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*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* Japanese Sports ★ About Baseball in Japan for "Baseball Day", Yakyuu no Hi 8/9

Japanese Sports
Learn All About Baseball in Japan
for "Baseball Day", Yakyuu no Hi 8/9!

-What is it and what are the differences?-

To many, Japan is known for creating special days based on puns or word play.
Some of them are really clever too!!
Today we're gonna tell you about once of them, Baseball Day!

Baseball Day, or Yakyuu no Hi, takes place on the 9th of August.
Why on that day? Because ya, is 8 and kyuu, is 9 in Japanese!

Do you know the baseball teams here in Japan? 
Just like in American baseball, there are 2 different leagues, Central and Pacific.
Those leagues consist of:

Central League:
 Yokohama Bay Stars
Hiroshima Toyo Carp
Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya)
Yomiuri Giants (Japan's Yankees)
Yakult Swallows (also Central Tokyo)
Hanshin Tigers (Osaka)

Orix Buffaloes (Osaka or Kobe)
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Sendai)
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (Sapporo)
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (the only team in Kyushu)
Seibu Lions (Saitama)
Chiba Lotte Marines (Chiba)

  If you were to go to a Tigers vs Giants game, 
expect it to be about the same as a Red Sox vs Yankees!
Maybe you've noticed something about the team names?
For example, the Softbank Hawks. Softbank is a very large phone company here in Japan. 
Or how about the Tokyo Yakult Swallows? Yakult is a probiotic dairy product. 
So why all these sponsor like names?

The Japanese teams are owned by major companies
and are essentially a form of promoting the companies. 
One example is of a Japanese baseball team is the Hanshin Tigers, 
named after an American team, the Detroit tigers. 
The team is owned by the Hanshin Electric Railway and is a sentimental favorite in the region. 
To the U.S. owner, the teams are the top priority. 
Japan's teams are corporate subsidies, and are not high on the priority list.
Other examples are the Softbank Hawks. 
Softbank is a very large phone company here in Japan. 
Or how about the Tokyo Yakult Swallows? Yakult is a probiotic dairy product. 

It's a bit disappointing that the names include the sponsors name. 
But I guess since it isn't originally a Japanese game, 
things need to get started up some how.

How about the games themselves?
Well, the rules are the same,
but in typical Japanese fashion 

the matches work through "consensus and compromise, not through confrontation".
The rules and atmosphere has been customized to mesh with Japanese philosophy. 
What do we mean?

Well one aspect of Japanese baseball that is a huge difference between is the Japanese fan clubs.
 There are areas where the fans sit, but it isn't as designated as in the states. 
The fans though are like hysterical groupies, 
sporting their favorite players towels and jerseys covered in pins. 
 The truth is that the cheering in the stands is the mood maker and a way for the fans to feel attached to the game from far seats. 

For instance, each player has his own hitting march that is chanted by the fans from the time he steps in the batters box until the end of the bat. 
There is also a reward chant if the player gets on base or scores in a run. The chants are accompanied by trumpets, drums, flags, and banners. 
It's like an American basketball or football game!

Another important aspect of Japanese baseball can be seen best
when the visiting team is at bat and the home fans are quiet. 
Instead of cheering against the visiting team, the fans drink, eat, and schmooze. 
But what's more, 
they still show respect for the visiting team.
The home stadium even plays the visiting team's fight song!!

You would NEVER see that at an American baseball game!
This, is the PRIME EXAMPLE of what me mean by taking the game 
and meshing it with Japanese philosophy. 

Also, the people are allowed to bring in their own food and drinks!
But if you didn't bring any, don't worry!
🍻The beer girls got you taken care of🍻

ONLY cute girls are hired for this job. 
So basically, the type of drinks they sell don't matter.
They become busy based off their looks. 

The just walk up and down the stadium, trying to sell beer. 
They sell all kinds of drinks, every Japanese beer brand,
along with whisky, wine, pop, and even snacks.

There EVEN are buttons sold with their faces and names.
Just in case you find one that really caught your eye. 

....oh Japan. 

These are the main differences of Japanese and American baseball. 
All in all, even if you don't like baseball like some of us,
it's a great experience and a fun way to spend the evening. 
There are so many things going on around you 
that you are sure to enjoy yourself!!

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