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Japanese Cosmetics πŸ’„ World's Most Desired Japanese Beauty Products ● SUQQU ●

πŸ’„New Items from the Luxurious Japanese Beauty BrandπŸ’„ 


Mature and Natural Beauty 

Japanese Cosmetics SUQQU

SUQQU is a well known and loved Japanese makeup brand.
SUQQU really focuses on enhancing and adding a little flavor 
to ones natural beauty,
making it great for women in their 20's and up!

SUQQU recently came out with a new line for fall and winter
and we got to check it out~♬
There 7 total, 
but we're gonna only focus on 3 this time.

Official Website: English  Japanese
Facebook: Official  Global

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Main Points

Introducing SUQQU AW2017 Color Collection
Explaining 3 of the New Items
SUQQU Small Face Massage 

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 Introducing SUQQU AW2017 Color Collection

Following the continuous trend of using light and shadow to sculpt ones face,
the SUQQU AW17 collection is developed on just that. 
The SUQQU AW17 line creates an alluring chemistry 
of light and shadow on your face✨ 

The Entire SUQQU AW2017 Color Collection

① Loose Powder
❷ Frame Fix Moisturizing Solid Foundation
③ Designing Color Eyes
❹ Moisture Rich Lipstick
⑤ Lip Defining Pencil
➏ Pure Color Blush
⑦ Nail Color Polish

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 Explaining 3 of the New Items

Introducing makeup item ①
Available in 6 colors, 
this foundation compact protects and adds moisture to your skin 
while getting rid of access oil creating a smooth, clean finish.

Look how well the color fits the skin! 

πŸ’‘It also has an SPF25・PA++ mixed in 
guaranteed to help protect from UV damage.

Leaves your skin looking flawless!
The Frame Fix Moisturizing Solid Foundation 
covers the appearance of pores and imperfections 
without leaving a heavy feeling.
Another awesome part of this foundation is that there are refills!!
That's why we love it so much.

 Comes in 7 different shades
➢ Full set price: 8,500yen (tax included)
 Refill price: 6,500yen ("  ")
 Compact price: 2,000yen ("  ")

Introducing makeup item ② 

The new Designing Color Eyes palettes for AW17 
lets you explore the beauty of striking, 
yet refined dramas created by light & shadow contrast. 
Enjoy the chemistry and unique harmony of these contrasting shades.

Left #06 YOIBENI/ Right #07 HOREAKA
You can control how vivid you want the colors and contrast to be.
It glides on the skin so smoothly.

You are also control how you want to apply. 
If you want a more bold look, 
use the pink as an eyeshadow base contrasting it with the brown.
Or for a more subtle yet fun look,
use the pink as an under eyeliner and a lighter pearl color for the eyelid base.

If you have darker colored eyes, 
even the subtle look with a pink under eyeliner 
and light base creates a WOW factor.
For lighter colored eyes, you can easily do the same thing,
but we recommend the more bold look.
Play around though and see which look fits you best✧♡✧

 3 shades total - 2 new shades & 1 limited shade
➢ 7,344yen (tax included)

πŸ‘06 YOIBENI - Beets & Mauve Grey palette offers a dark mauve shade with a striking beetroot hue. Experiment to discover your own balance of sweetness & sophistication.
07 HISUIKOU - Sea Green & Amber Beige palette offers a vivid ocean emerald, adding spice to sophisticated amber beige. Go bold and striking, or balance the shades for a more understated look.
πŸ‘107 HOREAKA -Garnet & Foggy Pink (Seasonal Limited Edition) palette combines a rich garnet red with foggy pink, evoking the familiar warmth of winter sunset.

Introducing makeup item ③ 
The new Moisture Rich Lipstick range gives balm-like rich moisturization
while creating brilliant radiance that looks as if it came from withinπŸ’– 

Unlike some other lipsticks that can make your lips look flat and dull, 
the new formula in the Moisture Rich Lipstick tints & blends in with your lips
bringing out the natural plumpness of lips with enhanced definition. 
Which offers vivid, bold, and dramatic color variations.

=Lipstick color comparison=

Colors 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9 contain pure gold pearl
 to give off that shiny, slight metallic color. 

⊛Infused with a blend of Rosehip Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil
 for instant, long-lasting nourishment.

 Comes in 12 different shades - 10 new & 2 limited
➢ 5,400yen (tax included)

Lipstick shades
πŸ’„01 YUUKANADEFresh Beige gives a perfect balance of sophisticated nude with warmth.
πŸ’‹ 02 HANAKURENAI - Lotus Pink softly brightens the face.
πŸ’„03 HIBENI - Coral Peach is a bright, pure coral that is designed for grownups.
πŸ’‹ 04 KIN ANZU - Blissful Coral for fuller-looking, joyful lips.
πŸ’„05 HIKARIBANA - Carnation Pink is a fresh pink hue that adds soft glamour to the face.
πŸ’‹ 06 SENKENKA - Fuchsia Pink is a vivid pink with a blue undertone for pure, feminine lips.
πŸ’„07 BIWATSUYA - Sunset Orange makes the complexion healthy-looking with its brightness, as if flooded with sunlight.
πŸ’‹ 08 BENIKINGYO - Aquatic Red gives a clear, pure red hue that sweeps away dullness.
πŸ’„09 KIAKA - Cardinal Red, an ultimate color symbolizing refinement.
πŸ’‹ 10 KOGAREARA - Brown Red gives a chic, mature shade with a hint of strength.
πŸ’„101 ICHIJIKU - Fig Red (Seasonal Limited Edition) is a profound, alluring burgundy with grace.
πŸ’‹ 102 HYOUKA - Ice Blue (Seasonal Limited Edition), cools and tones down redness of lips, without painting the natural lip color. Can also be used as a base and a balm, complementing other lipsticks.

~ πŸ’„ ● πŸ’„  πŸ’„ ~

 SUQQU Small Face Massage 

At SUQQU, not only is there makeup, 
there is face massages!!

SUQQU uses Japanese cultural beauty techniques
along with their gentle yet effective skin products 
giving a nurturing facial 'GANKIN MASSAGE'.
Last time we went to SUQQU,
we got a Gankin Massage ourselves!!

After the massage, 
get a makeover with their lovely new AW17 line!
Talk about the royalty treatment

Before the full makeup, and after!!
We love the transformation!

Official WebsiteEnglish  Japanese
FacebookOfficial  Global

Where can you buy SUQQU makeup?
GINZA SIX Department Store - SUQQU

 ★SUQQU at GINZA SIX Department Store
- Address: BF1 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps
- TEL: 03-6274-6185
- Business hours: 10: 30 ~ 8: 30pm
πŸ’‘Tax Free!

Narita International Airport Duty-free Store

★SUQQU at Narita International Airport T1 Duty Free Shop 
- Narita Airport Terminal 1 South Wing ANA DUTY FREE SHOP
- TEL : 0120-029-023
- Business hours: 7: 30 ~ 8: 30pm

Be sure to check out the SUQQU stores 
when going shopping or returning home!
Your skin will thank you for it~

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