Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Shopping at Omotesando Hills|Fashion Sportswear Brand in Japan That's Gaining Popularity 💀Hydrogen💀

 Omotesando Hills is an upscale shopping center built along a 250 meter stretch of Omotesando, a trendy shopping area filled with high-end shops in the Shibuya and Minato Wards of Tokyo. Sometimes compared to Paris's Champs-Élysées, Omotesando is well known for its wealth of designer shops and boutiques. Omotesando Hills lives up to that reputation, and then some.
The building contains five floors of chic and cosmopolitan stores, nearly all of which fall into the fashion, jewelry, and beauty categories. But this time we are stopping by a specific store known in the sports world.

If you follow tennis, you probably have seen the skull logo on players’ clothing at some point. An unexpected logo on tennis courts, partnered with some bold designs, you probably wondered what kind of brand it is. Well, it is Italian luxury sportswear brand Hydrogen.

Hydrogen as a Brand

Hydrogen a worldwide famous brand in Italian Luxury Sportswear. Designer Alberto Bresci founded Hydrogen in 2003 primarily starting off with a special focus of tennis wear but now has added golf to the mix. Hydrogen is an unprecedented innovative idea of collaboration with fashion and a completely different brand in a completely different industry, the first Italian brand that established a new genre called sportswear with a luxury image. 

Known for Its Bold Designs

The Hydrogen pieces are definitely noticeable on tennis courts. The skull logo for one thing, but the tennis line also features some bold designs. Comparing the Hydrogen tennis collection to more ‘traditional’ tennis clothing, you can definitely say the Italian brand is more out there. With lightning bolts, big numbers, American flags and camouflage colors the brand has some new and exciting elements and could well challenge current tennis fashion standards.

Opening doors on international markets is part of an important expansion project that is in continuous evolution. The blend of sports and luxury, typical of Hydrogen, can be experienced in our new icon store of Milan, in all variants of the world to confer a coordinated image. We have decided to focus on enhancing the quality of our products with a typically "Made in Italy" style.

Currently the stores most popular items.

The current trend focus is camo.

We were impressed that how light everything was.

There are two stores in Tokyo, one in Omotesando and one in Ginza. Since the clientele is different, you can expect the clothes and the whole set up of the store to be a bit different as well. For example these two items above.
The store clerk said these are two of Hydrogen Omotesando's limited items.

Omotesando Hills main building 2F, 4-12-10, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps
Business hours: Mon-Sat 11am~9pm, Sun 11am~8pm




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