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Hostels in Osaka - Hostel/Guesthouse Located in the "Harajuku of Osaka" Amerikamura | STAY in the City AMEMURA

One of Osaka's Best Hostel
in the Amerikamura District

 Osaka, the most popular sightseeing spot for Westerners, is a vibrant city 365 days a year. It is said that Osaka residents resemble Westerners more than in Tokyo because they are more outspoken and less introverted which makes Osaka one of the most exciting places to visit in Japan. One of the reasons that foreigners are also attracted to the Osaka area is because you can get a sense of both past and present. You can enjoy the ruins like Osaka Castle, theme park Universal Studios, and districts like Dotonbori and Tsutenkaku. Another area that cannot be left out of your Osaka trip is Amerikamura, a.k.a Amemura. It is often called to be the Harajuku of Osaka so you can expect to see all sorts of Osakan pop culture here. This time during our trip to Osaka, JAPANKURU stayed at a hostel in Amemura. Since the location is something that you cannot compete with, we thought sharing it with everyone was a must. 

🏨STAY in the City AMEMURA
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🚉 Access: 8min walk from Shinsaibashi Station, 10min walk from Namba Station
⏰ Check-in time is from
Check-out is at 11am
📞 06-6575-7720
Free WIFI available
💻 Official website (ENG)

Why STAY in the City AMEMURA?
 There are a number of benefits to staying at hostel STAY in the City AMEMURA, 
but there are 3 that seem to stand out the most. 

 The first and most important would be location. STAY in the City AMEMURA is situated in the Chuo Ward district of Osaka, which is known for being a hyper-busy, lit up entertainment district that offers tons of bars, music venues, antique clothing stores, and more. 

Another would be the cleanliness and facilities available. Your main idea of a hostel might just be a place to sleep and that is it but the vicinity is very clean and they offer important amenities and services like a washer and dryer and even lend you a converter/adapter just in case you forgot yours.

 Something else worth mentioning is the extensive on-site facilities which provide a great chance to communicate with locals. 

Inside STAY in the City AMEMURA


A Room for up to Four People
① Amemura Terrace
 Starting with the biggest room, as mentioned in the name this room comes with a terrace about the size of another room! More of a hotel style, you rent the room allowing up to four people can stay in this room comfortably.

 Massive, comfy beds

Beyond huge terrace 

 Along with the wide open space useful amenities such as a toothbrush, brush, towels, washcloth, refrigerator, shampoo & conditioner, etc. come with the room.

You have your own bathroom with a shower and tub.

 Room for up to Two People
② Twin Room

This room is a private room for two. Similar to the Amemura Terrace, the room facilities offered are just like at a hotel, towels, shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush, a razor, slippers, etc. Something that also sticks out is the closet space where you can fit all your luggage there and then some. 

 A bright room with plenty of space

Plus a closet and desk 

A rarity at most hostels, body mirrors 

Your own private bathroom is of course available!

Eighteen Person Type

Here the same amenities offered as the other dormitory type rooms,
just for those of a bigger group!
Now starting with the traditional hostel system, there are multi-gender four-bed rooms which is a plus for opposite gender couples. For women that may feel uncomfortable staying in the same room with the opposite sex, the 7F of the hostel is for women only. There is also a washstand, toilet, shower, and a security box in the room. Also if the room is available, renting the entire room if you are in a group is also an option. 

Similar to the four-person type, this six-person dormitory type room also comes with a sink, toilet, shower, safety boxes, and headboard lights. There is also a spacious area in front of the sink to put your luggage.

For Single Travelers or Those Looking to Save!
③ Dormitory (7F is for women only)

Bunk beds enough to room 18 people 

Each person has their own security box 

Sink, bathroom, lamps, outlets available 

Shared shower and bathroom,
just look how clean everything is! 

Despite being a shared toilet, it is super clean!

Vietnamese Restaurant and Bar + Snack (Japanese Karaoke Bar)

 On the first and second floor, there is a full-scale Vietnamese restaurant and bar that has been modernized. Using real seasoning from Vietnam, they make some of the best Vietnamese soul food like the famous pho and banh mi. 

  SOBER TIGER is particularly proud of their banh mi, which for those who do not know is like a sandwich that is loaded with meat, vegetables or fried egg. But what is special is the bread that originated from the French baguette during the French colonial rule. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here, or if you just want a bite take-out is also an option. Along with these dishes, they also offer original alcohol.

 Order on the first floor then come and eat on the second.

Connected to the restaurant is a Japanese "snack bar" which are bars that specialize in entertainment and normally have elder women working the bar. It is a great place to hang out and connect with Japanese people that come to hang out in Amemura. Here at KYU you can get a great sense of Japan's nightlife culture.

Amerikamura, "Amemura"
The Harajuku of Osaka

Amerikamura, or better known as Amemura, is the center of creative fashion and entertainment in Kansai. The name means "American Village" which gives you a look at the Japanese point of view of an America but a reason is apparently due to the focus that is put on Western import goods. However, once you go here you are more likely to see things specific to Japan from its open ranged fashion trends and small food shops. Mentioned a bit above, if you are wanting to check out the music scene in the area Amemura is a great place to do that! The hostel staff gave us all sorts of recommendations so if there is anything you want to check out specifically like a good used clothing store feel free to ask them.

Mitsui Park (御津公園) also called Triangle Park

Massive colorful cotton candy from TOTTI CANDY FACTORY
 If you are looking for more of the famous spots, just 2mins from the hostel is Mitsui Park (御津公園) also called Triangle Park (三角公園;Sankaku koen). It is a bit small but it is considered a sort of hangout spot for many and you are sure to see some of Osaka's fashion trends here. If you are wanting something to eat, Osaka is FAMOUS for its takoyaki (balls of dough with octopus inside). On the corner in front of the park, just a minute from the hostel is Osaka's famous Kogaryu Takoyaki (甲賀流). Originating in Amemura, they have been serving takoyaki in for decades. So feel free to get some to go and eat at Mitsui Park like many of the locals do. 

Japan's longest ice cream cone from Pop Sweet
Area FAMOUS takoyaki from Koaru Takoyaki (甲賀流)

Juicy meat at yakiniku restaurant Fumiya (​ふみや)

Location is such an important factor when choosing a hotel.
So if you are looking for a convenient place to stay that is surrounded by some of Osaka's most exciting city life and not wanting to spend a ton we sincerely recommend staying at STAY in the City AMEMURA.

🏨STAY in the City AMEMURA
Google Maps
🚉 Access: 8min walk from Shinsaibashi Station, 10min walk from Namba Station
⏰ Check-in time is from 4pm
Check-out is at 11am
📞 06-6575-7720 
Free WIFI available
💻 Official website (ENG)



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