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Shinjuku Shopping 👜 The Best and Most Convenient Place to Get Shopping Done in Tokyo ♪ At Seibu Shinjuku PePe

Get what you need and go back to your hotel with ease!
Stress free and essential shopping in Tokyo's busy district Shinjuku.

👜 Shinjuku Shopping 👜 
The Best and Most Convenient Place to Get
Shopping Done in Tokyo ♪
 At Shinjuku PePe

Everyone's favorite thing to do in Japan. 

There are a lot of items that attract tourists 
whether it be funny, cute, or cultural related. 

Almost everyone always makes a shopping list to an extent 
when they come to Japan.
What about you, do you have one too?
What sort of things are on your list?

How about food!?
Food goes hand and hand with shopping in Japan 
and is a great representative of Japan's omotenashi (hospitality) culture
and attention to detail.
We promise you, 
Japan has some of the most exquisite looking food ever!

Since there is so much to do and buy in Shinjuku,
JAPANKURU wanted to mention a nice shopping facility 
that can make your vacation less hectic. 



Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo's major train lines.
The JR Lines, Seibu Line, and the Metro Subway lines all pass through Shinjuku
making it a popular place to hang out and visit.

Shinjuku is known for it's Kabukicho area, 
where what used to be the red light district of Tokyo.
Now there are all kinds of bars, restaurants, and host/hostess bars.

Kabukicho's bright lights are what attract people to it
like a bug to a flame. 


- PEPE -

SEIBU SHINJUKU PePe is a shopping center located 
in the same building as the Shinjuku Prince Hotel. 
The shopping center includes many fashion and variety shops,
and is open until 10pm allowing travelers staying at the hote
 to enjoy shopping without worrying about the time!

🎶Seibu Shinjuku PePe (西武新宿ぺぺ)
Business hours: 11am~10pm
Access: The 2nd floor of Seibu Shinjuku PePe is linked to Seibu-Shinjuku Station
‣2min walk from Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station on Oedo subway
‣5min walk from Shinjuku Station, JR East Exit 
1-30-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3232-7777


3 Recommended Stores -

-Shinjuku PePe 8F-

CAN★DO is a famous 100 yen shop 
and is located on the 8th floor of Shinjuku PePe.
Shinjuku PePe's CANDO
 is the biggest CANDO in Tokyo!

The 100 yen shop is full of kitchenware, interior accessories, 
miscellaneous household goods, souvenirs, and snacks.

Lately a lot of people are buying Japanese rice bowls,
which makes CANDO the best place to get some thanks to its low prices!

Japanese 100 yen shops are different than other dollar shops 
in other countries because despite their low price,
the quality is still good and the items they sell aren't out of style!
Like these cute kitty key holders!
They're cute and creative and still only 100 yen!!

This CANDO shop is the best place to get last minute things
or when you want to buy in bulk!
It's really fun looking around, 
so we recommend Shinjuku PePe's CANDO to everyone!!

- 100 yen shop
- 8th floor
- Business hours: 11:00am ~ 10:00
- TEL: 03-3202-1160

-Shinjuku PePe 3F-
On the 3rd floor is the store move.
It's a watch shop where you can buy watches from various brands 
for both men and women in the same place.

Under the men's watches area is G-SHOCK.
It's durable, functionable, and affordable,
making it a MUST HAVE!

Popular for its simplicity and classic look,
DW watches look great whether you're dressing up or down.


Along with Seiko and Casio, 
CITIZEN watches are top of pyramid 
when it comes to Japanese watch brands.

A "Made in Japan" accessory,
it's made with a fully-customizable e-paper 
and a stainless steel buckle.
The style of the watch face and strap can both change at the touch of a button, with 24 different designs to choose from.

 Super light and flexible, 
e-paper consumes no electricity when in standby mode.

This allows the pattern to be always on!

Its default rest position doesn't show the time,
but once you move your arm to look at the watch,
it becomes activated turning on the time display 
and the face and strap patterns.

- Watches
- 3rd floor
- Business hours: 11am ~ 10pm
- TEL: 03-6380-3460

Orange Elephant
(Smartphone accessories)
-Shinjuku PePe 3F-
Right across from the watch store move 
is the phone accessories store Orange Elephant.

