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Tokyo Asakusa Hotel with a View ☆ Central Asakusa Hotel - Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

A beautiful Asakusa view hotel 
with great access to Asakusa sightseeing spots!

🌃Asakusa Hotel with a View🌠

The Richmond Hotel Group has two hotels in Asakusa, 
one is the Richmond Hotel Asakusa and the other 
is the Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
They also happen to be right across from each other! 
Having one of the best locations, 
the hotels are within MINUTES from Asakusa Sensoji Temple 
and many other popular Asakusa sightseeing spots. 
Being a newer hotel, 
Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International is more luxurious. 
The services available are also more diverse. 
So if waking up to a view of Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa Sensoji sounds like something you'd like, read on🏨✨

🌿Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
Google Maps
🏢2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo
🚉Asakusa Station
⏰Check-in: 2pm  
Check-out: 11am
Richmond Club Members: Check-out is at noon
Free WIFI available
Official Website (ENG)
*Making reservations on their website is actually cheaper than other sites


Hotel with a View of Asakusa Cityscape
Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International offers JamLabel Shampoo from Private Lab that you will get once you check-in at the front desk. 
JamLabel is a three-in-one shampoo + bath + face wash that is doesn't include silicone or synthetic oils. 
It's a non-complex product that is great for sensitive, allergic skin.

If you would prefer to use something else, 
organic brand POLA in a small sample set is also available. 
Hair ties, bath salts, and more are also available 
so if you need anything just ask! 

Normally getting membership cards while you travel isn't on your mind, however, we truly felt this one was worth it. 
It's a free card that gives you discounts, add points, and more importantly, 
lets you push back check-out time an hour (from 11am to noon) 
free of charge (normally costs 1000yen a day)! 
The discount is 10% and can be discounted to the next stay or breakfast 
(1 point for 1 yen). 
Richmond Hotels are universal, 
so even if you don't live in Japan you can earn and redeem these benefits!

After you check-in, 
along with your room card you'll get a "welcome drink" exchange voucher. 
So go put your things down in your room and go back to the lobby area 
for a drink and take a break!

⏰Drink ticket exchange time 1pm~10pm
*Welcome drink includes 1 soft drink 
Alcohol drinks are an added fee


Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
Room Reccomendations

🌿Premier View Triple Room🌿
Probably our favorite room✨💖 
If you want to see the most stunning view of Tokyo Skytree and 
Sensoji Temple at the same time, this is the best room! 
Room info here

🌿Corner Triple Room🌿
Although you can't see the Tokyo Skytree completely, 
the Asakusa night view is just as charming! 
The Corner Room is also relatively large, 
so if you want to stay in a more comfortable, wider room, 
this room would be a good choice.
Room info here

🌿Connecting Twin Room🌿
For those with a big family or just want the extra room to party
the Twin Connecting Room is the room for you. 
With only 16 rooms in total, it can accommodate up to 6 beds per room! To reserve this room, 
just book two twin rooms and you can book a connecting room with the hotel. 

Room Amenities

Free Smartphone 'Handy'
The hotel also provides you with a smartphone 'handy',
 which allows you to use as your second smartphone during your stay and 
even make international calls for free. 
It even has free internet so you can take it out and about on your trip!

Free Video on Demand
In addition to watching regular cable TV, 
you check out what's on Video on Demand for free!

Toiletrees and Bedside Phone Charger
Aside from the shampoo and body soap you get at the front desk,
the rooms are stocked with mouthwash, brushes, hairbands, toothbrushes, etc. 

Also no need to search for a place to charge your phone!
There is one right at the headboard📳


Things to See near 
Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Japan's Best Discount Store
🛍 Asakusa Don Quijote - 3min walk 🛍 
Directly outside of the hotel is Don Quijote,
which may be one of Japan's best and biggest discount store.
You can find almost anything you could possibly want
(or didn't know you wanted) here.
Some recommendations are:
・Sheet masks
Matcha snacks
Decorative socks/onesies 

They also have a great sex section that's among regular merchandise!
There are some funny stuff there so check that out too!

EKIMISE Asakusa / Tobu Asakusa Station
Google Maps
🏢1-4-1, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
🚉Tobu Asakusa Station
⏰Stores 10am〜8pm 
Restaurants 11am〜10pm 
💻EKIMISE Asakusa (ENG)
🚃Tobu Railways (ENG)

🚉Station Mall and Station to Nikko🚉
EKIMISE Asakusa/Tobu Asakusa Station - 9min walk
This shopping complex is also a part of Asakusa Station
and offers all sorts of Japanese fashion, electronics, restaurants, and more.
If you go to the rooftop, Asakusa Halle Terrace,
you'll get a great view of Tokyo Skytree.

This part of Asakusa Station is also where you can take the Tobu line
to go to Tokyo Skytree and Nikko!!

Being the Tobu Asakusa Station,
on the first floor you can purchase discount Nikko tickets 
at the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa.
There are a variety of passes for international tourists
to go with your itinerary.
Tobu Discount Ticket Info (English)

For Nikko itinerary ideas,
check out our 2 day Nikko trip last year!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Japan
Travel Nikko's Beautiful Nature

EKIMISE Asakusa / Tobu Asakusa Station
Google Maps
🏢1-4-1, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
🚉Tobu Asakusa Station
⏰Stores 10am〜8pm 
Restaurants 11am〜10pm 
💻EKIMISE Asakusa (ENG)
🚃Tobu Railways (ENG)

🎢Asakusa Theme Park🎢
Hanayashiki (浅草やしき) - 3min walk
 The Oldest Amusement Park in JAPAN. 
Hanayashiki opened as a flower park in 1853, 
when Commodore of the US Navy Matthew Calbraith Perry 
visited Japan in the late Edo era. 
Nowadays, Hanayashiki is operating as an amusement park where it is
overflowing with 20 kinds of attractions and lunchrooms. 
Shops in the park also have a wide range of souvenirs, 
like park original goods!

Hanayashiki Amusement Park
Google Maps
🏢2-28-1, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
🚉Asakusa Station
10am〜6pm (hours vary depending on the season and weather)
💻Hanayashiki Amusement Park (JPN)

🍻Behold the Golden Poo🍻
Asahi Super Dry Beer Hall - 10min walk
Often referred to as the "golden poo building" this Asahi Super Dry Hall
The "golden poo" is actually a golden flame designed by a French designer
that is meant to represent the Asahi Beer company.
Some people say the black building below the flame is a beer cup...
but we don't see that.
 The golden building next to it is the Asahi headquarters
If you've been out drinking in Japan,
there's a high chance you drank Asahi.

Go inside and you'll see an Asahi beer history exhibition (1st floor)
and some restaurants and popular bars (22nd floor).
But what is really worth visiting if you like trying new and limited kinds of beer
is the Asahi Craftsmanship Brewery (2nd floor).

Asahi Super Dry Hall
Google Maps

🏢1-23-1 Asahi Beer Hall, Azumabashi, Sumida, Tokyo 
🚉Asakusa Station, various lines
Access: 5min walk from Exit 4 or 5 (Ginza or Tobu Line stations), 10min walk from A5 Exit (Toei Asakusa Line station), or 6min walk from A3 Exit of Honjo Azumabashi Station (Toei Asakusa Line)
💻Asahi Super Dry Hall (JPN)


Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

🌿Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
Google Maps
🏢2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo
🚉Asakusa Station
⏰Check-in: 2pm  
Check-out: 11am
Richmond Club Members: Check-out is at noon
Free WIFI available
Official Website (ENG)
*Making reservations on their website is actually cheaper than other sites

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