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#Japanese Hot Makeup Brand - CANMAKE! ♪ Perfect Eyes with CANMAKE's Two New Shade Combo

Japanese Cosmetics Brand

✨Summer Season Perfect Stylist Eyes✨
- 2017 Summer Makeup Tutorial -
πŸŽ€Introducing the Japanese Summer Season's Necessary Beauty ItemπŸŽ€

#Japanese Hot Makeup Brand - CANMAKE! ♪ Perfect Eyes with CANMAKE's Two New Shade Combo

Today we would like to introduce one of Japan's most popular beautiful yet inexpensive cosmetic brands - CANMAKE
CANMAKE has a wide selection of makeup lines giving everyone the freedom of tailoring their look to the occasion and their feelings.
They want to produce makeup that allows you to find that special color that you can call your own, revealing your inner self.  

CANMAKE has done it again with their new eyeshadow, Perfect Stylist Eyes
We've got the details on their new eyeshadow along with a tutorial!

Perfect Stylist Eyes - Two Shade Look Combo  

What's your summer look like?
 CANMAKE took their most popular eyeshadow colors, and turned them into a palette (9 different colored pallets to be exact!)
Each palette comes with a mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush.
The tapered applicator tips makes it easy to draw fine line, and the lame brush feels soft against your skin.
Which is an important point!

As we mentioned, CANMAKE released 9 different colored palates,
but today we're gonna show you two at first, but focus on the two looks you get from the Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach (left) and Double Sunshine (right)
πŸŽ€Two accent colors that can play a starring role.
For eyes with a trendy, yet sophisticated look.

πŸŽ€Healthy-looking shades with a scattering of sparkle.
For glamorous eyes that want the more natural yet fun look.


How to use:
Double Sunshine
●Starting with the orange

 Starting with the base color
using the base color, spread evenly on the lid to the bottom of your eyebrow bone 
Main color
 with the main color, you can either cover your eyelid completely
or do like the model, making it an almost thick eye liner

Liner color
 use the brown and get it as close to your eyelashes as possible, making a liner

 Finish with the "topping jewel"
Putting a pearl eyeshadow on the bottom lids is very popular in Japan.
It makes their eyes look more swollen, which they find cute.
For Westerns, we don't really understand why you would want to make your eyes look swollen...normally we creams and stuff to PREVENT that!
So for the Westerner point of view, we recommend applying it on the tear duct and a small amount just under your eyebrow to open your eyes up and draw attention to them.
The Eyes and smile are the two most attractive points in a person❤
So extenuate them! 
πŸŽ€and voilΓ !πŸŽ€
 ❤Soft, lovely, and warm looking eyes using orange tones❤ 

Twilight Beach
●Now with the blue

 Start with the base color
 *Same as above
Main color
Using the blue, rather than using it as eyeshadow, we used it as liner.
If you notice in the picture below, 
the shadow was made into a little cat tail liner.
It's a great way to show both your trendy, 
fun side along with your sophisticated side. 
 Finish with the "topping jewel"
 *Same as above

  ❤sophisticated, fun, and exciting looking eyes using cool navy❤

Not only does this versatile eyeshadow contain 
2 main shades for 2 different looks, it also contains a moisturizing agent!!
Taking care of and moisturizing your eyes are so important,
so with CANMAKE's Perfect Stylist Eyes 
your eyes can look as beautiful as they feelπŸ’–
CANMAKE's Perfect Stylist Eyes 780yen


For those who like a little more sparkle in their life, 
CANMAKE also introduced their new ✨Jewelry Shadow Veil
 Innocent Crystal (left) and Romantic Gold (right)
πŸŽ€A silver that radiates pure light, as beautiful as a diamond.
πŸŽ€A gold for greater glamour, without being too much. 
✨CANMAKE Jewelry Shadow Veil 600yen✨

How to use:
The great thing about the Jewelry Shadow Veil is that since it's colorless, how you use is it completely up to you!!
Here's one way for those that want to add a little extra sparkle
to their favorite eyeshadow♪☆γƒŸ
 Adding the Jewelry Shadow Veil on the lower lid as mentioned before,
but for a step up we recommend you tabbing some one the oval part of your eyelid that isn't flat.
That way when you look down, blink, etc, you'll show a little glittery tease!

A second way is for those who just want a color-free sparkly look!
The Jewelry Shadow Veil is colorless, so it works great for the times you just want that extra little twinkle in your eye.

Lastly the third pattern is applying it before your eyeshadow! It creates a more nonchalant glamorous look.

**we also recommend the Romantic Gold with the gold color eyeshadow,
and the Innocent Crystal with the navy.**


 πŸ’–Get two lovely and classic styles with one pallet only!πŸ’– 

You can buy CANMAKE cosmetic products at any Japanese drugstore!
We recently found out there is also a CANMAKE USA based in California!
We were super surprised!!

πŸ’΄CANMAKE's Perfect Stylist Eyes 780yen
πŸ’΄CANMAKE Jewelry Shadow Veil 600yen

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