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Driving around and Enjoying Japan in the Fall ๐Ÿ Visit Some Unknown Places in Japan to See Japan's Autumn Colors

with Nissan Rent-a-Car

 ๐Ÿ Driving around and Enjoying Japan in the Fall ๐Ÿ

JAPANKURU has been all around to see its lovely autumn leaves,
it really is hard to choose which place is best.
This time we chose 3 places that may not be on your regular travel lists
to give you a sort of adventure plan!!
These places are of course accessible via trains and busses,
but in our experience renting a car and driving around
is the best way to experience and see Japan's fall colors.


from Tokyo or the Local Area 
There are no limits to where you can rent a car in Japan.
If you're going somewhere in the Tokyo region,
really the best thing to do would be to rent a car from Tokyo 
and make a fun road trip out of it. 
We have also taken a train to many places and 
once we arrived rented a car.

For an idea of the places you can rent a car within Japan
click here!


 Things to Make Sure Before Renting a Car 

⊛If booked in advance⊛
๐Ÿ—นInternational driver's license
๐Ÿ—นConfirm whether the vehicle is designated
๐Ÿ—นExpressway ETC card loan ↠ ::: Pass through toll gates with ETC :::

⊛Rent on the spot⊛
⊶ Cash and credit cards accepted

You will need an international driver's license!
How to get one
1. Copy of your passport

2. Driver's license
3. One passport-size photo


Exploring Japan's Fall Leaves in 5 Areas
1. Hokkaido
2. Yamagata
3. Tochigi
4. Hakone
5. Kyoto


 1. Hokkaido 
Hokkaido is the most northern part of Japan
and has a strong image of being a winter wonderland.⛄
While it is completely beautiful during the winter,
it can be just as beautiful in the fall!
One place in particular is within Sapporo.

Nakajima Park
Nakajima Park was chosen as one of 
"100 Most Popular Urban Parks in Japan (ๆ—ฅๆœฌ้ƒฝๅธ‚ๅ…ฌๅœ’100้ธ)". 
It is located in the middle of downtown Sapporo 
next to the Susukino shopping district and is filled with rich nature. 
Within the park, you will find a beautiful pond surrounded by trees 
and important cultural properties such as the Hoheikan (่ฑŠๅนณ้คจ) and Hassokan (ๅ…ซ็ช“ๅบต), Japanese Garden (ๆ—ฅๆœฌๅบญๅœ’), the Concert Hall Kitara, 
and an astronomical observatory.
Similar to Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, 
when you go you are sure to see people relaxing on their mats, 
many joggers, and people walking their dogs.

Have you ever seen leaves so beautiful!?!?!

๐ŸNakajima Park (ไธญๅณถๅ…ฌๅœ’)
๐Ÿข1 Nakajima Koen, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Google Maps
Map Code: 9 462 297*32

Kirin Beer Garden
Just outside of Nakajima Park (or Sapporo Grand Hotel) is Kirin Beer Garden.
It's also next to one of the three main Sapporo Beer Gardens.

Here you can devour numerous of Hokkaido original foods and ingredients.
Food like the ever delicious Genghis Khan.

Then wash it all down with draft beer from
one of Japan's top beer company, KIRIN.

The garden staff said the beer itself is directly sent from 
Kirin Beer's Chitose factory so this is a great place to stop by for draft beer 
and good food lovers!

๐ŸบKIRIN BEER GARDEN (ใ‚ญใƒชใƒณใƒ“ใƒผใƒซๅœ’) 
๐Ÿข1-1-60, Minami-10-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Map Code: 9 463 489*60

If you're coming from the New Chitose Airport in Sapporo
it really is easiest to rent a car to travel around Hokkaido
since everything is pretty spread out.
Taking trains is of course doable,
but if you want to rent a car each car rental company has a free shuttle bus
that will take you from New Chitose Airport to their store.

