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*::UNKNOWN PLEASURES::* :*:・。,☆゚'Japanese Fireworks and Their Culture ☆゚,。・:*:

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Unlike in the states or other countries in the West, 
the only fireworks that you are able to do yourself are sparklers
Which can be a bit disappointing. 
However Japan really makes up for it with their stunning firework display!! 

Last time we mentioned this years TOP 5 fireworks display all over Japan. 
This time we want to talk about the culture of fireworks in Japan  

The Japanese word for fireworks is hanabi.
Hana means "flower" 
and bi means "fire", 
so hanabi is a flower expressed with fire. 

It's said that in order to make fireworks, 
the craftsmen first had to master the art of flower arrangement. 
Creating fireworks also meant arranging flowers. 
Every single piece included a flower theme. 
Lately fireworks in Japan have been made to explode in fun and cool designs
 like hearts, Saturn, and smiley faces!

When you go to a fireworks display in Japan, 
you can see family and friends wearing their Japanese yukata (浴衣), 
sitting on blue tarps, and gather together outside to enjoy drinks and food 
while watching the spectacular fireworks in the sky ҉*(๑•ω•๑)/

It is also very likely that there will be MANY people crowded. 
Finding a place to sit can be tough 
so getting there pretty early is recommended!

 In other countries firework displays are normally BAM! BAM!BAM!
numerous of fireworks at once. 
The firework displays in Japan are a bit different. 

Of course they have It's as if they take the surroundings and environment into consideration. 
You will see firework displays near open waters, mountains, 
any way they can incorporate nature into their display (⊃^o^)⊃.*

:*:・。,☆゚'  ☆゚,:*:

Today, the tradition of fireworks festival is an important part of Japanese culture. 
You are certain to learn the word for *pretty* in Japanese (kirei
when going to one of Japan's fireworks festivals.
Unlike other countries, 
fireworks in Japan are mainly launched on July and August, 
and not on special occasions. 

So for those who come to Japan in the summer,
be sure to look up what firework festivals
are happening in the area you will visit!


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