powder DESIGNING EYEBROW N 3D/EX-4,
outline and fill in your eyebrows for the desired shape. 

Then with the 3D EYEBROW COLOR/BR-2
color in and highlight your brows with the natural brown color.

To achieve a natural lift, 
using the spoolie,
sweep the desired amount through your eyebrows in an upward motion. 
This grooming technique will showcase your arches 
and really work to best frame your eyes! 

★Items Used
 ① Eyebrow Powder -  
Color: EX-4
KATE Eyeshadow Page (English)

② Eyebrow Mascara -  
Color: BR-2
KATE Eyeshadow Page (English)


STEP 3: Eyeshadow
Get the Captivating Witch (left) and Cute Cat (right) look with KATE's new BROWN SHADE EYES N 
For your the makeup, 
we used KATE's newest item, 
that allows 2 different styles and charms.
The colors may be different,
but the application process is the same. 

So we're going to explain them together as one.

Step 1 
Graduation in A, B, and C Order
Coat eyelid in A, B, C order and deepen it with a smoky graduation effect. 

Step 2 
Apply Color E above the Inner Corner Eye, Then Finish with Color D
Thinly apply color E, and add color D all over the lid.
First, paint the shadow in order of A, B, C, 
producing a deep, smoky gradation. 
Then add shadow (color E) to the little pocket
 above the inner corner eye (along the brow bone). 
Finally add shininess to the eye lid with D color!
⁂Explained with color BR-6 palate used for witch makeup

 And your eyeshadow is finished!
Top: for cat look BR-3 / bottom: for witch look BR-6 

STYLE 1 - Cat Makeup
The pink color goes purrrfect with the cat makeup.
For the cat makeup look,
layer the with the brown color within the crease 

for a cute and elegant look.

STYLE 2 - Witch Makeup
The lighter brown color matches the witch perfectly!
The brown used to achieve to witch look has a matte texture
giving off a three dimensional look to the eyes.

★Items Used
Cute Cat Makeup Color: BR-3
Captivating Witch Makeup Color: BR-6
KATE BROWN SHADE EYES Eyeshadow (English)


STEP 4: Eyeliner & Mascara 
Developed with famous stationary manufacture Pentel, you can draw super fine and delicate lines.
Eyeliner could be said to be the most important part of the whole look.
Why you ask?
Because you can use the eyeliner to paint on your face!
Not very artistic and worry about making a mistake?
Well don't!
The cat and witch makeup we're focusing on 

is relatively easy to do!
And now, let's transform into our favorite cats and witchs
with the special eyeliner from KATE!

STYLE 1 - Cat Makeup
Simple yet leaves an impression!
The most important parts of the cat makeup are the whiskers and nose!
Let's draw some cute lines using KATE's Super Sharp Liner EX/BK-1.

Drawing a perfect flick at the outer corner of your eye is so important!
First you draw a thin line along your existing upper lash line.
Then as you get towards the outer v (outer corner of your eye),
swoop up making a lil tail flick.

The next part is very important to the look!
Draw on 3 whiskers on each side,
then color the tip of your nose
making the cat's nose.

STYLE 2 - Witch Makeup
Accent your look by drawing a spiders web on one eye.
For the witch makeup,
turn your eyeliner into a spider web!

Rather than drawing one on both eyes, 
you get a bigger effect if you just draw one on one eye.
It's a biy more difficult than doing the cat's makeup,
but it's surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it.

Draw a horizontal line on lower lid to be the base, then draw lines to connect the web. 
First thing you do is draw a thin line going upwards close to the lower lash line.
Starting from the outer v of your eye, 
draw 3 lines going diagonally up, out, and down.
Then connect those three lines with swooped lines making a web.

Don't worry if you aren't very good at drawing!
KATE's Special Sharp Liner is distinguished and delicate,
allowing you to draw any sort of line smoothly!

Once you finish drawing the spider web, finish with mascara! 
For both styles, when you're done with your eyeliner
apply a good amount of mascara to top off your eyes!

★Items Used
Color: BK-1
Super Sharp Liner EX (English)

Color: BK-1
KATE Mascara (English)


STEP 5: Cheeks

With the blending of two shades and a 2 way brush creates a 3D contoured face easily! 
Contrasting gives your face a naturally distinguished finish.
The pink cheeks adds an extra cute factor to the cat makeup!

2 way brush and 2 colors for natural colored rosy cheeks.
With the brush opened, 
you're going to start with the shiny color as a base.
Then apply highlighter to draw oblique shine
 from the temple towards the center of the face
(going down towards the face). 

After that hold both sides of the brush
 and bring them together to be shut closed. 
 With the brush closed, 
move the B color (blush) in the opposite direction
 you did with the highlighter. 
 Starting at your apples or wherever works best for your face shape, move up towards your hairline.
Doing so will sculpt your face in all the right places.

Contouring really brings out the outline of your face.
To pull off the alluring and cool face of a witch, 
it's important to emphasize your facial bone structure, 
not the cheeks, with shading and highlighting.
A convenient item that contains what you need for a perfect contour
is KATE's Slim Create Powder N/EX-2.

First, using the built-in brush, sculpt the face with the contour powder to create shadow and definition. When doing this, write a number "3" from the top of your cheek bone ending at your jaw bone. 

