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*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* JAPANKURU Returns from J-POP SUMMIT 2017 🎈 J-POP SUMMIT 2017 Day 2's Highlights

πŸ”΄J-POP SUMMIT 2017πŸ”΄

JAPANKURU Returns from J-POP SUMMIT 2017 

 Some of Day 2's Highlights 

JAPANKURU is back for day 2 
at the 2017 J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco!

Before we get into some of the highlights,
we want to show you the individual booths 
and what was offered there within the travel pavilion~☆


 At the JAPANKURU booth, you could choose all sorts of VR clips
ranging from going to an animal park to more traditional Japanese adventures.
If you engaged in the VR experience, 
you received a JAPANKURU sticker 
which enabled you to partake in the final 
where all the BIG prizes were brought out!

The mailbox for the JAPANKURU post cards was also hereπŸ’Œ

 TSUTAYA is a major music and book store in Japan.
So JAPANKURU helps set the scene by having some major musician posters with autographs decorate the booth.

DON QUIJOTE is a very popular store that sells a wide range of goods.
It's huge among foreign tourists, 
which is why there were lots of sightseeing information 
and deals/coupons available at the booth.

 There were 2 different areas of the TOKYO booth as well.
On the right, 
you could do Japanese calligraphy
Then on the left,
get a Japanese manicureπŸ’…

Here's some of the calligraphy that was done!
Everyone wrote "Tokyo" in Chinese characters (kanji)

The TOCHIGI booth mainly focused on it's NASU area.
Here you could get all kinds of information, 
take a questioner and get a capybara cookie,
and of course take pictures with the cute stuffed animals!πŸ‘πŸͺπŸ—

 NTA (Nippon Travel Agency) sold lots of travel packages 
such as JR Rail Passes for those planning on going to Japan.

WOWU is a travel information site that helps personalizes your trip to Japan!
They gave out WOWU fans and even BAND-MAID keychains if you signed up!

 The RYOKAN booth was a combination of a traditional Japanese Inn
and introducing some of Japan's most popular yurukyara, or mascots.

 Like the JAPANKURU booth, 
a VR area where you can experience what it's like 
to visit a Japanese Ryokan was available. 
Or if people wanted to take a break 
and hang out with some yurukyara,
that was an option too!

There were two different stores to fit the theme of 

For the modern Japan side, 
Shibuya's fashion store VANQUISH.
There, you could do a VR experience 
to see what it's like to shop in busy busy Shibuya! 

The traditional Japan side, 
was a yukata rental shop Rinka.
There people could rent a yukata 
and walk around the summit in them!

The TOKYO DAIJINGU was a busy area 
because it had lots of things for people to do! 

Here people could learn about Shintoism from a Miko-san,
a Shinto priestess.
They could also draw omikuji, which are fortunes,
and write ema, which are like wishing planks.

We took the ema that everyone wrote 
and hung them up here in front of the JAPANKURU stage!

 Connected to Tokyo Daijingu was SHIMANE.
Here you could make your own sacred braided rope
that's used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion.

 At the postcard table, 
people could take an array of postcards 
from some of JAPANKURU's shoots.

 The postcards were on the table 
and on the other side of where the ema were hung.

 People could also write messages on those postcards, 
buy a stamp at the JAPANKURU booth, 
and once JAPANKURU returned to Japan,
we would send the postcards to the addressed people.
So they would get a postcard from JapanπŸ’Œ



 The Ryokan booth held a pop quiz 
asking about some of the represented yurukyara!
If people got the questions right, 
they won a yurukyara prize!!🎁

 A lovely performance from Kinuko Mototake Okinawa Dance Academy
and Okinawa Eisa Daiko Drummers helped show a bit of Okinawan culture!πŸ₯

 Ramen fast-eating contest part 2!🍜
Everyone wanted to participate!

 JAPANKURU models YANAKIKU also did a surprise performance🎀🎢

 The final ROCK PAPER SCISSORS CHALLENGE for the gold!!!
Started with Nasu's stuffed animals, 
and grew to the VANQUISH clothing and fashion wear,
ending with a yukata setπŸ‘˜✨

 Kawachi Ondo closed the party with another musical performance.
However this time, 
they made a big traditional folk dance circle for everyone to join in on!

πŸ’– πŸ• πŸ—Ύ πŸ• πŸ—Ύ πŸ• πŸ—Ύ πŸ’–

JAPANKURU had such a great time at this years J-POP SUMMIT!
Thanks for the fun and adventures!
Hope to see you again next year~☆γƒŸ

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