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Japanese Hot Springs Theme Park at Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN ♨ Going to a Japanese Natural Hot Springs During the Summer

Map source: Unique Japan Tours
Hakone, one of Japan's leading hot springs areas. 
Hakone is close enough to Tokyo to where you can get there easily, 
but far enough to where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. 
It's roughly a 2 hour drive, 
located in Kanagawa Prefecture on a mountain region that borders Mt. Fuji. 
Today, much of the area is an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, 
which explains why relaxing in Hakone's hot springs 
and hot rivers are to die for! 

 Many foreigners want to experience a Japanese hot spring but the idea of being naked in public makes them uneasy. 
Also, since it's summer vacation for many, 
they are looking for a cool water park to hang out at! 
Which is why this time, 
JAPANKURU wants to introduce the one-of-a-kind Hakone hot springs 
Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN

Here, you can wear a swimsuit to soak and play in Japan's natural hot springs based on many different themes and events! 

Last year we went to YUNESSUN and had the time of our lives! 

This summer, 
Hakone Kowaken YUNESSUN has prepared a lot of new cool and limited areas which is why JAPANKURU immediately went to check them out and play!


 Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN Themed Spa! 

Many of YUNESSUN's hot spring baths are set being their "regular" baths 
like the red wine bath, sake bath, and green tea bath. 
YUNESSUN also features special baths that change monthly/seasonally!

 ♨☕ Iced Coffee Bath ☕♨ 
(Limited Summer Bath)
 There is already a coffee bath, 
but to cool down this summer YUNESSUN introduced an iced coffee bath🥤
 YUNESSUN pushes the iced coffee bath
for those who need to take a coffee break☕ 
It's an iced coffee bath...but in a hot spring! 

What goes well with ice coffee? 
Milk, of course! 
The iced coffee bath also incorporates an "event time" 
where they add milk and GIANT ice cubes to the bath every day! 
If you want to be mixed into this creamy iced coffee hot spring bath, 
be sure to be in the bath from 1pm~3pm.

 ♨🥤 Iced Coffee Bath 🥤♨ 
Limited time: 07/13/2018/~08/31/2018
⏰Event time: 1pm~3pm

 ♨🐟 Mysterious Jellyfish Bath 🐟♨ 
(Limited Summer Bath
 Go in a cave and relax in a hot spring with Jellyfish all around you?
This is like a dream come true.
This year YUNESSUN set up a "cave bath"
to create the atmosphere of the deep sea while
many jellyfish and tropical fish are in tanks surrounding you
light u in colorful LED lights.

 ♨🐟 Mysterious Jellyfish Bath 🐟♨ 

 In addition to the desserts that are limited by the ice coffee bath,
 there is a limited dessert by the "Jellyfish Cave".
It's jellyfish pudding!!
We loved how cute the crystal clear jellyfish were.

💴Jellyfish jello: 550 yen (including tax)

 Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN Outside Water Fun! 

Looking for a more water park for of place? No problem!

Open-air Scenic Bath
(超絶景 展望露天風呂)

Hakone is not only a place of Japanese hot springs, 
it's also full of mountains, wildlife, great lakes, and grass fields. 
So giving you full access to the plant and animal life of Hakone. 
So at the outside pool area of YUNESSUN, 
there is an open-air bath that is 40 meters long, 
which is perfect for relaxing in the hot springs 
while looking out at the beautiful Hakone nature!♨🌳

Bozappi's Jungle Gym 

Probably our favorite part of YUNESSUN 
is the water park like hot springs area 
that has rides and attractions for everyone!!  
Like the cool hot springs jungle gym, Bozappi's Jungle Gym
It's similar to a jungle gym you'd see on the playground,
except it includes a big bucket of water getting water poured on you.

Rodeo Mountain 
 An impressive water slide with swift currents. 
Remember! It's a hot spring! 
So even in winter you can enjoy it!! 

New Yunessun Attraction!
Zip Line over Hakone
 There will be an outdoor zip line opening up at 8/1!
You can ride it for an additional 800 yen per trip.

Japanese Wind Chime Area
Finally, on the 4th floor lobby is a Japanese cultural experience photo area. 
The theme changes regularly,  
and now since it's summer the area is filled with Japanese wind chimes.


Recommended YUNESSUN coupons:

🎫Cool Summer Campaign
Acess to both YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu
📅Validity period: 7/14/2018/~8/18/2018
💴Adults 4,100 yen → 3,300 yen
2,100 1,800 yen

YUNESSUN Pool & Spa Summer Plan
📅Validity period: 8/1/2018/~8/31/2018
💴Adults 2,900 yen → 2,700 yen
Children 1,600 → 1,400 yen

🎫YUNESSUN Family Pass
Acess to both YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu
📅Validity period: 4/12/2018/~8/31/2018
💴1 Adult+1 Child (4,100 yen+2,100 yen) 6,200 yen → 4,100 yen
*Available for 1 adult and 1 child
*From 8/10/2018~8/18/2018 the ticket price is 5,000 yen

YUNESSUN Students Pass
Acess to both YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu
📅Validity period: 7/15/2018/~9/30/2018
💴Adults (students) 5,020 yen → 3,200 yen
*Coupon not available 8/11/2018~8/18/2018

🎫YUNESSUN After Pass
Acess to both YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu
📅Validity period: 4/1/2018/~8/31/2018
💴Adults 4,100 yen → 2,700 yen
Children 2,100 → 1,600 yen
*Weekdays the prices are Adults 2,500 yen・Children 1,500 yen

 ♨ Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN ♨ 
🏢1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
🚉From Hakone Yumoto Station,
take the HakoneTozan Bus or the Izu-Hakone Bus to Kowaki-en Bus Stop (about 20mins)
YUNESSUN (bathing suit ok!) 9:00~6:00pm
  Mori no Yu (naked - no bathing suit) 11:00~8:00pm
💴YUNESSUN (suit ok) Adults 2,900 yen・Age 65+ 1,700・children 1,600 
 Mori no Yu (no suit) Adults 1,900 yen・Age 65+・children 1,200 
  Entrance to both (YUNESSUN & Mori no Yu
  Adults 4,100 yen・Age 65+ 2,200・children 2,100
💻Yunessun Official Website (English) 

*If you forget to bring your swimsuit and towel, 
YUNESSUN also has a loan service, so don't worry!

*If you have visible tattoos, 
they ask that you cover them.

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