Next, take the highlighter on the brush, and use it to highlight the T zone, the under eye area, and the middle of the chin~~then you're finished!
Your 3D sculpted face is complete!

★Items Used
Color: PK-1
KATE Cheeks (English)

Contour Palette 
Color: EX-2
KATE Cheeks (English)


STEP 6: Lips
Add some color to your lips for extra glamour!
Both styles have a bright lip.
The cat makeup uses a natural pink lip color 

while the witch shows intensity with a bold red lip.

STYLE 1: Cat Makeup
First apply the tint stick lip cream the add moisture with the CC Lip Oil.
We used two different things for the cat makeup lip.
First, tint type stick lip cream is applied to the entire lip and CC lip oil is applied from above. It expresses the red color that naturally oozes out from the inside of the lip.  

KATE's Limited time Halloween item, the CC Lip Rouge Cream N (Tint).

2 colors on the left, limited design items/ 2 on the right, limited color items.
A lovely design lip item that is perfect for Halloween
 is a limited item that KATE will release in honor of the Halloween season.
The Limited color item (SATAN PINK - BK) 
used this time look like black lip balm, 
but when applied your lips changes to pink!
Profoundly mysterious...!

Since these limited items can only be bought in Japan from October,
those who plan to go to Japan have to check these out!!

STYLE 2: Witch Makeup
Use a red colored lipstick to produce the perfect, vivid red lip!
use it as a liner and outline your lips and adjust the lip volume.
After that, fill in your lips with color to get a more beautiful red lip.

 Rather than using glossy lipstick, 
you can create the perfect witch look with a matte red lipstick.

★Items Used
*Used for Cat Makeup*
Color: BK
KATE CC Series (English)

Lip oil
Color: 02
KATE CC Series (English)

*Used for Witch Makeup*
Color: RD-1
KATE Lips (English)


Are you a Cute Cat or a Captivating Witch?
In order to get the perfect Halloween makeup,
having clear and solid base makeup, 
plus perfectly colored cheeks and lips are key!
Using items of KATE 
makes it easy to get that nice Halloween makeup look!
How about trying the Cute Cat or Captivating Witch makeup
for Halloween this year?

- Halloween Culture in Japan -
What's Halloween in Japan like...?
Dress up heaven・Japan's enthusiasm for Halloween is awesome! (photo source)
Following Valentine's Day, 
Halloween is said to be the second most celebrated holiday in Japan!
Different from the home of Halloween, America, 
a variety of events incorporating dressing up 
as peoples favorite manga and animated characters are held (cosplay),
and the quality of these costumes are crazy high!

Where are some of the most exciting spots in Japan for celebrating Halloween?

Best Spots to Enjoy Halloween ① 
Shibuya & Harajuku
Subculture was developed in Shibuya & Harajuku! So Halloween events of course are flashy too! (photo source)
Did you know that Harajuku was the first place
 to hold a costume party in Japan?
Every year in Harajuku/Omotesando there's a "Pumpkin Parade",
and every year there are over 1,000 children 

walking around in Halloween costumes.

Children Halloween events not exciting enough?
Well, head over to Shibuya!
Shibuya opened a Halloween event just for adults. 

It is full of events so you can fully enjoy Halloween like
a costume contest, "Halloween food" and a Masquerade ball!
What's even better is, THERE'S NOT ENTRY COST!
So you can bet that this years Halloween will get a lot of attention!

✳Harajuku Halloween Event Information 
<Pumpkin Parade>
Date and time: 10/29/2017  11am~5pm

✳Shibuya Halloween Event Information 
Date and time: 10/28/2017  6pm~10pm

Best Spots to Enjoy Halloween 
Roppongi Halloween Parade Event! This years theme is "Movie"! (photo source)
Luxury brand shops and museums, fashionable shopping streets, 
that's Roppongi.
The Roppongi Halloween Parade held every year here
 is a large Halloween event that attracts over 100,000 people every year.

It can't win against the popularity of 
Shibuya and Harajuku's Halloween events,
but when it comes to atmosphere,
Roppongi is unique.
Since the Halloween event in Roppongi starts early in the morning,
it's perfect for those who want to go as a family.

Speaking of Roppongi, you can enjoy Halloween clubs.
A lot of people come to the Halloween events at famous clubs in Roppong
 to get the ultimate fun nightlife in Tokyo.

✳Roppongi Halloween Event Information 
<Roppongi Hills HALLOWEEN 2017>
Date and time: 10/28/2017  10:30am~1:30pm


Halloween Makeup Trend
#CuteCat  #TemptressWitch #KATE
Telling Japan's latest trends with KATE.
Whether it's cat or witch,
let's have fun this year with a more special Halloween!
Together with KATE,
taking a trip to tell you about Japan's trends!
This time commemorating the worldwide event Halloween,
we focused on the trend of Halloween makeup, 

costumes, and Japanese Halloween culture.

Halloween is almost here!
So in order to make it more fun and more memorable Halloween,

we recommend that you check out this makeup 
and Japan's Halloween event information in advance.

We will continue to inform you of the latest Japanese beauty information
through collaborative projects and are really looking forward to it!
We'll see you next time for our Christmas issue!
See ya then!!

Kanebo KATE

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