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[Traveling in Japan] Shopping and Traveling! A Resort Where You Can Enjoy Japan's 4 Seasons and Famous Onsen - Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza & Kusatsu Onsen

Talking about the beautiful 4 season of Nagano Prefecture's Karuizawa,
and the nearby famous tourist spot, Kusatsu Onsen,
which is accessible by bus from Karuizawa Station✪ 

[Traveling in Japan] 

Shopping and Traveling! 

A Resort Where You Can Enjoy 

Japan's 4 Seasons and Famous Onsen 

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza & 

Kusatsu Onsen

From lots of green nature to white snow,

Karuizawa is a beautiful place to change your style 

to go with the colors every season. 

In order to enjoy this charm as much as possible, 
the entire shopping mall is decorated like a large park
equipped with a large garden, trees, and lakes.
As well as various of outdoor activities like golf, hiking, tennis, 
skiing and ice skating.

It's one of the most popular resort places in Japan,
so much that the Japanese emperor and his family go yearly. 

So in this article,
we're going to write about a few things you can enjoy 
around Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza during your favorite season.

As well as talking a bit about Kusatsu Onsen!
 is a famous onsen resort that's known for
being one of the three major onsens in Japan.

 Karuizawa is an upmarket mountain resort in Nagano Prefecture.

If you're using the JR Kanto Area Pass,
then it's a lot more convenient for you to come here directly!
Or you can take the Seibu bus.

 ðŸŒ¸  ðŸŒž  ðŸ  ⛄ 

Great Stores and Things for Any Season

 Karuizawa Resort Buffet Style Restaurant 
 - Hare Tera - 
 This landscape itself is beautiful!
It's easy to forget to stop by because you're busy 
getting bargains from other brands 
but this place is really a place you should make an effort to go to.

It's a buffet-style restaurant that includes
 special dishes of fresh vegetable and fruit as well as alcohols in Karuizawa.

The buffet is set around these gorgeous wooden pillars,
but go inside and you'll see a variety of local Karuizawa produced goods for sale.

Naturally made products such as miso that comes in a variety of colors,
fruits and veggies such as blueberries, peaches, and cherries.One can't forget handmade ham and Karuizawa beer, wine, and sake etc.

Karuizawa Resort Buffet Style Restaurant 
 - Hare Tera -
Floor Guide: NEW EAST (NE-06)
Breakfast Set (Optional Western/Japanese style  9:00 ~ 11:00, 
last orders at 10:00 ) 1,000yen + TAX
☎ 0267-41-2466

It's super important to mention that all the yummy jam here
are free from artificial ingredients!

You can find more than 50 flavors of fruit jam at Sawaya. 

Select from the all-time favorite strawberries, blueberries, oranges,
to the not so common plums and kiwi!

You can try the fruit jam with the bite-size biscuits at the shop! 
All are original handmade original jams
that is 100% made from fruit 
produced in Nagano.

Floor Guide: Souvenir Court (SC-08)

Mikado Coffee
At Mikado Coffee, you can find high-quality coffee beans from around the world. The coffee beans are roasted and prepared by professionals for the customers.  

In Japan you see a lot of over pour,
so Chemex, Hario V60 Dripper, and Kalita Wave Drippers.
Mikado Coffee uses the Japanese coffee culture and tries
to retain the aroma, body, flavor, and acidity of each coffee. 
A large variety of their beans have a tangy undertone, 
which they believe is the best taste you can get from the coffee beans.

 If you are not into coffee, don't worry, 
you can still try their popular Mocha Ice Cream! 
It is so good!! 
(280 yen/cone)

 Mikado Coffee 
Floor Guide: CENTRAL MALL (CM-08)
☎ 0267-42-0549

And if you like the coffee you had at Mikado so much⇩

If you loved the type of coffee you had at Mikado
or just want to see what sort of kitchenware is sold here,
we recommend checking out BETTER LIVING.
Here they sell some gorgeous Gooseneck kettles
and a variety of brewers (not just the ones we mentioned).
Great for those who like brewing their own coffee.
You can also find some interesting "MADE IN JAPAN" kitchenware here!

Floor Guide: WEST MALL (W-15)
-Animals not allowed-

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
🏢KARUIZAWA PRINCE SHOPPING PLAZA Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 
⏰ Shops, Food Court, Restaurant, Cafe: 10:00~7:00
Karuizawa Aji no Machi: 11:00~22:00
TULLY'S COFFEE: 9:30~19:30
(※changes depending on season)
💳VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Union Pay credit cards are accepted

🌸  ðŸŒž  ðŸ  ⛄ 

Going to Kusatsu Onsen
from Karuizawa Station

 After shopping and whatnot,
we took a bus from Karuizawa to Kusatsu Onsen. 
If you go to the bus stop on the other side of Karuizawa Station, 
you can take a bus directly to Kusatsu Onsen.

Bus to Kusatsu Onsen is available at Karuizawa Station No.2 bus stop!

🚌Kusatsu Express Bus (草津交通バス)
One way 2,200 yen

Kusatsu Onsen
 Kusatsu Onsen is a small town nestled in mountains where visitors can experience nature all year round.
Kusatsu Onsen boasts the largest flowing water volume of all hot springs in Japan.
Click here to learn more about the natural spring water of Kusatsu Onsen, which is one of Japan's most acidic, kills almost all bacteria and microorganisms and has superior antibacterial power.

The hot springs acidic water has a high quality and concentration of
sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and chloride.
Which crystallizes into Kusatsu's "yunohana", a natural bath salt.

 Lowering the temperature of the water

Many people come to Kusatsu Onsen to see a traditional service called jikan-yuThe hot springs are said to be about 65℃ (149℉), which is, of course, waaaayyyyy too hot to take a bath in.
So in order to make it bearable, 
they stir the hot springs water with long planks
to cool it to roughly 48
℃ (118℉).
This act of stirring the water is called "yumomi

This method of lowering the water temperature also serves as an important pre-bathing exercise. In addition, breathing steam into the body also has therapeutic effects. Everyone sings a special song at this time, which further stimulates deep breathing, adding to the absorption of steam and healing effects yumomi.

 If you thought it was amazing during the day,
you've gotta go when it's dark out!!!🌙💖

Many people just go out in the robes and slippers from their hotels
and walk around Kusatsu Onsen at night.
We recommend at least wearing slippers that way you can stick your feet in the hot foot bath ♨👣✨

 ðŸŒ¸  ðŸŒž  ðŸ  ⛄ 

Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉)
🏢Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma

🏨 Best Place to Stay around Karuizawa? ðŸ¨


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