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【Japanese Skincare Brand THE GINZA】Worldwide Famous Japanese Skincare Brand THE GINZA - Introducing Premium Cream for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

【Japanese Skincare Brand THE GINZA】

Worldwide Famous Japanese Skincare Brand 


 Introducing Premium Cream for Beautiful Skin

We often forget,
but healthy and beautiful skin is so important!

Our skin changes due to a lot of factors that we aren't in control of
but there are a few things we CAN do to make it better.

There are various methods such as taking vitamins, 
going to a dermatologist, etc.,
but all of those things won't amount to anything

 if you don't do basic "at home skincare". 

Now that it's cold outside,
basic skincare is most important!

That is why this time JAPANKURU is going to share with you
about one of Japan's best skincare cosmetics brands,

With this,
we'll talk about the benefits of one of our favorite items from their line
and their 15th anniversary party we attended!!


About THE GINZA Cosmetics
THE GINZA Cosmetics is a premium quality skincare line 
designed around the concept of "modern skincare method" 
for those seeking a sophisticated skincare life. 
This line focuses on "skin physiology" and "beautiful skin rhythm", 
which together create each person's unique skin condition. 
this line is made from ingredients carefully selected 
through Shiseido's extensive research results and 
has received rave reviews in Japan and from abroad 
for its innovative technology.

Why is THE GINZA said to be

"the best skincare cosmetics in Japan"?

It's great for any skin type
Everyone's skin is unique and different,
so there's no reason to try to treat it like it's the same!
That's why THE GINZA doesn't include any unnatural additives 

or things that may agitate the skin. 
They did repeated experiments to make sure their products 
could be applied to any type of skin.

Wide range of skincare products
As mentioned before, THE GINZA has a variety of skincare products
 based on skin type, including sensitive, oily, dry, and complex skin.
You can also shop by concerns or desires,
which makes finding what you need easy.

Only available in Japan
THE GINZA is only available in Japan, 
making it really special and a great Japanese souvenir. 
We recommend you visit the store in Imperial Hotel Tokyo 
because you can get all kinds of advice from the professional staff. 
Another great thing about going here if you live in Japan and/or
are hold a membership,

and get a facial from the staff!
Yes please!!!

 It's good to mention though that the store may get pretty busy, 
so we recommend making a reservation first before you stop by.
*If you need to live in Japan to hold a membership,
so unfortunately if you don't,
you can't make a reservation for a facial.

THE GINZA (Imperial Hotel Tokyo Shop) 
Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00
Tel.: 03-3503-7971
Address: 1-1 Uchisaiwai-Cho, 1-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8558
Shop location: B1 floor
Access: 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Station


15th Anniversary
THE GINZA is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year!
They held a celebratory event in Ginza to match their chic image.
We're sure having "Ginza" in the name also plays a factor ;)

15th Anniversary Party Scene
Simple yet Luxurious
Everything was very elegant,
and we really got the sense of how "luxurious" this brand is
because of all the elite guests from the beauty industry
as well as some well known celebrities.
It really was like a red carpet event.

Everything on Display
The venue was set up exhibiting all of the great products
that have made THE GINZA through these last 15 years.

It was more than some skin products lined up,
which made it more visually appealing.

Learn and Try
We we able to catch part of a lecture of THE GINZA beauty products
from a representative of the Shiseido Research Center!
It was really pretty interesting to learn exactly makes
THE GINZA special and different.

There was also an area were you could get a hand treatment
using THE GINZA products,
and it only cost a few extra yen.
It was a really popular area.

This was really a fun experience that surpassed our expectations.
We were able to become more interested in 

and learn more about THE GINZA.We can't wait to see what sort of things it produces in the years to come!


We highly recommended this EMPOWERIZER to you. 
This high-performance moisturizing cream is the perfect item for dry seasons. 
It can help you solve the unbalance of skin oils and water 
and improve your skin. 
Formulated with ingredients that can enhance your beautiful skin.

??What does it do??
🗹 Maximizes the skin's condition and functions

🗹 Evens skin texture, coloration, and other damage

🗹 Includes a subtle scent for aromatic relaxation

And it comes in a stylish box!
A nice lil plus~



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