Nissan Rent-a-Car New Chitose Airport (ๆ—ฅ็”ฃใƒฌใƒณใ‚ฟใ‚ซใƒผๆ–ฐๅƒๆญณ็ฉบๆธฏๅบ—)
๐Ÿข2-2-๏ผ• Kashiwadai Minami, Chitose, Hokkaido
Special Business Hours
(7/1~9/30) 8am~10pm
(11/1~3/31) 8:30am~7:30pm
๐Ÿ’ปNew Chitose Airport Store Details (English)


 2. Yamagata 
Yamagata Prefecture is a part of Tohoku, the northeastern region of Japan.
Probably the most popular place to visit in Yamagata Prefecture is Tendo, 
which is famous for its natural hot springs (onsens) 
and shogi (traditional Japanese chess).
Within Yamagata, 
there is one of our favorite places to get, in our opinion,
the best view of Yamagata's fall colors.

Jakushoji Temple
Jakushouji (่‹ฅๆพๅฏบ) in Yamagata Prefecture is one of the most famous temples where people go and make wishes for love 
(the other is Izumo Taisha Temple in Shimane Prefecture).
There are plenty of things to do and see here, 
but one thing that stands out is you can go up to an observatory and
get the most breathtaking view of Yamagata's mountains 
showing off their fall colors.

These colors though๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

๐ŸJakushoji (่‹ฅๆพๅฏบ)
๐Ÿข2205-1 Yamamoto, Tendo, Yamagata
Google Maps
Map Code: 62 410 200 * 58

Don't forget about Yamagata's Onsens!
As mentioned above, the hot springs are one of Yamagata Prefectures charms.
So if you have the chance try to relax in an outdoor hot spring 

so you can get a glimpse of the surrounding nature while you soak.

All kinds of airport transportation are provided, 
for example, buses, taxi, and trains. 
we highly suggest you rent a rental car which can make your journey 
easier and more comfortable!!

At the Yamagata Airport, you can find rental car companies like NISSAN, TOYOTA, NIPPON RENT-A-CAR, and Times Car RENTAL. 
We recommend renting through NISSAN Rent A Car 
mainly because of their quick and easy reservation service.

★NISSAN Rent A Car - Yamagata Airport Outlet
Address: 3008 Kashiwabara-Shinrin, Hanyu, Higashine, Yamagata


 3. Tochigi 
Nikko historical hotel, KANAYA HOTEL
Right next to Tokyo, 
Tochigi Prefecture is probably best known for the beautiful 
UNESCO World Heritage city Nikko.
Since everyone knows the beauties of Nikko,

JAPANKURU decided to introduce a different part of Tochigi
to see Japan's colorful autumn leaves.
That place is called Nasu.

Mt. Nasudake
(้‚ฃ้ ˆๅฒณ)
Nasu Ropeway
Mt. Chausu (Nasu Dake) is located at the north end of Tochigi, 
and is one of the Kanto region's most well-known, 
active volcanoes.
If you like climbing mountains, 
there are plenty of walking trails are suitable for beginners and families. 
Or you can take the ropeway to Mt. Chausu’s 9th station,
the main peak in Nasu’s volcanic belt, 
and climb up to the summit from there.
Once you reach the top of Mt. Chausu there is a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain below that will blow your mind.

Sure being around an active volcano can be nerve-racking,
but the sight is so beautiful it is sure to be something you will never forget!

๐ŸNasu Ropeway (้‚ฃ้ ˆใƒญใƒผใƒ—ใ‚ฆใ‚งใ‚ค)
Google Maps
๐Ÿ“žNasu Ropeway: 0287-76-2449 
Map Code: 9 463 489*60
๐Ÿ“†Period in operation: March 17th〜November 30th
Winter: 9am〜4pm
*Runs every 20mins

๐Ÿ’ฐRound trip: 1,800yen (Junior high school students and above), 900yen (3 years old to elementary school students)
One way: 950yen (Junior high school students and above), 480yen (3 years old to elementary school students)

Kita Onsen
After hiking on Mt. Nasudake, 
how about getting in a hot spring to refresh and relax a bit?
This famous traditional hot spring was found 160 years ago, 
and it is located in a remote part of the mountain!

