Friday, July 14, 2017


Introducing the website that puts other online shopping sites to shame★
 Super Delivery



Just how 'super' iiiiissss
 Super Delivery

People are increasingly becoming busy in their daily life, making it difficult to get the things they wanted. 
ESPECIALLY while traveling! You see a product that you think you can get the same thing someplace else...but you cant, or you assume it will be there for awhile so you don't buy it, but then when you come back it's gone. 
We can't tell you how many times that sort have thing has happened to us when we travel someplace.
It isn't always reliable to live that way!
But what is a busy person to do?!
Especially in a busy place like Japan 
when you and the rest of the country is just on constant go-go-go.

Online shopping really is a god send in so many ways! 
For awhile Ebay was the go to for buying international goods, now Amazon is making more of a strong headway.
But what about the online shopping site Super Delivery
Have you heard of it before?? 
How does Super Delivery compare to the ever famous Amazon?
Allow us to tell you~~


Get Japanese Goods Straight From the Factory
☆☆∵Super Delivery∵☆☆

∴∵∴∵Super Delivery's Website Features - Five Great Points∵∴∵∴


(οΌ‘) Super Delivery Category Variety
Anything you want to buy, we're sure you will find it at Super Delivery's website!
There's apparel, interior decorations/design, toys, books, etc.
Super Delivery has something great and affordable for everyone!!

(οΌ’) Super Delivery Promises 'Made in Japan' Items
Look for this banner ('Made in JAPAN')
and you will have access to all the great Japanese accessories and products!!

(οΌ“) Packed With Love and Care
(Photos credited to official site of Super Delivery)

When you buy from Super Delivery
you are guaranteed products from well-equipped warehouse facilities. 
Defective, damaged, and/or lost products aren't something you even need to think about!
 In case any sort of problems occur, the insurance fee is paid by SUPER DELIVERY.
So in other words, they are so confident in their delivery process, 
they are paying for YOUR products to get to you safely.
There aren't many, if any at all, delivery companies that do that.
Maybe that's why they're called 'SUPER' Delivery?! 

(οΌ”) Affordable Wholesale Prices
Super Delivery allows you to purchase from Japan at wholesale prices (40 to 50% off retail prices)! Super Delivery wants to provide you with top notch service
while not asking you to break the bankπŸ’· πŸ’Ά πŸ’΅ πŸ’΄  

(οΌ•) International Clientele 
Purchasing from Super Delivery even for overseas buyers, also allows you to enjoy the preferential tax policy!! By purchasing items from multiple vendors,
you will receive a discount of up to 50% on Shipping & Handling Fee.
Main shipping is by sea mail or airmail🚒 


πŸ’‘How to register?!πŸ’‘

There are 3 simple and basic steps!
⓵ Enter your email
Click "Sign Up" to enter the email address
and click the red button to send the data.

② After receiving the registration confirmation email, 
click the URL in the message to confirm the mailbox.
After you confirm your application,
you should expect an email.
***On the chance that you don't notice a message,
be sure to double check every folder/spam folder.***

Enter your basic information (should be in English)


Super Daily's Top 3 Popular Items

Japanese Lifestyle (Miscellaneous Goods)

EVERYONE loves Japan's cute, unique, and funny items.
Like these cute little kitty cup decoration and spoon!!
We can think of a few people that would want that 
kitty toothbrush holder!!! 🐈😻


Whether it's a practical coin purse, or cute paper tape, or notebook paper, or a notebook,
 there are a variety of cute goods here are waiting for you!πŸ“—πŸ–Š

Japanese Fashion/Blog Coordination
We shot at Nakamise-dori's neat store "Takaishi"!

The site Super Delivery also has well known Japanese fashion brands and styles.

Such as these Shiba dog canvas bags! πŸ•πŸ‘œ
There are recently very popular and are designed with one of Japan's beloved dogs!

Take a look at our short clip of some of the things you can find
at Super Delivery!

★Super Delivery
Facebook Page (Japanese)
Twitter Account

This time Cathay Pacific official Japanese information magazine was launched, 
πŸ›«and SUPER DELIVERY was introduced!πŸ›¬ 
It is distributed free in front of the departure lobby and the entrance of the cabin.
Keep your eyes out for the magazine and you might get some special information!

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