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[Japanese Cosmetics/ KATE] 2017 Holiday Essential Checklist ✔ Holiday Makeup Tutorial & Popular Illumination Spots in Tokyo

Japanese Cosmetics Brand
KATE (Kate)

Japan's Latest Beauty Trends
-2017 Holiday Makeup Tutorial -
& Tokyo Illumination Spots

Maybe you've noticed,
 it's already the middle of December!
 Why is that so exciting?
Because that means there are lots of parties heading your way!
A one-year collaboration project with the Japanese cosmetics brand KATE
started so we could tell the latest and HOTTEST trends in Japan!
In this final edition of 2017,
we have prepared a tutorial on "Holiday Makeup"
to get your prepared for the busy holidays and New Year's!
As well as a little something extra,
we listed Tokyo's top 5 illumination spots and information!



- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
‣Makeup & Item Introduction
‣STEP 1: Foundation/Base  
‣STEP 2: Eyebrows
STEP 3: Eye Makeup
STEP 4: Cheeks
STEP 5: Lips
‣STEP 6: Nails

-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-
① Roppongi Keyakizaka (六本木 けやき坂)
② Shinjuku Terrace City (新宿テラスシティ)
③ Yomiuriland (よみうりランド)
④ Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu (渋谷青の洞窟)
⑤ Roppongi Midtown (六本木ミッドタウン)


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
Makeup & Item Introduction







- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
Let's Try Holiday Makeup
This time we're doing a chic a little extra glamours look   
 Before we get to the "Holiday Makeup Tutorial",
we want to tell you about KATE's new limited item
that's just been released!

DIMENSIONAL PALETTE (photo source: KATE official HP)
The Dimensional Palette was released on November 1, 2017,
and it's a versatile all-in-one palette can be used to
 do up your eyes, cheeks, and eyebrows.

A makeup palette that focuses on a 
fascinating and cool mature look that is unique to KATE. 
Since it's a limited time item,
be sure not to miss this opportunity when traveling in Japan! ^-^ 


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 1: Foundation/Base  
Key factor is light and natural skin 
 First, you will need to use a base and foundation even out your completion.

Prepare your skin with a pink beige colored CC base
 "SECRET SKIN CC BASE ZERO in EX - 1" by Kate. 

While covering your pores, this CC cream brightens up your skin! 

Next apply KATE's liquid foundation "SECRET SKIN MAKER ZERO".
This liquid foundation is a full coverage foundation
that doesn't leave a heavy feeling on your skin when you're wearing it.

★Items Used★

① Base - 
Color: EX-1

② Foundation - 
Color: 02


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 2: Eyebrows
As mentioned earlier,
the powder type multipurpose palette contains a nice basic eyebrow color

That makes a great full and natural look.

🗹 Brush the natural brown color
shade D (top right) along your eyebrows.
Fill in eyebrows with shade D (photo source: KATE official HP)
It's really simple to do! 
If you draw a line along your eyebrows
then fill in the gaps and blend to make make it look more natural. 

🗹 Add a touch of pink for an added plus!
TIP! Add some pink for a trendy look!
Here is another tip when doing your eyebrows with this palette!
Take the pink (color C) shadow on the tip of your applicator
and lightly brush on the end of your eyebrows.

It gives a three-dimensional look while
adding a trendy pink tint!

🗹 Apply shade E 
Take shade E and add on the pockets at bridge of nose (photo source: KATE official HP)
Take advantage of the shadow to create a distinct look
Just by adding shadow E in the places shown above,
you can enhance and define your nose structure.


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 3: Eye Makeup
The eyeshadow colors in the DIMENSIONAL PALETTE are A and B
For eyeshadow, 
we used DIMENSIONAL PALETTE's "A" and "B" colors. 
Shade A has a sense of opalscent shimmer
which expresses the depth and color of your eyes.

 So we'll explain where to apply these two shadows
so you can get the look yourself!

🗹 In order A→B, get a natural gradation
We used colors A&B on the left side of the palette (photo source: KATE official HP)
First we applied the shadow in the order of A and B, 
which created a lovely smoky gradation look.

Take color A with the bigger side of the applicator that comes in the palette
and lightly shade your whole eyelid. 

Next, use shade B to make a semi-thick line along your upper lash line.
Be sure to not make the line too thick 

or you wont have that beautiful gradation effect.

🗹 Apply shade C along lower lashline
Now you put shade C on the lower lash line
From the pallet, apply shade C along your waterline/lower lash line.
By adding shade C to your eyes,

femininity and contrast is emphasized.


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 3: Eye Makeup
A chic eye line gently jumps out! 
Getting that chic and fascinating eye look
is done by the using perfect eyeliner and mascara!
A new eyeliner from KATE, EYE SHADE MARKER,
is a cushion type eyeliner that easily fills in the gaps between eyelashes
while creating a a chic line!

Then finish it off with a long lash mascara
that beautifully curls and volumizes eyelashes one by one.

🗹 A thin, light, eyeliner that jumps out
This time we used new item EYE SHADE MARKER, a smooth and easy-to-write eyeliner
First draw a nice line along your eyelashes,
then use the tip of the eyeliner to fill in the spaces in between your eyelashes.
Since the eyeliner tip is fine yet soft like a cushion,
it is easy to get precise application without any pain.
the pen absorbs any shaking your hand may cause,
so you don't need to worry about wobbly lines.