Since this hot spring is so old,
the baths are mixed gender!
After a certain time, Japan changed the laws 
of allowing mixed gender baths,
but any hot springs that were built before the law was made
are allowed to stay and advertise as such.

๐ŸKita Onsen (ๅŒ—ๆธฉๆณ‰)
๐Ÿข151 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture
Map Code: 548 749 478*16
๐Ÿ’ฐHot spring only: 700yen

For those interested in Nikko during the fall!

Nikko, Taiyuin Temple (ๅคง็Œท้™ขๅปŸ)

For some recommendation sites in Nikko to visit during the fall
check out our articles from our visit to Nikko last year!

Traveling Nikko 1/2 - UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Japan

Akechidaira Plateau (ๆ˜Žๆ™บๅนณ)

Traveling Nikko 2/2 - Travel Nikko's Beautiful Nature

If you do rent a car and go to Nikko,
Irohazaka worth mentioning!
 This loopy road connects the lower part of Nikko
to its mountain areas.

A little fun fact!
The first three syllables of the Japanese alphabet
 used to be "i,ro,ha" (now is "a,i,u,e,o").
There are 48 syllables total in the Japanese alphabet,
and 48 hairpin turns on the slope,
so Irohazaka ("zaka" means "slope")
was named to match!


 4. Hakone 
Everyone knows Hakone!
Along with Nikko, it is probably THE place to go see Japan's autumn colors

if you are coming from the Tokyo region.
Since it is such a popular place,
we thought it would be neat to share a fun way to see all the beautiful colors
in Hakone that you may not have thought about before.

Hakone Pirate Ship
(็ฎฑๆ นๆตท่ณŠ่ˆน)
On this pirate ship you sail around Hakone's Lake Ashi
and gaze at the Kuzuryu Jinja Shrine, Hakone-jinja, 
and the surrounding mountains.  
There are 3 different ships, the Royal II, Victory, and Vasa.
All are said to be based off old Frech ships.

๐ŸHakone Pirate Ship (็ฎฑๆ นๆตท่ณŠ่ˆน)
Access from Hakonemachi-ko 
๐Ÿข161 Hakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 
Map Code: 57 063 369*18
๐Ÿ’ฐOne way: Adult 1000yen, Child 500yen
Round trip: Adult 1840yen, Child 910yen

Don't forget about Hakone's black eggs!!

What is the secret behind the black eggs (Kuro Tamago)??
Raw eggs are boiled in Hakone hot spring water 
which contains sulfur and iron. 
The black color of iron sulfide is actually a result of the reaction 
with hydrogen sulfide!!

People believe that just eating one black egg can add seven years to your life.

There are many places you can see and get Hakone's black eggs,

but one of the most famous places to get black eggs and goods 

๐ŸฅšOwakudani Kurotamago Kan (ๅคงๆถŒ่ฐทใใ‚ใŸใพใ”้คจ)
๐Ÿข161 Hakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 
Map Code: 57 242 741*45
⏰Shop: 9am~4pm
Selling of black eggs: 9am~4:40pm
*There are chances of the eggs being sold out


 5. Kyoto 
Just for the sake of adding it in,
Kyoto is also a WONDERFUL place to see Japan's autumn foliage.
The deep red trees are our personal favorite
because they go so well with the traditional Japanese atmosphere.

While you're there you can even get dolled up as a geisha BY a real geisha,
walk around Kyoto and have your picture taken.

Another fun thing to check out while in Kyoto is the manga capsule hotel COMICAP!

More info below⇩

Comics x Capsule Hotel Kyoto! COMICAP

Starting off your trip in Osaka isn't uncommon!
So like in other airports, you can rent a car from Kansai Airport in Osaka
and make a Kansai region trip of it!


Renting a car to see Japan's Autumn Leaves

Like mentioned above,
there are THOUSANDS of places to see Japan's autumn leaves.
Kamakura, Nikko, Kyoto, etc.
Really you can't go wrong!
For those who are looking for an idea of some not so touristy places,
then JAPANKURU recommends you looking into the places
we mentioned above! 

Happy fall~!

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