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#Culture ♪ The Best Hakone Experience - Japanese Hot Springs Theme Park at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Japan's famous hot spring town Hakone 
takes things to the next level

YUNESSUN - Hot Spring Theme Park

 #Culture ♪ The Best Hakone Experience - Japanese Hot Springs Theme Park at Kowakien Yunessun

In April 2017 there was a new opening of a stylish and luxurious ryokan (hot spring hotel)
in the ever famous Hakone, called
Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu

Hakone is one of Japan's most famous hot spring towns. 
Hakone is close enough to Tokyo to where you can get there easily, 
but far enough to where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.
It's roughly a 2 hour drive, located in Kanagawa Prefecture on a mountain region that borders Mt. Fuji.  
It's said that the last eruption of a volcano in Hakone was some 3000 years ago.
Today, much of the area is an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, 

hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced. 

There are many ways to go to Hakone, but we took the Hakone Tozan Train!
The Hakone Tozan Train climbs the mountain slopes, giving you full access to the plant and animal life of Hakone. Each season has it's on specialty view.
Being summer here, we got to see Hakone's beautiful Hydrangea.

 Aren't they beautiful!? 

We went to visit the hometown of hot springs, to of course, 
enjoy the spa and it's health and beauty secrets! 
There are many to choose from, 
but we wanted to have a little fun with our beauty care.
Thus, we chose

~⁂Hot Spring Theme Park - YUNESSUN⁂~

★Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
๐Ÿ–ฅ: 1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access from Shinjuku: There are two different options from Shinjuku Station
  • Shinjuku Station→ Hakone Yumoto Station→ Kowaki-en Bus Stop Route
    (total time about 110 minutes)
    • From Shinjuku station take the limited-express Romance Car (Odakyu line) to Hakone Yumoto Station (about 90 minutes)
      From Hakone Yumoto Station take the HakoneTozan Bus or the Izu-Hakone Bus to Kowaki-en Bus stop (about 20 minutes). Just up the hill from Kowaki-en Bus Stop.
  • Shinjuku Station→ Odawara Station→ Kowaki-en Bus Stop Route
    (total time about 110 minutes)
    • From Shinjuku station take the limited-express Romance Car (Odakyu line) to Odawara Station (about 70 minutes)
      Ther rest from Odawara Station is the same as above (except travel time is about 40 minutes from Odawara Station)
Access from Tokyo Station: From Tokyo Station you will take the the Bullet Train 1/2 way
  • Tokyo Station→ Odawara Station→ Kowaki-en route (time about 75 minutes) 
    • From Tokyo Station take the Shinkansen Kodama to Odawara Station (about 35 minutes)
      From Odawara Station take the HakoneTozan Bus or the Izu-Hakone Bus to Kowaki-en Bus stop (about 40 minutes). Just up the hill from Kowaki-en Bus Stop.
☏: 0460-82-4126
⏰:  YUNESSUN (bathing suit ok!) 9:00~6:00pm
     Mori no Yu(naked - no bathing suit)  11:00~8:00pm
๐Ÿ’ด: YUNESSUN  (suit ok)Aduts 2,900 yen ・ Age 65+ 1,700children 1,600
   Mori no Yu  (no suit)   Adults: 1,900 yen ・ Age 65+ children 1,200
    Entrance to both (YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu)
       Adults 4,100 yen ・ Age 65+ 2,200
children 2,100
๐Ÿ’ปYunessun Official Website (English) :


Why do we call it a hot spring theme park you ask? 
It's because YUNESSUN is SOOO much more than your average hot spring. 
 You can wear you swimsuit, which is nice for some since bathing nude in public isn't something everyone is comfortable with 
but would still like to experience the Japanese hot springs. 
Furthermore, they have different ways to enjoy the spa facilities!!! 


What are the interesting hot springs available at YUNESSUN? 
Let us introduce them to you, one by one!