If you bring your eyeliner a little bit past your eyes,
it'll open your eyes up, completing the chick eye.

🗹 2 stage mascara, volume and length UP
If you apply your mascara in these two steps, your eyes will seem bigger  
Before the black mascara, 
we first applied the eyelash base,
doing a two step mascara system.
By doing this, the curl will last much longer.

This mascara base contains black fibers, 
creating extra volume and curl to all eyelashes.
Finish your lashes with mascara, 
and it'll seem like your eyelashes have increased one by one.

★Items Used★

Color: BK-1

Color: EX-1

Color: BK-1
KATE Mascara (English)


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 4: Cheeks
DIMENSIONAL PALETTE shade C naturally adds some color to your face
For cheeks, using shade C from the DIMENSIONAL PALETTE
gives you lovely pink, warm color.

Apply up from the center of the face to the temple
Starting from the center of the face (the apples of your cheeks),
brush the color diagonally up towards the temple.

★Item Used★

Makeup Palette
Color: EX-2


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 5: Lips
Let's add some color and vividness to those luscious lips!
We wanted to express the lips with some red.

🗹 Lip tint→red lip 
First apply the tint stick lip cream and finish it with a rouge lip
We used two different items for our lips.
The first thing we used was KATE's CC LIP CREAM N tint type as a base.
This stick can also be used as a lip liner.
Keeps your lipstick color while 

giving the appearance of extra volume to the lips.

Next filling in the lines,
you create a beautiful bold lip with the lipstick. 

Once you're finished you will have a beautiful and chic matte lip!

★Items Used★

Color: BK

Color: RD-1
KATE Lips (English)


- Holiday Makeup Tutorial-
STEP 6: Nails
Lovely red nail polish with glitter and sparkles!

If you're looking for a little extra fashionable detail,
painting your nails can't be left out! ^^ 
We treated our hands to a wine red color nail polish 
that contains eye catching glitter and sparkles!!

★Item Used★

Nail Polish
Color: RD-1
KATE Nails (English)


- 2017 Makeup Trend-
Holiday Makeup Complete!
Chic, glamorous, and mature.
These 3 words make up the what we were going for with this times look.
They're perfect for New Years and 

other holidays or parties going on in December, 
but this look can also be utilized when you want to spark up your day.

It's there that we will go on and list the BEST 5  illumination spots in Tokyo!


-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-
Roppongi Keyakizaka (六本木 けやき坂)
Japanese call Christmas lights "Illumination", 

and around this time of year you can find lots of "Illumination" events 

in different places like shopping malls and parks etc.
In Tokyo, 
Roppongi is one of the most famous spots for checking out Christmas lights.
The place to go to see these lights in Roppongi is on the Keyakizaka (けやき坂). 
The trees on the whole street are decorated with white and red lights
and can see Tokyo Tower from here!

★Illumination Info★
Keyakizaka Illumination
Date: 11/7/2017~12/25

-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-
Shinjuku Terrace City (新宿テラスシティ)
Look at these beautiful pink lights!!
Every year the Christmas lights at Shinjuku Terrace 
are a different color and theme, so it's always a little bit new each time!
This year there are said to be trees around the terrace area 
decorated with lights imitating shooting stars
and touchable sensors that activate a special audiovisual show. 

★Illumination Info★
Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination
新宿テラスシティ イルミネーション)
Date: 11/15/2017~2/22/2018

-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-
Yomiuriland (よみうりランド)
Just about 40 minutes from Shinjuku on the Keio Line, 
you can get to the amusement park "Yomiuriland" 
which has the biggest light up event in the Kanto area!!
There are 6 different areas total; the Jewelry area, Aqua area, 

Lovelystream area, Cute area, Forest area, and Wisdom area!

If you just want to walk around the park and take some pictures, 
we recommend you just getting the entry ticket. 

It's much cheaper than the attraction ticket

and you can still see the amazing lights!!

★Illumination Info★
Date: 10/2/2017~2/18/2018

-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-
Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu (渋谷青の洞窟)
Held at Yoyogi Park,
this illumination started in 2014 and has been growing popularity ever sense.
It looks like a majestic blue cave doesn't it?
Well, that's why its name, Ao no Dokutsu, means!

★Illumination Info★
Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu 
Date: 11/22/2017~12/31

-BEST 5 Tokyo Illumination Spots-

Roppongi Midtown (六本木ミッドタウン)
Another win for Roppongi!
Just outside the Tokyo Midtown shopping mall, 
you can find a garden decorated with around 510,000 Christmas lights!!!
Blue and white lights are used to create a galaxy 
for audiences in this 3 and half minutes long light show.

★Illumination Info★
Date: 11/15/2017~12/25


Holiday Makeup Trend
#2017 #Christmas #Holiday #KATE

Together with KATE, 
JAPANKURU takes a trip to tell you about Japan's trends!
This time since the holidays are here,
we focused on some helpful upcoming party looks
while sharing Tokyo's most famous illumination spots.

Even though the year is almost over,
we totally recommend you checking out this final makeup trend
and Tokyo illumination spots.

The 2017 collaboration plan with KATE has come to an end 😢
While looking back over the past year,
take a look at the Japanese trends 

and information we've shared thus far at the links below!

Happy Holidays!

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