Thursday, November 23, 2017

*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* Attention Godzilla Lovers! The World's First Gozdilla Store, and it's in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

👾 The World's First Official Godzilla Store! 👾

I've loved Godzilla for many years, 
so when I heard Tokyo opened up an official Godzilla store...
going was AMUST!
So off to Shinjuku it was~ 
to the world’s first store dedicated entirely to Godzilla! 

The store is located inside Shinjuku Marui Annex on the first floor.
It's closer to Shinjuku-sanchomei, so if taking JR, go out the East Exit, turn right once you get to the cross walk.
You'll pass BICQLO, 0101, and Burberry,
and Shinjuku Marui Annex will be a bit further on your right.
If taking the Metro, get off at Shinjuku-sanchomei!

Photo source: Godzilla Store website
It wasn't what we were expecting,
but the store is filled with loads of limited edition items and merchandise!
So despite its small size
it was still fun to look around!

You'll even find interesting collaborations like the Sanrio-Godzilla series!
Super cute Godzilla and other kaiju
badges, shirts, stickers and more.

There's even stuff of the beloved kaiju
hanging out with Hello Kitty!

*Godzilla Key Holder - 800 yen
Godzilla Paper Tape - 450 yen
Kaiju Sticker - 180 yen

We were ready to wear this Godzilla mask, 
but there was plastic stuffed in it
so we figured it wasn't allowed :(

*Godzilla Mask - 4536 yen

Special Godzilla phone cases
that incorporate Japanese pattern!

What was the best though was seeing the classic kaiju figures!

Some were even for sale!

The Godzilla and Mothra Daruma dolls were super cute!
They looked nothing Godzilla or Mothra, 
but they were still neat. 
Its something we've never seen before! 

*Mothra/Godzilla Daruma - 1620 yen

Fidget Spinners are making their way to Japan.
I was pretty surprised. 
If they're going to though,
they might as well have a Godzilla series. 

*Godzilla Fidget Spinner - 1300 yen

A new Godzilla anime just came out last week,
so there was a good amount of promoting for the new movie.
the idea of an animated Godzilla looses its effect...
but it seems to be pretty popular!
Hopefully this will spread the popularity of Godzilla! 

*Godzilla 2017 series figure - 5184 yen
Godzilla Handkerchief - 2160 yen

We really loved the magnets with
old Godzilla movie posters!
Super cool!
The old movie posters/covers
are the absolute coolest!

*Poster Magnet - 756 yen

For those who would rather have Godzilla clothes,
they have that too!

We were really impressed to see 
the Godzilla x Outdoor collaboration bags. 
They had quite a few styles with different designs,
but this one with all of the kaiju was the coolest!
So was sold out :(

Godzilla dora yaki!!
It wasn't that great,
pretty much your average dora yaki.
However it had Godzilla on it!
We were glad we got it ^-^

*Godzilla Dora Yaki - 216 yen

And if having a whole store of Godzilla goodies wasn't enough, 
shoppers at Godzilla Store Tokyo can also apply
 for a Godzilla Visa credit card!
And if you sign up for a card,

you get a limited edition kaiju tote.

What's nice is the store is super close 
to the Godzilla head that is a part of 
the IMAX TOHO Cinema and Hotel Gracery.
 Knowing that helps with finding the building
and helps set up the Godzilla atmosphere🐊

👾Godzilla Store Tokyo
Shinjuku Marui Annex 1F, 3-1-26 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
🕰 11am ~ 9pm
🐊 Godzilla Store Homepage (Japanese)
🛅 Godzilla Store Shop

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