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Great Photo Spot in Odaiba | Going to Odaiba Tokyo to Go Inside the Fuji Tv Building Observation Deck

Odaiba (お台場) is a popular area in Tokyo that is primarily known for sightseeing spots such as the Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari, AQUA CiTY ODAIBAGundam statue (which recently changed to the Unicorn Gundam in 2017), and The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). Aside from the Statue of Liberty, that many people intimidate, and Gundam statue, that goes into destroy mode many times a day, there is another famous symbol of Odaiba, and that is the big ball of the Fuji TV Building. Not many people know this...but you can actually go inside this giant ball! So this time JAPANKURU went to Fuji TV for the first time to see what we could learn about one of Japan's major TV stations.


Getting to the Fuji TV Building
The closest station from the Fuji TV Building is Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line, but you can also get there from the Rinkai Line's Tokyo Teleport Station. Once you get to the building, there are 2 different entrances in.

 If you are coming from down below on the ground, there is an entrance there to the far left of the building as well.

Or if you are already on the overhead passenger walk, then you can take the escalator that goes in between the building. 

Souvenir Shop
After you go up the escalator before going to the observation deck, there is a souvenir store that has goods related Fuji TV and the anime and TV shows that are on their station. A few items really stood out to us while we were looking around the shop. Selling snacks and anime goods make sense...but a whole area for TV announcers? TV announcers in Japan have the same status as celebrities. Which would make sense why all of them have the young kawaii look. Different from the West, it is looks over ability. Which is something really interesting to learn about Japan. Walk towards the side and you will see anime specific rooms. Their DBZ room, for example, is beyond this world! Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures, but the room decoration was over the top and they sold limited Dragonball Z goods. 

Fuji TV Shop "Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san)"

Fuji TV Building's Observation Deck
To the right of the gift shop is the ticket box and elevator for going to Fuji TV's observation deck. The spherical observation room originally is open until 6pm but for a limited time, it is open until 8pm! So once you get your ticket(s) take the elevator that leads directly up into the ball.

Fuji TV Observation Deck
12/22/2018〜1/6/2019: 10am〜8pm (last entry until 7:30)
💴Adults (high school+) 550yen, Children 300yen

On the main floor is the main observatory, that has huge windows offering great, scenic views in all directions. The view of Odaiba is easily the main attraction, but there are also things to do while on the main floor. They have special events often so it is not always the same, but currently, with the theme of a "sports park" there are a lot of interactive activities like VR, bouldering, ping pong, and basketball. We were told the next special event to be held will involve Dragon Ball Z! 

Like we said, visiting the Fuji TV Observation Deck gives you a prime view of the prettiest part of the city, with Rainbow Bridge, yakatabune (a unique Japanese-style wooden tour boat that shines at night), and other things in the background. The real transformation of the city changes once it gets dark. Once it gradually got darker more and more people came and began setting up their camera stands. We did not know until recently that you could even have access to Fuji TV, but apparently many people come every day just to take cityscape pictures/videos/time-lapse photos of Tokyo Bay and stay until close time. Which is why we are so thankful the Fuji TV Observation Deck extended their business hours until 8pm. It really opened our eyes, giving us a whole new angle and view of Odaiba and Tokyo. So if you are a photography fan or just like visiting observation decks, this can be your little secret spot. 

See the Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks Display from Fuji TV
Photo credit: 花火写真家 金武武
In perfect timing, Odaiba will be having one their most famous firework displays, the "Odaiba Rainbow Hanabi (fireworks)".  The "Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks" is held every winter when the skies are clear so that you can see the fireworks at their best. Not only will there be fireworks, but the Odaiba area will also be lit up with colorful lights so you can really enjoy the bay area. On Saturday, 22nd, there will also be music accompanying the fireworks🎆♪♬ You can enjoy the fireworks from many spots in Odaiba, but for the perfect view and photo spot, viewing it from Fuji TV would be your best bet.

🎆Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 2018
📅 December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (every Saturday)
⏰Starts at 7pm

Other Great Things to See in the Observation Deck
Inside the ball there are several floors that you can check out. Aside from just seeing the beautiful view from inside the observation deck, you can explore the actual set used for the network's most popular TV show Mezamashi TV (めざましテレビ), which is a morning news and talk show. The brightly-colored set give you a glimpse of Japan's TV culture. We for one LOVE how bright and almost chaotic the sets are for most talk shows in here in Tokyo. Everything on the set from the tables to the light fixtures are original. There is also an autograph wall across from the set showing Japanese and international celebrities who have visited the set.

Going to Fuji TV Building's Observation Deck
Part of the fun of visiting Fuji TV's observation deck is the chance to check out the building itself. Normally you would think a TV station would not be open to the public, which is what makes the Fuji TV Building so great. The building itself is probably the most distinctive-looking building in Odaiba, so being granted access is like a dream come true. 

FUJI TV (フジテレビ)
Google Maps
12/12/2018〜1/6/2019: 10am〜8pm (last entry until 7:30)
💰Adults (high school+) 550yen, Children 300yen
Official website (ENG)
Observation Deck info page (JPN)

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