Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Japanese Makeup | Get a Shiny, Winter Illuminated Look with Japanese Cosmetics Brand CANMAKE

Your clothes aren't the only things that change once it becomes winter. Your skincare routine and makeup changes too! As we transition from fall to winter, it is very easy for our skin to get dry which is why sometimes we need that extra glow added in our makeup. Rather than focusing on bronzy colors, this winter the trend is all about rosy colors and illuminated formulas that leave a radiant finish. Which is why this time using Japanese cosmetics brand CANMAKE, we did a look that is simple but will assure to keep you glowing this winter.  

❄️What you'll need❄️

☃️ Eyeshadow Primer
Lasting Multi Eyebase WP

⛷️ Eyeshadow
Jewelstar Eyes

☃️ Eyeliner
Lasting Liquid Liner

⛷️ Blush
Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek

☃️ Highlighter
Cream Highlighter

⛷️ Lip Balm
Stay-On Balm Rouge


💫Lasting Multi Eyebase WP💫

Whenever applying eyeshadow, you want the color to not only last all day but to pop. Just like with foundation, using an eye primer is so important. Some people only think to use eyeshadow primer on their eyelids but that isn't the case! For example, we like using the primer from CANMAKE on our brows and under our eyes. It keeps your eyebrows from smudging off and helps prevent your concealer from creasing. This particular formula is waterproof and prevents makeup bleeding, fading, or running. So its best to think of as a multipurpose product that you shouldn't leave out of your makeup routine. 

 A little goes a long way! Apply and spread evenly 

#1 is without the base and #2 is with!

Lasting Multi Eyebase WP
500yen + tax

💫Jewelstar Eyes💫
Available in 6 colors, this eyeshadows best point is its shimmer. Normally to create such a sparkle a loose powder is best but this pressed powder eyeshadow gives you complete control. Once you apply the eyeshadow, it has a melting effect making the application process easier and more precise so you don't need to worry about flyaways. This time we wore it as a full eye eyeshadow, but it also works great as a small highlight dabbing a small amount in the center of your eyelid. 

 Jewelstar Eyes 
6 colors available
Color used: No. 1 Crystal Silver
580yen + tax

💫Lasting Liquid Liner💫
 This is our favorite eyeliner out of the bunch because of the ultra-fine tip that gives you control of even the cleanest cat eye swoop. Plus the quick-drying liquid is strong against smearing and running.

Lasting Liquid Liner
2 colors available
Color used: No. 2 Bitter Choco Brown
900yen + tax

💫Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek💫
Since the formula is pretty bold, we recommend you start with dabbing just a bit on desired areas to start with then blend, blend, blend! When blending it the product becomes smooth and dry so you can be sure to not have that sticky residue feeling on your cheeks.

💫Cream Highlighter💫
 Provides definition and a natural-looking sheen that makes skin look illuminated from within. Packed with micro-pearls that provide an understated, dewy sheen, rather than garish glitter. Where you apply highlighter varies from person to person, but the idea is to put this shimmery stuff on those places that might naturally catch the light. This time for the ultimate glistening look we put the highlighter along the temples, the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, the high point of the cheekbones, and the center of the chin. Some other good spots are on your browbone (just below the arch of the eyebrow), along your collarbones, and the inner corner of the eye. 

 Cream Highlighter
2 colors available
Color used: No. 3 Luminous Snow
580yen + tax

💫Stay-on Balm Rouge💫
The Stay-On Balm Rouge series is one of the most popular items among CANMAKE's lip series. This all in one lip balm enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting lips. Out of the fourteen colors, four are a long-lasting tinted type consists of four colors of red, pink, semi-coral, and a semi-burgundy. Since it's a tint type, it comes off as a transparent sheer color on the lips. Or if you could also apply them after your favorite lipstick for an enhanced softness, dewy lip look.

Stay-on Balm Rouge
14 colors available
Color used: T1 Little Anemone
580yen + tax




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