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Backpackers Hostel in Kyoto ◪ Kyoto Hostel with Great Access to Kyoto's Popular Sightseeing Spots - GRIDS KYOTO SHIJO KAWARAMACHI

~Traveling and Staying in Kyoto~
Cheap hotel and hostel minutes from Kyoto's Gion District 

◪ Backpackers Hostel in Kyoto ◪ 
Kyoto Hostel with Great Access to Kyoto's 
Popular Sightseeing Spots 

▸Traveling and Staying in Kyoto◂
Can you think of another place that's like Kyoto?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, 
Kyoto is said to be lacking in accommodation for travelers.
Which is why we wanted to introduce 
not only a great place to stay in Kyoto for travelers
that is cheap, clean, close to Kyoto's old geisha district,
and offers services unlike other hostels and hotels.


 This Place Made our Trip to Kyoto Easy 
 If possible,
we like spending money more on going places and doing things when traveling,
not so much accommodation.
But when traveling to such a popular place like Kyoto it can be difficult.
That's why we wanted to let people know about a cheap hostel
that just opened in April 2018 and is in the heart of central Kyoto!


GRIDS Hotel + Hostel has places all over Japan
and is only continuing to grow.
Its concept is providing an extra service for its guests
that other hostels or affordable hotels would.
Moreover, since it's a facility operated by a company, 
rather than an individual, 
it's ran like a hotel. 

For being so cheap,
we were impressed how clean everything was and how the service was topnotch. 

599 Nishidaimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
🚉 Access:
⏰: Check-in time is from 4pm
Check-out is at 11am
📞: 075-254-6231
Free WIFI available


Where in Kyoto is GRIDS Located?
The Kyoto GRIDS is located in the center of Kyoto, Shijo.
 What's so special about Shijo?

 It's one of Kyoto's most popular shopping areas 
that still keeps the old fashion Kyoto atmosphere. 
You'll find lots of traditional Kyoto crafts, food,
and even game centers.
You can't forget the street leads you right to the beautiful Yasaka Shrine 
(Gion Shrine).
Among there is an area Nishiki Market that is known for being a famous food market in Kyoto.

Nishiki Market (錦市場)
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 Lobby & Restaurant 
 On the first floor, there is a check-in/check-out desk 
along with other resources to get information on traveling in and around Kyoto.

 If you go a little further inside, 
there is a breakfast restaurant and bar. 
There are big and small areas to sit tables all around 
allowing guests to freely talk and hang out.

 2nd Floor 
 Ladies only! 
The second floor is the ladies only floor. 
Some worries about staying at hostels 
is the idea of women and men being mixed in the same room/floor.
To set those women at ease,
there is an all women's floor at GRIDS KYOTO.

 3rd & 4th Floor 
  Dormitory Type  
It's like capsule hotels but more spacious and comfortable.  

 The third and fourth floors are "dormitory type" floors.
A dormitory type is a typical guest house or hostel structure 
with two bunk beds in one room.

 They have a variety of rooms ranging from 4 to 12 persons per room, 
and each bed has a safety deposit box for storing valuables.

 Shower rooms and bathrooms are also provided for common use on each floor.

 Another worry about staying at a hostel is that there wouldn't be enough bathrooms however, there are plenty of bathrooms and showers here
 so we doubt you'll have much to worry about or wait a long time. 

 5th Floor 
 Private & Group Type 
 The fifth floor is a floor with private rooms.
In short, if you think of it as a hotel room, it'll be easy to understand.

There are many different types of group/private rooms,
this one, for example, has a bunk bed and 2 beds.
Some rooms have bunk beds for groups of more than 2 people. 

Each room has its own bathroom and shower,
so you don't have to walk around the hall in the middle of the night!

Some of the rooms were so nice 
they even looked like they could be a cute studio apartment!


 Is There Breakfast?? 
 You bet there is!!
Most hostels are only used as a place to crash,
but GRIDS wants to provide more for their guests.
Hotel quality stay at a hostel price.
They even have a more Western type of menu
if you aren't in the mood for a Japanese style breakfast.

🍌Breakfast: 7am~10am


 Fun Cultural Even for Guests 

If you are in Kyoto, 
you're going to want to have the "traditional Japanese experience".
Which is why GRIDS Kyoto has planned various events 

for its guests every month. 
One of them is a calligraphy lesson.

 Even a Western person who has never used a traditional brush 
or knows kanji (Chinese characters) can do this easily. 
The instructor knows English pretty well and is really good at showing you the proper stroke techniques.
So even someone who isn't used to kanji and write it beautifully.

Calligraphy lesson 2500 yen (about $23)


It's also possible to rent a kimono in Kyoto,
which is a must, especially in Kyoto!
GRIDS KYOTO has a partnership with popular kimono rental store
nearby allowing you to even get a full maiko makeover!


Nearby Places

is only a 3 minute walk from GRIDS KYOTO.
We were attracted to its old appearance,
and it would make sense since it is a fully renovated 100 year old townhouse.

 Inside it reminded us a lot of a cozy American brewery. 
The difference is all the beer here is from Japanese beer company Kirin.
We got to try a lot of Japanese beer we've never heard of before!
We recommend the beer sampler,
where you can try all 6 of their beers including Kyoto limited beer.
The Afterdark (dark beer) was our favorite💖

⏰Business hours: From 11:00 to 23:00 (last order 22:00)

- Closed on the year-end and New Year holidays

Kifune Shrine is dedicated to the god of water and rain 
and believed to be the protector of those at sea.  
Legend has it a goddess traveled on a boat from Osaka 
all the way up the river into the mountains north of Kyoto, 
and Kifune Shrine was built at the site 
where her boat journey had come to an end.
 Here you can get a unique type of fortune written on paper slips (omikuji)
that reveals their messages (your fortune) 
when dipped into water. 
Okunomiyathe inner sanctum and original site of Kifune Shrine, 
lies about 1/2 mile (1km) further up the valley. 
It has a large rock, known as the boat stone, 
which is said to be where the goddess' yellow boat is buried.

 There is another story about water. 
At that time,  
it was said that priests offered black horses when they wanted it to rain 
and white horses when they wanted the weather to clear.
However, as time progressed, 
they replaced it with a drawing of a horse on a wooden board. 
It's said that is where the "white horse and black horse ema",
which is common at many shrines, was born.

Kifune Shrine
180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto zipcode: 601-1112

About 40min car drive from GRIDS KYOTO

 Where Kiyomizudera is one of the most famous temples,
Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous shrines.
The shrine is near Kyoto's Gion District, 
and is very well known for its summer festival, 
the Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival),
so the Yasaka Shrine is often called the Gion Shrine.

 It is really close to Kiyomizudera, you can easily get there on foot. 

☆Yasaka Shrine(八阪神社

 Hanamikoji (花見小路通) 
 This is a small street with a length of about half a mile, 
and is mainly lined with Kyoto restaurants.
The reason why this is so famous is that real geisha and maiko are 
hired as a receptionist at Kyoto restaurants lately.
Also, rather than going into a specific shop, 
walking in the streets is the main thing attraction.

☆Hanamikoji Dori (花見小路通)


 Accommodation in Kyoto 
If you can afford it,
staying in a luxurious hotel is always nice!
But if we can find a place that doesn't cost an arm and a leg 

AND we can still get hotel-like service,
then that's most likely going to be a winner!
So if you're looking for a place to stay in Kyoto,

599 Nishidaimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
🚉 Access:
⏰: Check-in time is from 4pm
Check-out is at 11am
📞: 075-254-6231
Free WIFI available

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