If you want to have some of your favorite characters protect your phone, 
Orange Elephant sells an array of character phone cases.
Some even have a slight to put your train pass or some sort of card💳

Or for a more sleek look, there are smartphone booklet cases too!

Orange Elephant has so many different styles and types of smartphone accessories!
It's difficult to decide which case to get for your phone!
You've got to come here if you're looking to replace your case!!

🎶Orange Elephant
- Smartphone accessories
- 3rd floor
- Business hours: 11am ~ 10pm
- TEL: 03-5285-6030


3 Recommended Food Places-

Omusubi Gonbei (おむすび権米衛)
(Rice balls)
-Shinjuku PePe B2-
Located on the B2 floor, 
Omusubi Gonbei is a traditional onigiri (rice ball) shop 
that sells huge and cheap rice balls.

The rice is brought directly from the farm
and doesn't add any chemical seasonings what-so-ever.
So you get the best, naturally tasting rice!!

There are rice balls in regular white rice, brown rice, and grains.

The are so many different rice balls to choose from,
we didn't know what to get! 
So we asked the clerk for the most popular order.
The two in the picture above are the most popular items!
1. White rice wrapped with nori (seaweed), stuffed with salmon "Benesake"
2. "Shiomusubi" Is just white rice sprinkled with salt and sesame seeds

🎶Omusubi Gonbei (おむすび権米衛)
- Rice balls
- B2
- Business hours: 11am ~ 10pm
- TEL: 03-5287-1437

(Confectionery & general goods)
-Shinjuku PePe 2F-
DOLCE FELICE Regalo is a place that sells not just deserts, 
but also handkerchiefs, bags, and other useful items.
"Regalo" means present,
so of course everything here makes great presents
where they be for someone else 

or a lil something for yourself!

All the desserts that are sold at DOLCE FELICE Regalo
 are hand made one by one🍰

Then a lot of the items that are sold are things like
tote bags, house slippers, handkerchiefs, even things for babies!👶

If you need to buy a present for someone,
please take a look around this place!
They have a lot of cute, fashionable, and affordable

things for sale that make perfect gifts for any occasion🎁✨ 

- General goods
- 2nd floor
- Business hours: 11am ~ 10pm
- TEL: 03-6205-5651

ST-MARC CAFE (サンマルクカフェ)
-Shinjuku PePe B2-
ST-MARC CAFE is a famous cafe chain in Japan,
sort of like Dunkin Donuts.

But rather than donuts, 
ST-MARC CAFE is famous for it's chocolate croissant.

The freshly baked croissants are baked to perfection!
Crispy and flaky, and the perfect amount of chocolate inside.
It goes great with anything!

🎶ST-MARC CAFE (サンマルクカフェ)
- Cafe
- B2
- Business hours: 11am ~ 10pm
- TEL: 03-5155-1316


Check before Shopping!
emi card counter -

If you are shopping at Shinjuku PePe, 
before going anywhere else you should go to the 
"emi card counter" on the 6th floor first.

Here you can make an emi card, 
and all you have to do is write a few things down.
It takes nothing!
When you do that, you'll receive Shinjuku PePe's Premium Coupon pamphlet!

Even some stores that are already a tax-free shop are included!

⇓ Learn more about the emi card ⇓


the Heart of Tokyo
Seibu Shinjuku PePe-

Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo's major transportation
and one of the most visited places in Tokyo.

There's so many places to go and see,
it could leave you a bit flustered.
But one place to go to for sure is~~

Seibu Shinjuku PePe!
It will save you a lot of time and stress shopping here.
Then once you have all the things you need and that are on your list,
you can go out on the town and just enjoy yourself!!


🎶Seibu Shinjuku PePe (西武新宿ぺぺ)
Business hours: 11am~10pm
Access: The 2nd floor of Seibu Shinjuku PePe is linked to Seibu-Shinjuku Station
‣2min walk from Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station on Oedo subway
‣5min walk from Shinjuku Station, JR East Exit 
1-30-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3232-7777


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