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#Akihabara Maid ✨ Unicorn Parfait at Tokyo's Popular Maid Cafe - Akiba Zettai Ryoiki (アキバ絶対領域) 🦄

Akihabara is known as Tokyo's "electric town".
But there is no "electric" 
like that of the love from an Akihabara maid!

#Akihabara Maid ✨ 
Unicorn Parfait at Tokyo's Popular 
Must Got to Maid Cafe!

 Akiba Zettai Ryoiki (アキバ絶対領域)

 Akihabara's maid cafes are known for a number of things.
❶Their "kawaii" (cute) overly girlish and childish maids.

❷A place where otakus get their picture taken
with their favorite maid for an added price.

 ❸A place where many maids are considered idols
in their own way.

❹And of course, the place to get the ever famous
ketchup art omuraisu (omelette rice, オムライス)

There are so many maid cafes though,
it can be hard to figure out which to go to.
That's why we went searching for Akiba's top maid cafes,
ending up at Akiba Zettai Ryoiki

🦄Akiba Zettai Ryoiki (アキバ絶対領域)
🚉Closest station: Akihabara
Sotokanda3-1-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
⏰ 12:00〜10:00pm
☎ +81-050-1180-6584
💖 Website (English):


Access to Akiba Zettai Ryoiki 

Akiba Zettai Ryoiki is located at about five minutes by foot 
from the Akihabara Electric Town Gate at Akihabara Station.
Go straight out the exit as far as you can go
then take a left.
Once you get to the intersection 
you will see the huge @ home cafe billboard across the street.  
Go past that billboard and keep walking until the next intersection.
 Akiba Zettai Ryoiki will be on the right side.

Once you walk in you will be greeted by very peppy maids
and handed a pair of kitty ears😻✨
The theme at Akiba Zettai Ryoiki is a mix of 
Akihabara's otaku culture
with Harajuku's kawaii culture.  

 So you will see a lot of cool anime/manga/movie figurines
in pretty pastel colors.
Even their food fits the theme!


Ordering System

Once you are brought to your seat,
the maid(s) will go over how everything works.
But just to cover some of the bases:
★ 600 yen entry fee/person
🐰 There's a one drink order rule (part of the entrance fee)
★ 1hr seating time,
than an additional 600 yen for every extra hour
🐢 When you're ready to order, just say "nyan nyan" (meow meow)!

There's a number of cute and yummy dishes to choose from!
Including pictures of the food on the menu 
is really helpful for when you want to order something fun!  

*The cafe has menus in Japanese, English, and Chinese

Cute Maid Cafe Food Nyan

There are a number of items that's included in a maid combo,
all of which includes a personalized picture with a maid🐱📸
Below are the things we got that were interesting
and special to Akiba Zettai Ryoiki.

 We started off with a pale pink soda
that surprisingly isn't sweet at all.
What was fun about this drink was
a picture cutout connected to the straw.
Hold it close to your face and you'll become a maid✨

 Looks perfect on her💖

Kawaii Drink Combo 1600 yen
Photo Prop Drink + Polaroid Picture with Maid 

We know, we know...
pink ramen?!
No need to worry though!
The maids said that the pink color is taken from beets!
No artificial food coloring here! 
If you don't like beets,
you also don't need to worry 
because it doesn't taste like beets whatsoever. 
It's just your regular ramen,
just made with a little extra love
and pink to match the pastel theme.

Kawaii Food Combo 2800 yen
Decorated Omuraisu OR Pink Ramen OR Curry 
+ Photo Drink + Polaroid
MoeMoe Pink Ramen 1200 yen
Decorated Omuraisu (demi-glace sauce) 1400 yen
Black/White Cat Curry 1200 yen

What we were the MOST excited for~
Lately in the West unicorn themed stuff are SUCH a hit.
So we wanted to share it with everyone
because we have no doubt this dessert will be popular!
It is absolutely delicious and super cute!
So simple yet perfect!
They really did a great job making it~

 Kawaii Dessert Combo 2550 yen
Parfait + Photo Drink + Polaroid
Unicorn Parfait 800 yen

 The Nyan-nyan cocktail is something many Japanese people 
are too embarrassed to order.
Because you basically repeat a semi-long chant 
after the maids saying cute childish words.
Regardless of it's appeal though, 
the whole thing really funny. 

It has a really nice refreshing taste though!
Some of us preferred this drink 
taste wise to the photo cutout.
Both are really nice in their own special way though.

MoeMoe Drink Combo 1900
Nyan-nyan Cocktail + Polaroid
(*non-alcoholic of course!)

 Everything we ordered required a little bit of extra love
to make it taste better.
Thus, before you eat/drink,
you will be asked to say a little chant 
or "blessing" with the maid💝


Maid Polaroids and Gacha-gacha

 Before leaving we got our picture taken with a group of the maids.
There's a number of typical "maid" poses you can do,
so if you have a particular pose in mind be sure to tell them!
We really didn't so we did the cute and classic hand heart pose💝
Even if you didn't order a maid combo where a Polaroid is included,
you can still get a picture for 600 yen!

 While the maid was decorating our picture
we noticed a gacha-gacha machine.
For 500 yen you can get either, 
an omuraisu phone strap, a pin with a maids picture,
an illustration of a maid pin, or an omuraisu pin.
We were so happy to get the phone strap!!
It's super cute and looks like the real deal!

Don't the two make the perfect pair!?
Really nice personal souvenirs. 


The maids at Akiba Zettai Ryoiki were super sweet and genuine.
The concept of the cafe is what really makes it stand out though.
Incorporating its traditional cutesy "moe moe" persona
while staying true to its Akiba otaku roots.
Plus it's relatively small,
making the experience more personal we thought.
Next time you go to Akihabara,
you should really stop by here!
It's said to be TripAdvisor's #1 ranking maid cafe for a reason!

🦄Akiba Zettai Ryoiki (アキバ絶対領域)
🚉Closest station: Akihabara
Sotokanda3-1-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
⏰ 12:00〜10:00pm
☎ +81-050-1180-6584
💖 Website (English):

💖More interesting articles Akihabara💖


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