Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dining in Tokyo 🎶 Tokyo Famous Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant Hakata Furyu (博多風龍) in Akihabara

One of our favorite tonkotsu ramen shops opened up in Akihabara!

There are a variety of great ramen shops and flavors here in Japan.
But man oh man...


When people think about going to go get tonkotsu ramen,
normally they think of Ippudo and Ichiran.
Which are great places!!
We love eating there too, 
but we wanted to mention another highly recommended 
tonkotsu ramen shop that is just as good and functional for foreigners.
That place is called
Hakata Furyu!!!
There are stores all along the Yamanote Line,
but this time we went to their super nice branch in Akihabara!


From JR Akihabara Station's Electric Town Gate,
take a right and just continue straight.
It's super close (only a 5 minute walk from the station)
 and easy to find.
However here's the Google Maps link just in case!⇩Google Maps

 ðŸ²Hakata Furyu Tonkotsu Ramen Akihabara🐲 

After going straight, 
you'll eventually see the restaurant on your left-hand side!⇧

This was our first time going to the Hakata Furyu restaurant in Akihabara
and we were surprised at the difference how everything was set up.

For example!
A touchscreen ordering machine that has images for each menu item
and is available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Once you go inside choose what you want here!
It'll spit out your ticket(s) for you to hand to the restaurant staff.

Next, they will ask you how you would like your noodles cooked.
There's a variation of 4 preparation types:
(from left to right)
Very hard (ばりかた; barikata)
Hard (かた; kata)
Regular (Medium) (普通; futsu)
Soft (やわ; yawa)

We love getting the harder (kata), less cooked noodles.
When we asked the store clerks which they most recommended,
they said either the very hard (barikata) or hard (kata) noodles were best
because it gives the ramen a nice balance and texture.

And that's really all there is to ordering!
Simple, right?!

At each table and counter seat are special and authentic 
Kyushu condiments that you can add to your ramen. 

Red pickled ginger, Wagiri togarashi (Japanese dried red chili pepper)
You can see benishoga in dishes like yakisoba, gyudon, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and oyakodon.
The most popular are the benishoga, a red pickled ginger that is pickled using red plum vinegar,
and this mixture on the right. 

The ramen is super delicious on its own,
but the fact that all these condiments are free is something pretty rare in Japan.
It is also a fun way to keep the rave for their ramen fresh.


A super yummy and rich tonkotsu pork broth ramen
that's classic to Kyushu but special to Hakata Furyu.

*Also comes as a set with a bowl of rice*

Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen
 Similar to the regular tonkotsu ramen but the garlic oil adds a little extra punch
giving the ramen a new and unique flavor.
Don't let the word "garlic" put you off!
The taste is surprisingly subtle and balances really well with the pork broth.
If we're in the mood for tonkotsu ramen,
this is our go to!

Spicy Miso Chashu Ramen
For those that are more in a "miso ramen" mood,
the karamiso (spicy miso) ramen is the way to go.
There is so much flavor inside a single bowl,
it's unlike any other bowl or miso ramen we've had thus far.
Some miso ramen can leave you with a really oily feeling
 but for some reason, the spicy miso ramen here doesn't do that.
Plus the hint of spice is a really nice touch!
We didn't do it this time,
but adding boiled eggs to miso ramen is so good!
So if you get the spicy miso ramen we TOTALLY recommend you add one!


We couldn't believe it when we heard that you get free kaidama (noodle refills),
so we HAD to get one!

All you need to do is ask for one!
Show off your Japanese skills and say,
"Kaidama kudasai",
and you're ready to go!!

The person taking the order will ask you how you would like your ramen,
so this time we tried the firmest type they had!!
If you really liked the last batch of noodles,
you're of course more than welcome to have the same,
but it's also fun to switch it up and play around!

If you drink too much from your first batch
then there won't be enough for the new noodles to soak in.

To also change things up for your refill,
Hakata Furyu a special seasoning called kaeshi (カエシ).

It's a blend of ginger and sesame with some other ingrediants,
and when you add some to your broth it changes the taste a little bit.
Some of us thought it added a slight soy sauce taste,

but it's hard to say.
If you try it out let us know what you think it tastes like!

🐲 🍜 🐲 🍜 🐲 🍜 🐲

🍜Hakata Furyu Tonkotsu Ramen - Akihabara Main Shop
(博多風龍 とんこつラーメン - ç§‹è‘‰åŽŸç·æœ¬åº—)
3 Chome-15-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 
🚉 Closest station: Akihabara Station 
(5min walk from the JR Akihabara Electric Town Exit)
: Mon to Sat - 11am ~ 2am (L.O. 1:30am),
 Sun - 11am ~ 8pm (L.O. 7:30pm)
📞: 03-3252-9090

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