1. YUNESSUN's 'Regular' Baths

For you wine-o's out there ~
   ๐Ÿท Red Wine Bath ๐Ÿท♨ 
A big pool with a grape color and rich aroma. 
Is it really mixed with wine?! Guess you'll just have to come and find out for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿท
We wouldn't recommend you drinking it though hahah๐Ÿ™Š

 For all those tired souls, the red wine bath is just for you! 
It's a rejuvenation bath containing (non-harming) elements to eliminate the effect of fatigue.
As an added bonus, red wine will be added to this hot spring 3 times a day!
Don't miss the action!
SHOW TIME ~ 10: 00๐Ÿท1: 30๐Ÿท4: 00
Please be sure to aim for these times to go!

Or maybe you need a little pick-me-up?
 ♨☕ Coffee Bath ☕♨ 
 Only at YUNESSUN can you try something like this!
A coffee theme hot spring that gives off the crisp fragrance of coffee
is sure to wake you up!
This bath is made of low heat Nel Drip style brewed coffee
said to have recharging, relaxing, skin beautifying effects. 
The coffee bath also has a show time!
This could be you!
SHOW TIME ~ 9: 3012: 30☕3: 30

Something a little stronger?
 ♨๐Ÿถ Sake Bath ๐Ÿถ♨  
Way better than a pool of jello if you ask us!
In the sake bath, a mixture of real Japanese sake comes spouting out
of the the giant sake barrel in the middle, 
releasing the sake aroma. 
Unintentionally, it isn't for drinking, but this bath is great
for circulation and warming up the body.

Or how about a spot of tea?
 ♨๐Ÿต Green Tea Bath ๐Ÿต♨ 
 You can expect beautiful, smooth skin and feeling relaxed
in YUNESSUN's green tea bath.

 This bath is also said to be good for people that are sensitive to the cold.

2. Special Experience Baths
YUNESSUN also features special baths that change monthly!
Here are are some of their MOST POPULAR baths:

 ♨๐ŸŒน Rose Bath ๐ŸŒน♨ 
We're sure taking a rose bath is many girls' dream!
The rose scent is very fresh and relaxing๐Ÿ’Ÿ

♨ Yakuruto (Yakult) and Chocolate Bath ๐Ÿซ♨
Yakuruto (Yakult) is a well known and loved probiotic drink here in Japan. 
They also have their own baseball team, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows!

A chocolate bath looks fun but sticky!!
Maybe you can bring some fruit with you!๐Ÿ˜‰ 

♨● Pearl Bath ●
This time when we went, YUNESSUN featured their Pearl Bath๐Ÿ’–
For those with dry skin concerns, we recommend the pearl bath because
beauty products containing pearl produces moisture.

Looking for some outside fun?

๐ŸŠ  Rodeo Mountain  ๐ŸŠ
An impressive water slide with swift currents. 
Remember! It's a hot spring! So even in winter you can enjoy it!! 

Doesn't that look so fun!?!?

๐Ÿ‰  Dragon's Waterfront  ๐Ÿ‰

You can also experience Hakone's beautiful nature 
while taking a splash in YUNESSUN's splendid hot spring waterfalls!
Or if you'd like to meditate, you're welcome to do that too!๐Ÿ˜‰

๐Ÿ”  Open-air Scenic Bath  ๐Ÿ”

An open air bath that is 40 meters long, 
which is perfect for relaxing and looking out at the beautiful 
Hakone mountains, trees, and nature!

~ Mori no Yu ~

Mori no Yu, located in the same premise, 
features eight kinds of Japanese-style indoor and outdoor baths, including a hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath. 

Another beautiful and relaxing outdoors hot spring! 
Mori no Yu hot springs are more traditional
to the Japanese hot springs image. 

Mori no Yu offers other private and indoor baths, 
but our favorite is the ceramic bath 
which uses Japanese traditional Shigaraki pottery.
It's always fun to see people scrunch inside!

