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Shopping Center in Akihabara ◎ Guide to Shopping near Akihabara Station and REMM Hotel - Special Items You'll Only Find Here at AKIBA TOLIM

Shopping Center in Akihabara 
Guide to Shopping near Akihabara Station
and REMM Hotel

Special Items You'll Only Find Here at 

an otaku paradise that's full of electronic goods, 
Japanese anime, comics, and maid cafes.

Within all of those pop culture places in Akihabara,
is a shopping mall directly next to (if not connected to)
TSUKUBA EXPRESS (TX) Akihabara Station and JR Akihabara Station.
AKIBA TOLIM is a multi-functional commercial facility with Starbucks, BOSE, convenience stores, and restaurants, and other stores.
The REMM Hotel is located in the same building too!

There are a number of stores at AKIBA TOLIM,
however, we're just going to mention 6 places; 
4 shopping and 2 eating.
We chose these ones because they hold something special
compared to other branches in Tokyo.

AKIBA TOLIM (アキバトリム)
1-6-5 Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
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🚉Akihabara Station


Men's & Ladies' Apparel 
 Maker's Shirt Kamakura
 Starting with a "Made in Japan" shirt company that is on the 2nd floor,
Maker's Shirt Kamakura has been around since 1993 
opening their first store in Kamakura.

Selling both men's and women's clothing,
most of the fabrics used for the shirts are 100% cotton,
some even have a 200, 300 count.
What impressed us the most was how breathable the fabric is.
Many dress shirts are thicker and get hot after awhile,
so if you want a breathable fabric you need to pay a pricey penny. 
The shirts here though start from around 5,000 yen (about $46).
You will be amazing at how great it feels once you put it on.
We never thought we could be so impressed by a dress shirt hahah

Their shirts are famous among not only Japanese but
foreign visitors for their high quality and preciseness of each and every stitch. 

 Aside from shirts they also sell handmade ties.
A majority of their ties are made in either Japan or Italy.
When you look at the price tag you will be able to see which country
it was from because of the flag on the tag. 

Decorative cufflinks too!
We liked the threaded ones, it sort of gave off a Japanese sort of vibe. 

Maker's Shirt KAMAKURA 
⏰11am to 9pm
Official Japanese website
Official English website

Right next to Maker's Shirt Kamakura is the ever famous BOSE.

There they had a lot of "first in Japan" items for sale.
With AKIBA TROLIM being a quieter place compared to an electronic store,
you can fully get the experience 
of how well the speakers and headphones work. 
Not to mention things are TAX-FREE!
The clerk said that many people from specifically Asian countries go there
and buy speakers because it is way cheaper than in their home countries.

The clerk also told us that if you go to an electronics store,
they only have one color of these noise eliminating headphones.
Only here, at the official Bose store can you get a color choice.  

Official website (ENG)

Lifestyle Amenities, Fashion
 Mujirushi Ryohin 
 Mujirushi (無印良品) is a well known Japanese retail company
that sells just about anything from fashion, cosmetics, 
household goods, to food.
Its name "Muji", means "unbranded" in Japanese,
so the theme of their goods is simplicity and no brand labeling.
For example,
if you want a black polo but don't want that small brand label over your heart,
then you go to Mujirushi!
A lot of their designs incorporates the Japanese style of wood,
so if you like that sort of style then this place is for you!
They also sell really great skincare items,
almost all of them also sell travel sizes which is great for well...traveling!

 Mujirushi Ryohin 
⏰11am to 10pm

Official website (ENG)

Casual Fashion

UNIQLO stocks clothes that are simple but 
comfortable for everyday life, in plenty of colors patterns.

What makes the UNIQLO inside AKIBA TOLIM so special though?
1. It's the biggest store within the Akihabara Station area

2. It's one of the few stores open until 10pm 
(most stores are open until 9pm)

3. You can buy their Ultra Light Down jacket all year long

⏰11am to 10pm


Japanese Dining

 is scheduled to close on January 31, 2019

We ate at a restaurant called Hibiki,
and it caught our attention because Hibiki is one the 
big time award-winning whiskeys! 
Suntory is one of our favorite Japanese alcohol companies,
so we had to go here to eat!

 It wasn't until we went in that we learned that
Hibiki is a really classy, beautiful, and famous izakaya
known for its "true Japanese food experience". 

Suntory whiskey highlight ♡♡

 Hibiki's dining concept is to start your meal 
with a special Kawashima Colander Tofu from Saga Prefecture.
Pouring soy sauce on tofu is a given in Japan,
however, at Hibiki they also give you delicious sun-dried sea salt 
from Kumamoto Prefecture for you to sprinkle over and eat.
It became our new favorite way of eating tofu!

白辛(黒辛)肉鍋; White Spice (Black Spice) Meat Hot Pot, 4,300yen
Their "main attraction" dish would be a very healthy 
and naturally flavored hot pot.
However, it's different from any other hot pot we've ever seen before.
We didn't really know how to eat it though.

(R) Adding their special salsa!
You can choose if you want the white or black broth,
and once it's brought out pour the broth in the deep round part of the hot pot.
Once the broth heats up,
you just shove the veggies and meat in the middle to cook a bit.
Then when you feel it's ready, 
take it out and put in our bowl to enjoy!!
The broth is already slightly spiced,
but for those who would like to add some more kick,
you can ask for the stores special salsa to add. 

(L) Hibiki Japanese Harmony, 1,000yen glass / (R) Chita, 850yen glass

⏰Lunch 11:00 to 2:30pm (last order at 1:30pm)
Dinner 5:00pm to 11:00pm (L.O. at 10:00pm)*
*On Fridays until 11:30pm (L.O. at 10:30) / 

Weekends and Holidays until 10:00pm (L.O at 9:00)

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart
Pablo is a famous baked cheese tart company and 

This store offers a variety of tarts,
like the "nude" cheese tart that should be called rare
because it has an almost melting texture
due to the fact it doesn't have outside crust.

Aside from that, they sell a variety of fruits tarts, 
seasonal edition and premium cheese tarts, and other baked sweets!

⏰11am to 9pm

Shopping in Akihabara
Popular Shopping Mall Next to Akihabara Station

AKIBA TOLIM (アキバトリム)
1-6-5 Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Google Maps
🚉Akihabara Station

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