For those with tattoos, we're sorry but tattoos aren't allowed.
Some hot springs are more strict than others,
so we can't promise you will be allowed in.
However! In the bathing suit area, you should be able
to get in if you wear a rash guard or brace of some kind.
If you are unsure, feel free to call and ask๐Ÿ’œ

♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨

Nearby, a new ryokan (Japanese style hotel) opened April 20th, 2017!
It's surrounded by tall mountains 

making you feel like "you aren't in Japan anymore!"

Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu(All photos of Ten-yu are provided by Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu)

Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu is about a 5 minute walk from YUNESSUN.
A perfect walking distance after all the fun you'll have at the hot springs theme park.
The outside might look like it's just your average hotel...
but it's the interior that really gets you.
Let's take a look~~~✨

๐Ÿ›€All Featured Rooms Have an Open-air Onsen Bath๐Ÿ›€
There are 4 different room types with the onsen bath on the balcony:
Japanese Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Suite Room, and Executive Suite Room.
Thanks to the open-air balcony, 
you get a memorable view of the mountains,
gardens, and even the volcanic crater that surrounds Hakone! 
A PERFECT place to take pictures for your album๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿ“–

๐Ÿ›Also Features Rooms With Six Special Themes๐Ÿ›
These special rooms have three rooms built in with a theme of "time and history",
 as well as three other rooms as "nature and Japan's four seasons".

Six people can stay up this room!!

๐ŸŒŠA Hypnotizing Infinity Hot Spring Pool๐ŸŒŠ
We've never seen, let alone heard of an infinity hot spring before!
It's the same idea as an infinity pool, just with a different
sense of relaxation.
This is the ultimate way to enjoy the hot spring under the sky๐ŸŒŸ

The public baths here are perfect for those that
want a new experience and different view of Hakone's
mountains and forests.
We definitely advise you stop by here!

Once you get out of the bath, Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu
has luxurious and clean dressing rooms available.
The dressing room includes 
shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, along
with top notch Japanese skin care products for you to use freely๐Ÿ’–

The public hot spring is open from 05: 00am ~ midnight

๐ŸฑStimulate Your 5 Senses Here!๐Ÿฑ
The chefs of Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu use their excellent skills
to create meals that is true to Japanese style.
They take each ingredient and arrange it to where it is as if each season
was presented in front of you on a plate. 

The care, thought process, and imagination 
involved in these original dishes is truly remarkable. 

Dinner & Restaurant Hours 05: 30pm ~ 10pm (Last order 8:30pm)
Japanese and Western breakfast is also available!

Opening hours are 7am ~ 10am (Last order 9:30am)

Other Available Facilities

Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu also has their own aesthetic massage salon, 
the "An Spa Hakone", as well as yoga center, "Healing Yoga".
Could this place get any better?!
☆An Spa Hakone 

1pm ~ midnight (Last appointment at 11pm)
  = Royal Wood Face Massage 12,500 yen / 50 minutes 
  = Shiseido Qi Body treatment 12,500 yen / 50 minutes 
  = Fragrance Body treatment 11,500 yen / 50 minutes 

☆Healing Yoga
⏰ Morning 07: 00 ~ 07: 44/ 08: 00 ~ 08: 40
      Afternoon 4: 00pm ~ 4: 40pm/ 5: 00pm ~ 5: 40pm
๐Ÿ’ด 1,500 yen/1 person
★ Provides 500ml of water, yoga mats, and towels
★Sign up at the hotel lobby before 6pm the day before 

♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨

We love Japanese hot springs, 
but what really made us happy about Hakone Kowakien Yunessun 
is that everyone and anyone can enjoy themselves!
You can still get the full Japanese hot spring culture experience
and not worry about being naked in public. 
Hakone = hot springs.
And there's NO other hot spring like Kowakien Yunessun!
So come on over to Hakone and experience some of that 
Japanese beauty care.

★Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu
๐Ÿ–ฅ1297 Ninotaira, Hakone, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
(+81) 460 82 5111
๐Ÿ’ปHakone Kowakien Ten-yu Homepage (English):

Check out the nice video of TEN-YU

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